Chicken by Hugh Cron


“You nearly beat me that time William.”

“You’re very good Sir.”

“Sir…I like that…Tell me why you’re here?”

“I’m not sure Sir. I love this place. It’s just that, after you came to my house that night, I knew that I wanted to be with you. And I thought that you felt the same way.”

“And why was that?”

“Something in your eyes Sir. The way that you looked at me.”

“Do your parents know that you’re here?”

“No Sir, they don’t let me do anything.”

“So where do they think that you are?”

“In bed. I sneaked out to be with you Sir.”

“Good boy. Do you like spending time with me?”

“Yes Sir.”

“And why is that?”

“You are strict. Sorry Sir but you are. But you make me feel different.”

“And you don’t mind my strictness?”

“No Sir. It makes me feel…”

“Go on.”

“…Wanted Sir. I feel as if you want and need me.”

“That is very astute of you. Do you know what astute means William?”

“Sort of Sir, is it sharp?”

“Very good William. Sharp is as good a definition as any. You are a bright boy. Do your mother and father know what an intelligent son they have?”

“I don’t think so Sir.”

“Do they never tell you that they are proud of you?”

“No Sir, not that I can remember.”

“I think it is time for you to get cleaned up for dinner. I have run you a bath.”

“A bath? Sir, do I need to take a bath?”

“You need to be clean. I insist on it.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Through there. On you go.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Can you bathe yourself?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good boy. Now don’t be long.”

“I’m done Sir, can I get out now?”

“In a minute.”

“…Time to get out and dressed William.”

“Thank you Sir.”

“There is cologne on the shelf. Put some on.”

“Yes Sir.”

“My, look at you. All clean and you smell wonderful. Do you like the cologne?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Do you mind if I eat Sir?”

“When I tell you.”

“The food looks delicious. Thank you.”

“…Thank you?”

“…Sir. Sorry Sir.”

“I’ll forgive you William. Are you hungry?”

“Yes Sir.”

“We’ll give it another few minutes and then you can eat.”

“Thank you Sir.”

“Do you want to play another game?”

“But Sir…The food!”

“Oh yes, I did say a few minutes?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Fair enough, we wouldn’t have time would we?”

“No Sir.”

“But I’d like another game.”

“…Whatever you wish Sir.”

“…No, you’re hungry. Go ahead, please eat. Until I tell you to stop.”

“Thank you Sir.”

“Now don’t gulp. Remember your manners.”

“I’ll savour it Sir.”

“How’s the chicken?”

“It melts in my mouth Sir. Are you not joining me?”


“Try some wine. Have you had wine before?”

“No Sir.”

“Well drink up. Empty the glass. I’ll pour you another.”

“Thank you Sir.”

“Here. How do you feel?”

“A little dizzy Sir.”

“Good boy. Drink this one and then have some more meat.”

“All of it Sir?”


“I’m really dizzy now.”

“That’s it. Come over and sit on the bed. Take your time, don’t stumble.”

“No Sir.”

“I’ll join you now William.”


“Turn your head away.”


“Good boy. Just like a little chicken.”


Hugh Cron

Image – Comlongon Castle  – Dumfrieshire


12 thoughts on “Chicken by Hugh Cron

  1. I thought the the writing was calculated, and clever by the way I was drawn into the character’s intentions. The words; subtle, manipulative and sinister all come to mind. I am impressed that the dark side of the story was clear; and not a single profanity. I liked this.


    • Thanks James,
      I am always pleased for any praise from your in-depth thinking.
      Not only no swearing but this must be one of only three or four that I have written where I didn’t need the ‘Adult Content’ tag.
      I am surprised I didn’t type that within the title as force of habit!!
      Thanks as always James, I love to read your take on not just mine but all the stories.
      All the very best my friend.


  2. Hugh, I appreciate that you have a mission to turn the light on the dark side of humanity. ‘Chicken’ is another little gem. So sad, so true. Best, June


    • Thanks June,
      Always gives me a buzz to see your name.
      I wish I could continually write the happy but most times even when I have an uplifting story in my mind, it normally takes a turn to the dark side.
      You make my day June!!


  3. Reading your stuff reminds me of what we call “shooting a Lemmy” at my favorite watering hole. A Lemmy is a three-fingered shot of Jack in a bucket. You have to nail it all at once then feel the burn.
    Shooting a Lemmy is an uncompromising activity. Back off an atom and all goes to hell. The world is a disturbing place with all kinds of disturbing people in it. This often makes telling the truth disturbing. So be it.


    • Hi Leila,
      If that is a two gallon bucket, that is a lot of Jack – I’m impressed!!
      I once sent for a couple of bottles of the Gold Label from their website (I have never seen it here) and they were delicious!! I meant to try one and keep one but as I said, they were delicious!
      Thanks for the comments regarding my usual content.
      Matt is a friend of mine and he always says that work is called work as it is that, it isn’t play.
      The point is, I don’t need to write about the nice things as they are nice and most of us have a little experience with some of them. But everyone, no matter how happy needs to be aware of the darkness in this world.
      Thanks as always!


    • Thanks as always Doug,
      You are quite right regarding the ending, we all hope for the happy but a lot of times that is only for fairy-tales.
      Always happy to see you around the site Doug – Thanks so much for that.

      Liked by 1 person

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