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Literally Reruns – Overpowered by Diane M Dickson

Leila has brought a big grin to my face by choosing this piece for a Rerun. I read it over again, it’s a while since I wrote it and – though I freely admit it has glitches it did make me smile. This is what she said:-

This bit of boisterous fun came out in 2015, and this is the first time I’ve seen it. Fittingly, Diane’s Overpowered moves at an outrageous speed and comes through so clearly that I heard a voice much like that of Benny Hill speaking to me. It’s unlike the other items in this author’s LS canon, yet it is just as well written.

Q: These guys are crazy! How did you get the idea for this piece?

In the dim and distant past my soon to be hubby was a member of a motorbike club. Though the mode of transport was different the ‘daft’ stuff they sometimes got up to would make me blanche now. You get a couple of petrol heads together and quite honestly you just never know what might happen. Add real genuine stupidity and – there we have it!!

Q: The narrative is breathlessly energetic. Was this a one timer? If not how were you able to precisely match the voice and pace if it took more than one sitting to produce?

Oh yes, it was definitely a one timer. Most of my stuff is to be honest. Some gets more aftercare but this silly little scribble was just a jolly jaunt to be honest. Thank you for choosing this piece it was good to be reminded of a bit of silliness.

Leila Allison



5 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – Overpowered by Diane M Dickson”

  1. Ha! ha! This is a fun one. Of course many men will shake their heads and say, “I don’t get it, this seems perfectly normal.” Guess what guys? It’s not normal, but fun to watch. From a safe distance, that is.


  2. Hi ladies,
    Great choice Leila, a smile of a Sunday is much needed!

    Diane, this is one of those stories that all I need to do is see the title and I remember it very clearly.
    When you read this, you just know that it was fun to write.


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