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Week 130 – Feltching, Chunnelling And Klismaphilia

Week 130 – Who would have thought it? Probably most of us after Week 129!

I have to apologise for the title but its Diane’s fault!

I’d never considered that she thought that I was being mischievous with my titles until she mentioned this in last weeks post with my colourful penis inclusion.

Diane has been brilliantly literal with the images for all my postings. We, at Literally Stories and the authors consider her a total legend in doing so. So I wait with my breath baited to see what she has come up with!!! (I normally write this first, Diane edits and then inserts the image.)

This amalgamation of naughtiness has also given me my topic for this week and that is curiosity!

I wonder how many of the titled topics you need to look up? That’s my point. Whatever you do or don’t or won’t do is completely up to you but that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t be curious. And whether curiosity leads to seeking knowledge or experience is up to you and your unused or well worn nipple clamps!

I used to read a magazine called ‘Bizarre’, I’m not sure if it is still in publication and this was what made me curious. There were some doozies of articles. It was this magazine that made me seek out more knowledge in all sorts of things. I watched a documentary on scarification, adult babies and body modification. (Worst article I ever read went along the lines of…’No self-respecting surgeon will take the tips of your fingers off for modification purposes. You sometimes have to simply rely on some iced water and a very sharp chisel.) Naively I first thought that they hadn’t mentioned a hammer then I realised that I was being a total womble!!!

Now all these activities may be alien to us and I’m not saying that I want to scalpel cut my genitals into a lattice pattern whilst having my nappy changed and my ear lobes cut off! But I was curious enough to dip my perfectly left alone toe into the water in a knowledge seeking exercise.

I do know that some people would rather die in ignorance and have no inclination what-so-ever to find out about the kinks that some folks will go to to get their jollies but I think as writers, we owe it to ourselves to sneak a peek at how others live. Because lets be honest, if you can’t get an inspiration for a story from that lot, you are probably too deranged / sane as they all are!!!

Here’s a get out of jail free card Diane…

It is all a matter of taste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Tongues anyone? Normal or split by razor blade?)

So onto all this weeks very tasteful stories!

Yep, I haven’t had a shite link for a while (Oh my word!)

We have two new folks, one third timer and two old hands for your entertainment. Our topics include an opportunity, a second chance, dreams, a father and son relationship and pterodactyls..

As always, our initial comments follow.

Jason Huebinger was first up on Monday with ‘Another Chance‘. We welcome Jason!

‘The home situation was set up very well with just a few well placed words.’

‘I enjoyed wondering on who the policeman was.’

‘I like the twist of him screwing up his second chance.’


On Tuesday Alan Gerstle had his story ‘Fatherland‘ published. This is the third story from a talented and imaginative writer.

‘The scenes were very well drawn.’

‘The little details made for a very sad and poignant story.’

‘The undercurrent of the mother and her ‘not doing well’ interested me.’


Next up it was the turn of the amazing Mr Tom Sheehan. Tom has advised that this is now his 40th story for us. To be honest, I tried to count them but his published list is so long, I kept losing my place!! All we can say is ‘Here’s to the next forty!’

ecnalubmA‘ was Tom’s offering for Wednesday.

‘You could read this a dozen times and find something new every single time.’

‘We have parallels, backwards and forwards look at life and good and bad – Very interesting!’

‘I loved this, I really did.’

Our next new writer was published on Thursday. As well as welcoming Dani Clark, we wish that both our débutantes have fun on the site and continue to send us in their work. ‘ Flying Prehistoria‘ was our penultimate story of the week.

‘I thought this was very inventive.’

‘This is quite different from most of our stories.’

‘I was a bit puzzled, but that didn’t matter, I really enjoyed this.’

And as always, Friday was the end of our week. We had another author who needs no introduction! The delightful enigma that is Leila Allison was last up with ‘A Most Confidential Source.’

‘As always the writing is excellent.’

‘We are all prepared for the dreams.’

‘The line about the atmospheric enema is inspired.’


I mentioned earlier on about taste so if you want to spare the rod and disappoint the masochist, that is entirely up to you. If you want to beg to be hurt and have a sadist tell you ‘No’, then again, go for it! It is as simple as this, one man’s perversion is another man’s kink!

HOWEVER, there is one, and yes, I am going to call it a sick, sick perversion, that there’s no excuse for and I feel very nauseous about describing it…

…There is no hope for you, you deviant mutant if you enjoy going to work!!!



PS – Do you all realise how difficult this article was to write and keep it relatively clean????

Ha – thought you had me there didn’t you Hugh!!! Oh yes and just FYI they are no longer in business – bet you could get some back copies though – p.s. I am now going to have to change my name and wash my PC with bleach !!!!!


7 thoughts on “Week 130 – Feltching, Chunnelling And Klismaphilia”

  1. I credit (or blame) you for the resurrection of the felcher. Back on the Pacific Northwest playground a felcher and a snarf had to form their own society. And they served a greater purpose because they gave the booger eaters somebody to feel superior to. Fine post; it gives the ick element among us justice. I just read something about the “bronies.” The world grows stranger with every turn.


    1. I wonder if snarf is how a felcher would consume or whether it was a preferable cartoon?
      I had to look up ‘bronies’ and they are like Sagittarius folks, they have a licence to shit in the street.
      Thanks as always for your continual, interesting, wonderful contributions


  2. Good fun as always, and also a serious point — “as writers, we owe it to ourselves to sneak a peek at how others live” — although there are some I’d rather not peek at (like those who enjoy work!).


    1. Thanks as always Dave!!
      I am humbled at your interest!!
      And I must admit, I am slightly jealous of those who enjoy work…I’ve hated my working life for the past 34 fecking years!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I honestly thought Diane, you would have went for a big tongue!!!
    Kudos to you for finding Bizarre. I have a few back issues including the body modification one. I’m not wanting to sell it…I just want those who empty my house when I am dead to think that I was as weird as I actually am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh and always, thanks for everything!!!


    1. Hi,
      It’s all a matter of taste!
      The internet is very enlightening but in a way it’s not as much fun as someone having to tell you!
      (You wonder how they know!!)
      Thanks so much for commenting. Please continue to do so!
      All the very best.


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