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Creep by Boshra Rasti-Ghalati

The turbulence on the plane makes my skin creep. I hate airplanes, motion that I can’t control. Two lanes down I see the back of a punk’s rainbow colored mohawk. What makes someone decide to get a haircut like that? The air hostess is giving him some advice about transferring at the airport. He’s transferring, he wouldn’t be allowed in Doha looking like that.

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All Stories, Crime/Mystery/Thriller

The Sicilian by James Hanna


Ask any shrink or probation officer, “What is the most troubling kind of client?”  You will hear the same answer every time: stalkers.  Not the run-of-the-mill stalker—the jilted boyfriend type—but the schizo who obeys no authority save the voice inside his head.  Lecture him, he will not listen.  Warn him, he will not be impressed.  Put him in jail and when he gets out he is likely to stalk you.

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