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e-book: Literally Stories – The Anthology


When Literally Stories threw open its virtual doors on 16th November 2014 we had no idea what we were letting ourselves in for.

A lot of hard work as it turns out.

We published our first story, Post, by Jenny Morton Potts. A year later and somewhere not too far south of reading 1 MILLION words in all the wonderful stories that landed in the LS mail box, we remain very proud of our site.

Our writers. Our, ahem, eclectic oeuvre.

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Literally Stories – Week 45


It has been a busy week. No denying it.

Publishing five stories on the site as is our custom plus preparing to launch Literally Stories — The Anthology: it could be said we gave Ground Control a run for its money.

I am not Major Tom. Neither am I sitting in a tin can but I am feeling a little odd today.


Nothing that a breeze through this week’s literary line-up won’t put right.

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