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Literally Reruns – Ultra-Belfast by David Louden

A pick this week from a writer with a growing catalogue. This was his fourth story published by LS. Dark and Disturbing this piece caught Leila‘s attention and this is what she said:

I just discovered this piece as it nears its fifth year in the vault. Of course there really are no measurable years where Ultra-Belfast takes place. Just a game and people like Charlton Heston, assumedly still sporting an ascot as to conceal a bad case of turkey neck. (By the way, Chuckles, that never fooled anyone).

Maan, this thing comes at you like those psycho-killers in slasher flicks that refuse to stay down no matter what you do to them. It is witty and wise and pretty much a brawl of images, quick asides and inspires this reader to think of something new and clever to say about the NRA every time she reads it.

Q: Forgive me for overlooking this for so long. Have any fresh fish entered the game in the last five years?

Q: The pace is extraordinary. Was the story accomplished in quick slashes, or did you have to pull over once and awhile to recharge the batteries?

Leila Allison



1 thought on “Literally Reruns – Ultra-Belfast by David Louden”

  1. Hi Leila,
    I am delighted that you have chosen this. I love Dave’s work. His back catalogue showcases some very interesting work. He is fearless and has an imagination that is on par with some very subtle and cutting social commentary.
    Dave must have changed his email as Diane’s notification to him about this bounced back. I hope that he happens to come across this as I would be very interested in his answers. (The Greatest Cock That Ever Lived is one of my all time favourites on the site.)
    Excellent once again Leila!!!!


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