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Week 340 – Legends Never Die, The Only Advert Worth Seeing And Alternative Words For Actual Events. (Allegedly)

Here we are at Week 340.

The year is flying by.

It won’t be long now to those dark endless days of the end of days.

Listen to me being all positive!

Leila has done a sterling job over the last two weeks but intelligence and interesting content is now back to childishness and inanity.

First off RIP Charlie Watts.

I was honoured to see the Rolling Stones with Bill Wyman in the old Hampden Park in 1990.

Even then I was in awe of them as I thought it would just be a bunch of old men trying to re-claim their youth. Far from it, they were brilliant!!

I can still feel the first few chords of ‘Start Me Up’ surging through me. ‘Paint It Black’ and ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ were another two favourites.

For them to be going for another thirty years is astounding. It’s sad but good that they had a drummer in place as they knew that Charlie wouldn’t have been up for it no matter what.

Sorry that I’m off on tangents but the news is on and I should stop listening to it as it makes me hate politicians all the more.

I’m hearing how some fuckwit is stating that they didn’t expect the Taliban to be waiting at the door when the forces pulled out.

Who are they trying to kid??

Ireland, Yugoslavia, The Holocaust, Afghanistan, Syria – How many times are we meant to swallow what these fuckers state that they had little knowledge of?

They knew. They always know and they will find out. Unfortunately, wherever there is an arsehole politician, they are listening to an unscrupulous accountant whispering in their ear!

‘The Dead Zone’ by Stephen King is a brilliant book. And like many others and films and serials, have you ever wondered why most politicians are portrayed as a sociopaths???

It’s simply, because, in real life they are.

Fiction just proves that fact is in a parallel and more black-hearted than fiction could ever be.

And I’m off on another tangent –

I normally hate advertising but I must admit, the advert for The Special Olympics, is brave but I’m surprised that there has been no stooshie about it from the PC snowflake pricks.

The advert states, ‘To compete in the Special Olympics, there has to be something wrong with you!’

It is brilliantly pointing out the bravery and dedication needed but I really thought that some outraged fuckwit would complain.

Interestingly enough, there is a film that’s not long out that I thought would have been slated and the trailer of it made me laugh as I just thought about all the PC nonsense.

The abomination that is Disney made the film ‘Soul’. And in the trailer we have a black man’s soul being depicted as white.

…Is there something wrong with that??

But let’s be honest, Disney has cutified oppression, cuddled up dark fables and snuggled up stereotypes.

Is this all bad judgement or has there always been a bigoted underlying commentary??

Me, personally, I don’t think so as I reckon that Mr M. Mouse has always been a communist!!!

I think his real name is Mikhail Nicolae Mao Tse.

Go Walt for letting that infiltration go!!!!

Okay onto this week’s stories.

We had one new writer, a returner and three gentlemen who have more stories between them than dozens of writers put together.

Our topics this week include; a sadness, a beastie, selection, the past and theories.

As always our initial comments follow.

First up on Monday was our only newbie.

We welcome Simon Berling, hope he has fun on the site and we want to see more of his work.

The Apple’ got us up and running.

‘This is very interesting.’

‘It reminds me of the deer I see eating off the trees.’

‘I like the style.’

There is no introduction needed for Yash Seyedbagheri, he has been a constant since the beginning of the year.

On Tuesday we published his latest offering, ‘Welcome.

‘Yash caught the disappointment and anger we feel when something isn’t there anymore.’

‘So much feeling!’

‘Poor Nick, I think he’s losing it.’

Tim Hilderbrandt was a returning author.

He broke the back of the week with, ‘Wattle And Daub.’


‘You could see this happening.’

‘Unique voice.’

The next two writers are absolute legends.

Legend number one is Tom Sheehan with, ‘A Salutation To My Sagus Embassy Of The Second Muse’

‘A step into a dream world of the past.’

‘Tom quietly and respectfully acknowledges days gone by.’

‘There is a sadness and realisation to this.’

And we finished off on Friday with legend number two.

Fred Foote completed our stories for the week with, ‘Dead Certain.’

‘Funny and observant.’

‘This was fun!’

‘I love the opening and it built up from there.’

That’s the week done and dusted.

I see that we are getting close to our two thousandth story, which didn’t make sense to me.

I was just about to send out an SOS to Nik when I realised that this incorporated re-runs etc.

We are also creeping towards two thousand followers.

We can’t thank you all enough!!

Just a reminder, we are quite a ways in front with our stories which means that if you are sending in, it will be after Christmas before we are able to publish.

Just to finish off.

Conspiracy theory number three billion. (I reckon there is an exaggerating conspiracy about exaggeration…Or maybe not!)

I actually love reading them, they are very entertaining. And they grow and escalate from one to another

I think the best I ever saw was some American magazine with the headline – ‘Alien Love Slime Ruined My Petunias’

You could believe that…Or you could believe that it was a disgruntled gardener who hadn’t won the competition that he went in for.

…It all depends on your point of view!

I’ve just read that Jimmy Krankie AKA our first minister has to do that lonely thing that we’ve refused to mention.

Bawbag, Trump, Gove a prince or two and now the only woman that said yes to Salmond are all still here.

A theory could be, disease IS selective. It can’t be deflected from those it is intended for and can be deflected from those who it isn’t intended for.

…Man do I pray for a mud-slide at westminster! But that will never happen. Is a thirty mile river erosion too much to ask???

Maybe, due to who would be culled.

Will we ever be allowed to know what is fact and what is paranoid theory – Aww Fuck – That’s another one!!!


Raph_PH, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

From left: Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts bow post-show on 22 May 2018 in London.

9 thoughts on “Week 340 – Legends Never Die, The Only Advert Worth Seeing And Alternative Words For Actual Events. (Allegedly)”

  1. Disney has belonged to Satan since he claimed Walt’s soul in exchange for years of success. There is that persistent myth that Walt was frozen upon death. Which is a lie, since he was cremated in the Inferno and tossed back up like pumice.

    I like the Stones, but cannot decide if Ron Wood is beginning to look like Keith or if it is the other way around.

    Welcome home.



    1. How weird!!
      I was going to say, ‘I remember Peters And Lee’ singing ‘Welcome Home’ and when I looked up to see what year that was, I read that Lennie Peters was Charlie Watts uncle!
      …Did you know that Leila or is it one of those coincidences that make you think on conspiracy??
      Conspiracy to what though – I haven’t a clue!!

      Thanks as always!!!


      1. I didn’t know that. But since everything is a conspiracy it makes sense.
        One of the more interesting Stone’s items involves Bill Wyman’s Woody Allen-esque marriage to someone who sounds like a close relative on paper but not by blood.


  2. Idiot political announcements – “End of history” after fall of the Soviet Union”, “End of irony” after 9-1-1. I wrote “Amnesia” about such nonsense.

    Music Rolling Stones Colorado 197x (was Chaka Khan, Elton John and the Beach Boys doing bits also?). Somewhat obscure Stones “Live With Me” clever lyrics and rocks you socs off. Elvis 1957 and 1972 (yes I’m old). Planned to see him again in 1987, but the druggie didn’t make it. Fats Domino and Ike & Tina in Atlanta, Ray Charles in Oregon and LA. The one that I shouldn’t have missed – Little Richard. Keep ‘A Knockin’ But You Can’t Come In’, “Going Home Tomorrow”.


    1. Hi Doug,
      That is a list to be proud of!
      I didn’t know that Stones song off the top of my head but when I listened to it, I remembered. One of my uncles had some Stones albums and I reckon that is where I heard it from.
      Tina Turner – I love ‘Just A Fool In Love’ – Best vocal beginning ever!
      Presley – ‘If I Can Dream’ – My favourite of his.
      Elton John – ‘This Train Don’t Stop’. Not just a cracking song but I wonder if he was doing some soul searching.

      Thanks as always my fine friend. I hope life is treating you well!


  3. Welcome back, Hugh. As you said, unscrupulous accountants whisper to politicians… and vice versa I imagine. I saw the Stones 50 years ago. Never imagined they’d still be going. Or me.


    1. Hi Dave,
      It’s always a pleasure to see you around.
      And I know what you mean, I’m getting to that age when I can remember things from fifty years back!! I don’t know how to process that – With a smile or with sadness??
      …Depends on what I’m remembering I suppose!
      All the very best my fine friend.


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