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Literally Reruns – Concealer by Hugh Cron

MC “Laura” is nothing short of honest, which gives Hugh Cron’s Concealer an extra level of irony. At her interview for what we Americans call Unemployment Insurance, she divulges the reasons for her loss of a job–and how. Her delightfully profane observations and storytelling (only half-heartedly, so it seems, warned off by her interviewer) say much about the downside of the workplace and people in general.

Q: This is very funny by being honest. This is a big question, fortunately, there’s plenty of room for your reply: What do you believe makes something funny? So often “humour” pieces are not at all funny, except maybe to their creators. I see this as funny, but I (although not a mind reader) don’t think the intent was to be amusing, it just comes about from Laura’s attitude.

Q: Do you think she got her benefit?




Hi Leila,

Thanks as always I really do get a kick out of doing these!

Q.1 – Why not give me a difficult one!!!

We know how selective humour can be and that is fine and well if folks know what type of humour they enjoy and what they are reading.

I think for something to have a broader appeal, there needs to be a few factors but in a weird way, you can’t think about these, they need to merge into your words naturally. With this story, you used the word ‘honest’ about Laura’s attitude and I think that really does help. A reader can see a forced bit of text around a joke a mile away.

I think if in any way a plot is relatable that helps, especially if your character says what others think but wouldn’t dare vocalise.

Most folks have a few one liners that they’ve heard and will repeat, so naturally, a reader is drawn to this type of humour.

Revenge or comeuppance is also a cracking ingredient, as, who doesn’t like a wee bit of ‘Get it right roond ye!!’

We all in our life have that ‘In the name of fuck…’ moment and if this can be described, that also helps.

I think where this story may work is that it taps into all of them in one way or another, so it is playing to more readers, sort of thing.

Scottish people are instinctively sarcastic with a pitch black sense of humour so I have a lot to tap into, all I need to do is listen! 

Q.2 – That is an easy one. I think she impressed the interviewer and he would always be rooting for her!!

Thanks again Leila, I had a blast thinking on this once again!!




4 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – Concealer by Hugh Cron”

  1. A good character portrait told through wit and dialogue. Also some biting commentary on brown-nosers, workplace phonies, and “beautiful people.” Glad it was rerun because I missed it the first time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheers Dave,
      The girl that I worked with who told me the story that this was based on was a cracking story teller – So I was pleased to do this some justice in this form.

      All the very best my fine friend.


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