Week 99 – Balloons, Definitions And Consequence.

Here we have week 99. It’s the logical follow on from Week 98. (That’s not the first time I have said that…Well it is regarding those two specific numbers.)

I was going to count down some green bottles but changed my mind and decided on:

…You and I in a little toy shop,

buy a bag of balloons with the money we bought

Set them free at the brink of dawn…

I had to for a tie-in! Well that and Gwen normally reads this and it’ll piss her off as she hates that song!!

She’s not a great ‘Tom’s Diner’ fan either.

…Doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo, doo… I was sitting in Tom’s Diner…

That’s annoyed her enough. She has just used some very bad language when she read this.

I actually can’t blame her as they are both awful!

OK guys, this is our penultimate posting before our Week 100. I suppose that isn’t really what penultimate means as Week 100 is nowhere near our last but I am sure that you see what I’m getting at.

With that in mind I have come up with a few genres and related words and what their meaning really should be.

Romance: Should only be read or watched for a male to shut his wife / partner up.

Dancing: An activity in which a male partakes to shut his wife / partner up.

Science Fiction: Something not many accept or understand.

Marriage: Something not many understand or accept.

CMT: An abbreviation for Crime / Mystery / Thriller.

CON: An abbreviation for Christmas Night Out which becomes a CMT.

Fantasy: Strange fictional worlds with parallels to the real world.

Gender: Strange fictional worlds with parallels to the real world.

Historical Fiction: A fictional story within a historical fact.

Indiscretion: A historical fact within a fictional story.

Speculative Fiction: An unpleasant look at what may happen.

STD Leaflet: An unpleasant happening and how it looks.

Horror: Unthinkable / Nightmarish / Horrific / Worrying

President: Ah!! You won’t draw me into that one!!

I am actually writing this on Tuesday morning so I have no idea who has won or lost. All I can do is hope for the best for all our American friends. As I have said before, there is no way I would dip my toe into anyone elses politics. I don’t even bother with our own. Mind you, I have to admit, I normally have a tear running down my cheek on bonfire night and it is nothing to do with smoke. (Mr Fawkes – Visionary or misunderstood pyromaniac??)

On the estate where I live we had the usual celebrations and mores to the point, practise for the Fire Brigade. It was a bit ironic when the burger van was set alight. But to be fair it was more a slight on their cooking skills than mindless vandalism.

We have three new writers showcased this week. We extend the usual welcome, hope of fun on site and a plea for more work from all of them to all of them.

Topics from the stories included relic hunters, necrophilia, (And it wasn’t dead boring!) horror, a nasty murder, (Is there any other type?) unions and an unruly toddler (Again, is there any other type?)

As usual our comments follow.

First new writer of the week on Monday was Jeffrey Penn May with his short story ‘Fertility‘.

‘A Pretty well written yarn.’

‘The locations and situations were well drawn.’

‘Good, clean writing.’

On Tuesday we had our second first time author to the site. ‘You Won’t Believe It‘ was one of those rare stories where the end line was also the title for Rohit Arora’s short.

‘Leaving us with what the police didn’t know added to the story.’

‘A strong and striking short.’

‘What a good tale, I enjoyed this.’

An old favourite friend broke the back of the week. Mr Fred Foote has been on a wee horror roll of late and we are all the more grateful for it!

Mr Lucky‘ was published on Wednesday.

‘Flashes of brilliance as you would expect from Fred.’

‘The first paragraph on the definition of luck is excellent.’

‘I actually felt a great sadness in this story.’

It was a pleasure to publish Lee Conrad’s second story ‘Where The Air Tastes Of Copper’ on Thursday. (I probably shouldn’t do this but what the hell, Lee’s other story ‘And The Rocks Came‘ is a particular favourite of mine!)

‘The rise of the unions and workers rights evolution is fascinating subject matter.’

‘Very well drawn characters.’

‘The writing was solid and well edited.’

Friday came around all too quickly.

Our last new writer of the week was Katy Watson. This story is a situation that all of us will have encountered one way or another. Katy had a unique take on telling us the story ‘No Is A Complete Sentence.’

‘Very, very clever.’

‘This is a story that stays with you’


I don’t want to give too much away but we will have a special posting next week as well as an anniversary acknowledgement through the week.

I will end this wondering on consequence???

For me, it is only how much Jean Michelle Jarre will I need to suffer due to mentioning yet again:

…This is what we’ve waited for,

this is it boys this is war…


Banner Image: Pixabay.com

2 thoughts on “Week 99 – Balloons, Definitions And Consequence.

  1. Ah, to return to Tuesday morn, back before Mr. Yeats’ dark beast slithered off to Bethlehem to get itself born.
    Perhaps that is an over reaction.
    Anyway, I feel that it is my duty as an American citizen to say “You’re welcome” to the rest of the world for the joke that has brought so many of you to laughter.
    Thank God we have our stories to comfort us, and our writers who give us hope.


    • Hi Leila,
      Hah! When it comes to politicians, I don’t think any of us can laugh. Well maybe we can because they are all a joke!
      Yep, stories have been there for as long as we have and they will outlast us all. But then do they die if no-one is there to hear them??

      Thanks as always for your time, courtesy and thoughtful comments.
      Stay well.


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