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When the Tabloids Ate My Best Friend by Marco Etheridge

The morning sun assaulted every nerve ending in my shattered brain and that same vicious sun illuminated the headline that hovered before my bleary eyes: Bigfoot’s Miraculous Aqua-Baby Discovered. I tried to focus, then I tried to blink it all away. Miserable failure was the result on both counts. I did not conjure clarity, nor did the strange bedroom disappear. I was forced to ask myself that most critical question. Where the fuck was I?

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Chicken Roll by Diane M Dickson


I’ve been in the park, lunchtime I went to sit in the sunshine.  It was nice.   I was on my own as usual and today I just had an apple.  It was small, red on one side, green on the other and there was a small bruise near the bottom.  I hadn’t brought sandwiches today.  Partly because I was late up and didn’t have much time but mostly because I only had chicken roll in the fridge.

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