Week 106 – Stitches, Bells And Advocaat.

Well folks, that’s the festivities by for another year. I hope Santa’s sack was plentiful and The New Year Whisky Pixie was just as generous.

New Year is very relevant in this part of the world so I made that my inspiration for this weeks post before next week when it wouldn’t be just as relevant!

You see, the powers that be (Sky) in their wisdom decided that they wanted an Old Firm match (Celtic and Rangers) played on the 31st. Now the clubs didn’t want this, The Police didn’t want this, the hospitals didn’t want this and any sensible folks from Glasgow didn’t want this. However, the old saying that ‘Money Talks and to hell with sense’ kicked in.

So I would like to give you a walk through that day for some. Well, since New Year fell on the weekend, it actually started on the Friday with some social continual excessive drinking. On the day of the match, those who follow football…Who, to be fair aren’t always the problem and those who don’t, who can be, would either go to the match or find a pub where they could racially abuse their family and friends who they’d been drinking with the night before. At the end of the game they would toast the coming New Year, toast the pope or the queen and then glass each other. They would all bond once again by being sick all over A&E.

The lucky ones would be released from hospital or jail in time for The Bells. They’d be friends again and drink more, laugh at each other’s stitches and sing Auld Lang Syne at midnight. A breakfast of steak pie and peas would be consumed at around 1.00am. This would begin to sober people up so they’d have to drink copious amounts of lager and whisky until the time of the morning came that required another traditional breakfast. At around 10.00am they would enjoy a large plate of bacon and eggs. The eggs wouldn’t be poached or fried, they would be in the form of half a pint of Advocaat. They’d then watch the highlights of the football on the TV to remind themselves why they were all in stitches, and the result.

The weird thing is, we never hear much about the blood count, there are never many figures shown about hospital / ambulance / Police involvement or reports of domestic abuse, we just know that is there!

Now here is my very anorexic link to writing…This is one thing that all writers have avoided here in this country and that is using these social problems / acceptance as inspiration for a story. They never do and I just think that everyone has a fear that they will show sympathies for either one side or another. (Catholic or Protestant)

Me, I have tried and failed and really don’t care. And before I go on I know that I am actually talking about Church Of England but for whatever reason, one side of Glasgow swears allegiance so…I just wish that the queen is caught in a compromising position with the pope and it would shut both sides up!!!!

OK now onto our stories. They have been lying in limbo over the last few weeks but we hope that you agree that we have the year off to a cracking start.

We had some religious / business satire, Death Row, A lost love, a knowing partner and a bit of mystique to entertain you.

As always, our initial comments follow.

On Monday, we had a returning author. Raymond Hopkins was first up with his second story ‘Sandra’s Christmas‘.

‘I like the style and it made me grin.’

‘Good voice throughout.’

‘Well crafted and amusing.’

Mitchell Toews has shown himself to be a very hard working writer who is dedicated to his stories.

He had his fifth for the site published on Tuesday with ‘The Business Of Saving Souls

‘The characters were well drawn.’

‘The title was a very good fit for the content.’

‘Well constructed.’

We had a new author on Wednesday so we welcome Lewis Carter and hope he enjoys the experience. As always with anyone, we ask for more stories!

Departures‘ was next up.

”Lewis has hit on so many recognisable traits.’

‘Well paced.’

‘The twist at the end was perfectly positioned.’

Titus Green was next up. His second story ‘Profiteers Of The Second Chance Saloon‘ was published on Thursday.

‘Hard hitting and bitter.’

‘An uncompromised piece.’

‘This was bleak and honest.’

And even though it is a New Year, the end of the week is still Friday.

We had a second new author to complete our reading list. Again we welcome Andrew Miller and we hope that he enjoys this experience. Oh and that he sends us more work!!

After The Party‘ was last up.

‘This was really well put together.’

‘I was hooked.’

‘This intrigued.’

That’s the first week done and dusted.

So here’s to the next old firm game which I will ignore. I’d rather read some Grimms and listen to ‘The House Of A Thousand Corpses’ but I’ve got to admit, I’m partial to a large Advocaat!


6 thoughts on “Week 106 – Stitches, Bells And Advocaat.

    • Thanks Diane,
      You are my set-up star!
      No-one needs any talent to see just how funny the world is, all you have to do is write as is!
      Everything you help me with is much appreciated!!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Although my union forbids me to put together a sentence while we are on strike, I must say that the match and the fandom you recount sound an awful lot like the behavior of the Seattle Seahawks fans around here who haven’t drawn a sober breath since labor day and who are getting surlier by the day. Unless things go right in Atlanta this afternoon, there might be a shortage of Type-Budweiser blood at the hospitals.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Leila,

      You could become like me and be a non-fan…That means you can slag everyone off!!!

      Thanks as always for your comments and interest!


    • Cheers Mitchell,
      It is a pleasure for all of us to be associated with such a talented bunch of writers.
      I really do love the diversity that I hope is now becoming our norm!
      Keep inspired and writing my friend.


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