Week 93 – Winners, Losers And All Story Tellers


Hi folks, well here we are again. Week 93, who would have thought? Well, probably everyone who read week 92. So no surprise to a dozen or so!

This week I noticed a cracking piece of story telling. Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump were both exceptional. They tell stories, expect you to believe, you vote on those beliefs, they ignore their previous stories and continually tell you others. Then after two terms you hear more stories from someone different. It is a wonderful time of the year.

To go alongside this we could mention readers and listeners belief and naivety. Now I have no business dipping my toe in an other country’s politics so I won’t even pass comment on who I think the best story teller is between them, it’s none of my business. We have enough trouble with our cesspool of an establishment that it would be one helluva cheek for us to get all snooty.

I can only hope that whoever is elected does right by their country and their people. (I didn’t think I could write fantasy!)

Something else has come up this week and it is rejection. We all put our hearts and souls into our stories and you would hope that none of us ever puts anything out there that isn’t the best that we can do. We all think that they can make the grade, as again, we wouldn’t put them out there otherwise. But folks our stories can be like our children. Sometimes it is only us who like them. It is hard to accept, but if the story isn’t for the site, then simply try somewhere else. Or put it away and have another look a few months later.

Some of the stories that I thought would definitely make the grade have been bombed out. Others where I thought, I am not sure if they will like this have sailed through. If the story is well written and punctuated, that is half the battle. The other half comes with the story itself and whether or not the writer’s passion comes through.

If you write beautifully and you find you are receiving a few rejections, check out the story.

We never take any pleasure in rejecting anyone and we think long and hard over it. But if it is a no, then that’s the way it is. Apart from some one off writers that we have never heard from again, most writers on this site who have multiple stories published have been rejected on more than one occassion. They keep coming back and we keep considering every piece of work individually. It never matters whether or not a writer’s back catalogue is extensive or in its infancy.

So here’s to some that we never rejected. Yep, it’s been a long time since I did a crap link!

We only had one new writer this week, three old friends and me. The topics ranged from home-brew, hogs, a tragedy, the old west and a troubled soul.

As usual, our comments follow.

Dave Barrett was our new author this week. He was first up on Monday with ‘Wild Yeasts‘. We hope that we’ll have more submissions from Dave very soon.

‘I enjoyed the understatment and reading between the lines especially about his wife and his relationship with his neighbours.’

‘Well observed.’

‘The stoned behaviour was very amusing.’

On Tuesday we were privileged to add to Fred Foote’s extensive back catalogue. His short horror ‘Sus Scrofa‘ was next up.

‘To me this is a novel waiting to happen.’

‘This is an important message to get across.’

‘Fred is a bloody good writer.’

The SeeMe Crisis‘ was from another returning author. Dave Henson was next to be published on Wednesday.

‘Brilliantly subtle.’

‘Moving, very deep and tragic.’

‘Dave has been a find. All his stories have been very imaginative.’

Next we had Tom Sheehan. He must be getting close if he hasn’t already passed the thirty story mark. (Note to self to check!) ‘The Recovery‘ was published on Thursday.

‘To me he has got the feel of the old films and I would never have believed that anyone could get that atmosphere into a story.’

‘The language and atmosphere and depth is wonderful.’

‘I’ve no hesitation in saying yes!’

The end of the week turned out to be on a Friday. I was next up with a short story entitled ‘Billy’

As always, I thank the other authors for their help and continual support.

That’s another week in the bag, or on the computer, or on the site.

As always it has been a pure pleasure to read all that you have sent us in. Please continue to do so.

So to round up, all I can say is watch out for stories that are passed on as reality. And unlike the runner up for the American Presidential Election, take any rejection with good grace!!


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