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Week 306 – Heed The Guidelines, Tarzan And June And I Nearly Forgot About Tin Machine!

And now we are at Week 306.

Before we start I need to tell you that we’re still being inundated by those who insist on telling us that they are one of those ‘ThemTheys’ or ‘TheysThem’ and we are sick of it. I really could go off on a rant but let’s just say that the voice of reason, Diane, censored me and stopped me calling those who insist on telling us that they are a ThemTheys or ‘TheysThem’ a name that is associated with rhyming slang and an actor who did a coffee advert.

Have a look at the submission guidelines if you are interested, we would appreciate your feedback.

And for those it applies to, you probably have either missed the point, not read the guidelines or both. So there was absolutely no point in me pointing out for those ‘ThemTheys’ or ‘TheyThems’ to have a read at the guidelines as they won’t be reading this.

But to you folks who do, please let us know how it comes across.

I was reading one of those list thingeys this week about how many times books have been turned into films. It gets a bit complicated if you consider characters in books, like Bond, Holmes, Robin Hood or Miss Marples etc.

Then if you look at shorts from collections, you have the likes of Cinderella up there. Others to think on are versions of ‘A Christmas Carol’ and ‘Dracula’.

But the one that took me off on a tangent was ‘Tarzan’. I began to wonder how many Tarzans I could remember and I thought I did Okay but there were loads more.

I thought of; Weissmuller, Crabbe, Ely, Henry, Lambert and Jock Mahoney.

I wasn’t that keen on Mahoney, he made Terry Scott look good in ‘Carry On Up The Jungle.’

Big Jock was the casting equivalent of Randolph Scott as a Western leading man. The two of them made Gary Cooper look young.

I read somewhere that Gary Cooper was the first American Actor to get a face lift due to how he looked against some of his leading ladies. If that’s true, there is some fucking irony and hypocrisy in there regarding the whole of Hollywood in those days.

I hope another fact I saw about Mr Cooper is true, seemingly he was the first ever person to be called ‘Gary’. There were no Garys before his change of name in the mid 1920s.

I did enjoy the TV series ‘Tarzan’ with Ron Ely and some of the films. I felt sorry for the animals though – You just knew what they were thinking when production in one of those films was finishing:

…’Fuck me…We’ll be running the day!’

And I didn’t watch Randolph Scott after seeing one of his films as a six year old with a plastic gun and thinking, ‘Whit a pussy! I could take him!’

Okay onto stories that are so unique they should never be re-made.

…Was that sycophantic?

Maybe a bit?

…Was it a shit link?

Maybe definitely!!

We had three new writers and two friends of the site for your pleasure this week.

To all our débutantes; we hope that you have fun on the site, we hope that you get involved and most importantly we hope that you send us more of your work.

Our topics this week included; helping, realisation, capacity, friendship and an ending.

As always our initial comments follow.

First up was the amazing Harrison Kim. Not only is he a brilliant writer with a helluva knowledge on his subject, he is a very astute commentator.

The site wouldn’t be the same without him.

Harrison’s sixteenth story for us was called,’Not Criminally Responsible.

‘This was enthralling…It really was.’

‘It was perfectly believable that he wasn’t responsible for killing his mother.’

‘A family with so many awful problems brilliantly portrayed.’

Our first new writer was published on Tuesday.

Louie Richmond began his time on the site with, ‘This Winter.’

‘Very well put together and excellent writing.’

‘Great tone.’

‘I was left with a feeling of melancholy that came straight from the story.’

Wayne Yetman was back for the third time.

His story, ‘Stupid Decisions’ broke the back of the week.’

‘Wayne really did explore the emotions.’

‘Very well put together.’

‘An enjoyable quality read.’

We nearly finished off with our second newbie.

David James Peacock had ‘Jack’s Back‘ published on Thursday.

‘A really good premise.’

‘This made me think.’

‘The depth of his grief was very well done.’

And we finished off with our last new writer.

Nathan S. Jones had the last word this week with his story, appropriately entitled, ‘Last Word.’

‘Very thoughtful.’

‘I really did enjoy this and want to see it on the site.’

‘This is something that will resonate to all of us in one way or another.’

That’s the round up well rounded up.

You know the next two bits.

Comments keep the site alive. Please let the writers know what you think of their stories.

And The Sunday Re-run is well read. It is mostly contributed by the enigma that is Leila, so why not throw a story in the ring and keep her company.

Find an older story that you’ve enjoyed and write either a spiel or an introduction for it. Throw in a few questions for the author and we will publish exactly what you send us.

Just to finish off:

I need to give a respectful nod to David Bowie. It will be the fifth anniversary of his death on the 10th.

So many great songs and a few, shall we say, interesting ones.

I love the coolness of ‘Cat People’ and how Tarantino gave it another outing in one of the most powerful scenes in cinema in ‘Inglorious Bastards.’

Bowie also did some strange films, ‘The Hunger’ is worth a look and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s title music is simply beautiful from the film, ‘Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence.’

I don’t think that gentleman is any relation to Kyu Sakamoto who had the only ever number one by an Asian solo artist in America with the uplifting ‘Sukiyaki’. That was his biggest hit until that big bastard mountain came along.

The first time I heard the English translation was by Nishida Hikaru and it was very good, but not as good as the quirky original.

I also think Bobbi Vee did a version.

But the day belongs to remember the wonderful Mr Bowie.

Now even if your brother’s name is Fred, don’t be eating roasted toadstools. You can smoke a fag and have a glass of Dandelion Wine in tribute to the great man!


Banner Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

I was going to put the Tarzan image in the banner but I would have lost a lot to make it fit and I just couldn’t resist it. Lobby card for the American film Tarzan Escapes (1936). – wikicommons. dd

8 thoughts on “Week 306 – Heed The Guidelines, Tarzan And June And I Nearly Forgot About Tin Machine!”

  1. I believe that an early Tarzan with an essentially naked Jane swimming in it helped lead to the formation of the dreadful Hayes Office. I saw the film in question and must say Maureen O’Sullivan was a truly beautiful woman and there was nothing dirty about her scenes. Interestingly, the Hayes people never had any problem with people getting split in half by the release of two bent back trees or stomped to death by elephants.
    And Cheetah. I absolutely despised Cheetah. And Boy. What the hell is that? Even the goddam monkey had a name. Much sadness there. One of the “Boy”s fell to his death from cleaning leaves from his gutter. More proof that vines are safer than ladders.


    1. Hi Leila,
      Interesting point about the naming of Boy. It brings up the question in my inquisitive mind about why. I wonder if in Tarzan had a pet name for his dick – Maybe Boy.
      That could be logical or worrying.
      …And don’t get me started where his ‘Tarzan Yell’ originated from. (Hopefully it was the naked Maureen O’Hara!)
      Thanks as always!

      – Oh, on another complete work of fantasy, I’m just hearing whilst typing this that the privileged bitch from the big hoose in London and her racist fossil of a shagging everything husband have just received their vaccine for the plague. If anyone believes that they had to wait a month, they are delusional.
      Mind you he’s that old he probably set Pudding Lane alight to ‘cure’ the last one. I hear that burning peasants is still one of his favourite pastimes.
      Ahh conspiracy theories and fact – Are so close to call!!!


      1. Good God, Old Phil still lives? Here I must defer to Abe Simpson who said something to the effect that “We seniors hold onto our drivers’ licenses so we can keep a fresh supply of healthy young organ donors handy in the morgue.” Seems to me that there must be a lot of missing teenagers hanging upside down like bats at the Palace, being drained of their “Essence of Purity.”
        It’s a good thing that I’m about to put eight-thousand miles between this comment and myself. It could be interpreted as offensive.


    1. Hi David,
      Thanks as always.
      I think that Bowie and Bolan were two of the most influential artists to come out of the Glam Rock movement. You can hear their influences in many a group. I think that some of their work was timeless and that is something that few can achieve.
      I have one of Bowies cohorts on my playlist at the moment – Mick Ronson’s ‘Slaughter On 10th Avenue. I think that most musicians within that genre had a link to each other. Ronson linked so many of them. And when you take into account Midge Ure, he linked the seventies and the eighties when the music was so different. (I think both Ronson and Ure played with Thin Lizzy. ‘Parisienne Walkways’ is one of my all time favourite pieces of music. Gary Moore was a genus.)
      What was so unique about Bowie was he didn’t need to link, he was each decade.
      One of the best albums I have is ‘Purple Rainbows’ which ties in all the groups from Rainbow to Deep Purple.
      I just love all these musical chains.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Monika,
      Thanks so much for you taking the time to read and comment – It is much appreciated.
      Lex Barker was another that I’d forgotten about! I still wish I’d forgotten about big Jock!!
      Hope to see you around the site and looking forward to your story!


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