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Week 302 – Showaddywaddy, Yes Jesus Loves Me And Everyone Needs Some Bowakawa Pousse, Pousse.

Well here we are at Week 302.

I find it interesting not just the state of mind that someone is in when they write but actually when they write.

Is there a specific time or do you just go for it when the inspiration whispers?

I can’t plan, I would love to work on a story when I have a few hours spare every day but that just won’t happen. My fucked off psyche won’t allow me to do that.

I enjoy food but I won’t eat at work. I enjoy watching films but again if on a night-shift, I would never dream of watching anything before I went to work. I love sitting with something to eat whilst reading a newspaper but never at work. Employment bastardises enjoyment.

I even find it difficult to go out for a night out if I am working the next day. Work spoils all my passions. I would rather be able to enjoy what I enjoy when I have the time to do what I want when I want without any timing restrictions.

If I tried to write before my shift started all that I would come up with would be some sort of mass slaughter and I’d fear that would become repetitive after a year or so and I’d need to move on to world destruction.

After that, who knows, maybe words wouldn’t be enough.

I do enjoy listening to music whilst writing but there can be no interruption of pish. Everyone has their own taste and that is perfectly fine. I have a playlist of around three hundred songs that I put on and let them roll. I’ll sometimes put on a radio station but I need to choose one where I’m sure that I’ll like at least ninety percent of the music and be able to suffer the other ten. Listening to some of the more up-to-date stations isn’t a good idea as my ninety percent is reversed to things I hate and the other ten makes me start writing about anti-creation.

…Isn’t escalation understandable!

But whatever works for you. If you can get a few thousand words out, no matter when, then that’s all good. Although writing a riotous humour story that makes you laugh out loud probably shouldn’t be done at your granny’s funeral service. ‘The Lord’s My Shepherd’ should never have any smiles near it. What a fucking miserable dirge that is!!

I’ve always said I’m shite at titles so I should just do what Jesus did when he was writing those hip and happening tunes for his followers to get down and groove to. He found that using the first line as the title works for most hymns.

Jesus also incorporated boredom and length into his music, something that the Prog Rock movement latched onto in later years. If there is a Second Coming he will be supported by Rick Wakeman.

Okay onto this weeks stories.

We had two new writers and three old friends.

To our newbies, we welcome both of them, hope that they have fun on the site and more importantly, we want them to continue to send us their work.

Subjects this week include; equality, perspiration, a destructive relationship, addiction and war.

As always our initial comments follow.

First up was our first new writer to the site.

A Better Mousetrap‘ was syndie allen’s story for us on Monday.

‘Very, very clever!’

‘It really does make you laugh and reminisce.’

‘It doesn’t matter about the subject matter, this is some very accomplished writing.’

Anyone who has had a look through the site will have seen this gentleman’s name many, many, many times.

Tom Sheehan was next with ‘Once, Screamed To Drunks At The Vets Bar, Memorial Day.’

‘Dark and chilling.’

‘I thought the noise and panic and fear were very accessible.’

‘Tom gets so much atmosphere into these types of stories.’

On Wednesday we had the fearless Alex Sinclair.

Cheap Tricks‘ was his seventh outing for us.

‘A very strong piece of writing.’

‘An excellent shocking story.’

‘Another story set in a brutal world brilliantly told.’

Our second new writer was Shane O’Neil.

We extend him the same welcome.

Summer Nightsweats was published on Thursday.

‘There is some really good scene setting.’

‘My greatest sympathy was with the girl.’

‘This is some well done ‘nasty”

And on Friday we had the enigma that is Leila Allison.

I’m due having to count her stories as she must be getting near eighty…And every one is a gem.

Band of Barnyarders‘ is no exception.

‘Again, I’m in awe of Leila’s imagination.’

‘You do believe it’s all happening.’

‘With such an imagination, you wonder if Leila has room for the mundane.’

That’s the round up for another week.

If Miss Anderson is the way she was, she’ll be getting all excited about celebrating the birth of, depending on your outlook, a fictional baby or a baby who saved the world by growing up and getting nailed to a big dodd of wood.

And with that in mind, *mind to comment.

Also have a go at the re-run of a Sunday. We were going to suggest a group chat for those who contribute but group is a stretch. So far it consists of half a dozen people, Leila’s cats and Sebastian Crapnut, the suicidal squirrel.

To get involved, simply pick an older story that you’ve enjoyed and write a spiel or an introduction for it. Throw in a couple of questions for the author and we’ll post exactly what you send us. (Except for your last effort Mr Crapnut – ‘Kill me now’ is not a critique…Well not unless you have just started a romance.)

Just to finish.

On this week, forty years ago a legend was murdered by an insignificant pustule fuck.

I thought I’d pay a wee tribute to Mr John Lennon by highlighting the following quotes. (There are so many to choose from!)

– Happiness is just how you feel when you don’t feel miserable.

– The more I see, the less I know for sure.

– Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.

– I believe in everything until it’s disproved.

– Time you enjoy wasting, wasn’t wasted.

I really do wish that the reply, ‘Is Ringo the best drummer in the world? He isn’t even the best drummer in the band’ was confirmed as his but I think there is some doubt about it.

‘Imagine’, Dream, ‘Woman’, ‘Just Like Starting Over’, ‘Watching The Wheels Go Round’ and ‘Jealous Guy’ are an outstanding legacy by themselves, never mind the multitude of others!!


* When I read this back it occurred to me that some folks might not understand what ‘mind’ means in this context – It means ‘remember’ as in:

Mind when mine minors mined as minor miners (Remember when my youngsters mined as young miners)

Ah – John. A little bit was taken out of so many lives when he was murdered. I still get a jolt when I see a picture of him. dd

Image: Strawberry Fields memorial in Central Park By Carlos Delgado, CC BY-SA 3.0,

9 thoughts on “Week 302 – Showaddywaddy, Yes Jesus Loves Me And Everyone Needs Some Bowakawa Pousse, Pousse.”

  1. I always wondered how Lennon and McCartney got to be friends, judging personalities, of course, by their songs. Lennon wrote some extremely gritty stuff like “Working Class Hero,” “Cold Turkey” and “Woman is Nigger of the World,” while McCartney was gifted with a great sense of melody and word play.
    Oh yes, to be fair, there’s a song on Lennon’s last album sung by Yoko which I have always liked–“Hard Times are Over (If Only For Awhile).” I guess that owes something to the Even a Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day school of thought–but I still like the song.
    Is it Happy Hour yet?


    1. Hi Leila,
      What I admired about Lennon and McCartney was it didn’t matter who did what, the songs were accredited to both of them.
      And the one thing that they had in common was the beautiful voices that both their wives had!
      Thanks as always Leila!


  2. Still in awe of people who can write something meaningful every day – let alone compose to music.

    Be it fiction of non-fiction, I need silence when setting out. In both forms, I find crafting the first paragraph can take longer the initial draft. A few beers, ciders or (sometimes ‘and’) a bottle of wine aids the rewrite. Dotting the eyes and tees, perfecting those sentences, is helped by a Jamaican cheroot.


    1. Hi Stefan,
      Thanks so much for your continual input!
      I am always interested in the mind-sets and the process of each writer. Everyone is different and if it works for the individual, then that is perfectly fine.
      I have no patience and couldn’t spend too much time getting started. However once completed I realise that I am happy never to be finished!
      All the very best my fine friend.


  3. For me, the writing thing is four-five days a week, almost always in the morning. I can’t seem to write anything past about two in the afternoon. Cogitating on a story or a character is work that goes on all the time, at odd hours, and very often when I’m having a nap.


    1. Hi Marco,
      It’s always a pleasure to see you around.
      In a way I don’t write that frequently but the site causes me to do so in different ways.
      I do wish I had more ideas to work on but I have no control on when they talk to me.
      All the very best my friend.


  4. Forgot to add this:Write everyday including Christmas, the Fourth of July and especially Stephen King’s birthday. Usually successful (as was while attending the George Bush Self Identifying Pronoun Omission Academy). Count consecutive days. Once had a streak of 1736 (between five and six years) until a nasty bout of food poisoning got in the way. Today will make 544 since then. You can look at it as dedication or self immolation. Seems to work out the same way.


    1. Hi Leila,
      The only consecutive thing I’ve ever done is drink alcohol.
      For the life of me, I can’t remember how many days that involved!


  5. I am having great trouble writing anything these days. I create my own distractions. Once I begin, I can get absorbed, but really I need to get a schedule going. This is the main complaint of many writers, me included. I get the cogitating bit that Marco mentions, although that hasn’t done much for my marriage. I was doing some mandated community service work in a furniture store when the news of John Lennon’s death came over the radio. A mundane workday turned in that moment to a deeply imprinted memory.


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