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Literally Stories – Week 45


It has been a busy week. No denying it.

Publishing five stories on the site as is our custom plus preparing to launch Literally Stories — The Anthology: it could be said we gave Ground Control a run for its money.

I am not Major Tom. Neither am I sitting in a tin can but I am feeling a little odd today.


Nothing that a breeze through this week’s literary line-up won’t put right.

Despite its tardiness in the roll-call for week 44  Monday’s promptness surprised no one.

Tobias Haglund’s run of fine stories was also never in doubt when he penned Homes, Brothers and Fantasies with all the sensitivity of a there-but-for-the-grace-of-god-go-I mindset.

A more honest piece of writing you will not see all year.

Tuesday snuck in ahead of Wednesday and heralded the return of Louis Hunter. His wonderfully layered tale The Storyteller sat us atop a misty hillside then perched us on newly laid thatch alongside Joe Straw.

Joe tells a good tale and so does Louis…

The last time I caught a plane the Wright Brothers were still filing patents.

LS Editor Nik Eveleigh’s MC was far more familiar with flying in Wednesday’s unsettling story In Flight Memory. Too familiar perhaps?

When the uncanny feeling of Déjà vu takes a hold it’s hard to shake the feeling you’ve been here before…

The last time I caught a plane the Wright Brothers were still filing patents.

Cheers for the chills, Nik, and make mine a double.

Nadia, My Chicken is the Literally Stories début of Scott Warrender, and this week’s Thursday story.

Welcome Scott.

The aforementioned hilarious title belies the depth of this story. Funny yes, but don’t be fooled by the humour tag. It’s more. A geography lesson? A lesson in healthy living? No. There’s no preaching or prescription in Scott’s left-field levity just original storytelling.

Friday — the cusp of the weekend — a time to relax — with a friend and a drink perhaps, especially around midnight if your friend also stays up late.

dm gillis’ brand of noir reeks of cheap whisky and spent Marlboro’s.

The Loneliest Goddam Midnight of Them All.

A mere Chandleresque dram? The dregs of it?

Ahh, but doesn’t it taste good?


Eagle-eyed LS regulars will have spotted a change or two on the homepage.

We have said ‘Au Revoir’ to the Poll Page, and the Poll Page widget has done a bunk, too. The sidebar shuffled itself, whilst In Conversation has gone quiet.

Fear not those who love to cast their weekly vote for one of our Fab Five. Story of the Week endures, and as always, the choice of who writes their name in the annals of LS history remains yours>>>>>>>>>

‘Neigh lad, hold your–‘

‘You’ll want to know who was Champion the Wonder Horse of week 44, I assume?’

‘It wasn’t that brilliant post-apocalyptic tale by James C. Clar set in Hawaii called Clarisse was it?’

‘How did you guess?’

story of the week banner

And finally, tomorrow e-book: Literally Stories – The Anthology. A blog about the forthcoming e-book and details of our chosen charity.


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