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Week 265 – Alternative Spelling, Pretending Your Name Is Keith And Two Sex Faces You Don’t Want To Visualise.

Well here we are at Week 265.

I looked back to see if there was anything interesting historically that had happened.

I saw that the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor died in 2011.

Ronnie Raygun also initiated ‘The Star Wars’ program.

And the first use of the abbreviation OK was used in America.

Liz Taylor was stunning in ‘Cleopatra’.

In her film ‘The Blue Bird’, the idea of your deceased loved ones dozing and waking up when you thought about them was very touching. Mind you, the rest of the film was awful but it was still a nice thought!

Regan was slaughtered in the British Puppet Comedy – ‘Spitting Image’. My two favourite skits were when he was believing that real life was all about cartoons. When one of his aids asked him what he was going to do about Gaddafi, he asked ‘Who is that? Gadaffi Duck?’

I also loved how there were hints that him and that Bitch-Demon Thatcher were shagging. (That is a very *boak inducing thought that would turn you celibate) He was heard on many occasions stating with much gusto and perviness, ‘Maggie Thatcher – That’s a good looking woman.’

If you’ve never seen any of it it, try and access it on ‘You-Tube’ it was brilliant and fearless.

Seemingly ‘OK’ was initially used for the term ‘all correct’. Now if that is correct, no wonder our neighbours over the Atlantic can’t spell – They had no correct instruction initially.

I’m sure they realise that I’m only joking. I’m sure they’ve a sense of humour about this. I’m positive that this won’t make them smoulder. If they aren’t cosy with my comments, I suggest they have a treat of some liquorice to calm down. (Which colour of liquorice one might ponder?) No more of this nonsense, I’ll need to plough on, staying a safe 1.8 metres from anyone who is in this annexe.**

I finished watching ‘The Hunters’ this week and I did enjoy it but really not sure about the fantasy sequences – They didn’t annoy me enough that I gave up watching but I’m really not sure that they worked. I’d be very interested in any of your thoughts if you have seen this.

I’m trying to remember if ‘the worst toilet in the world’ fantasy sequence in the film ‘Trainspotting’ was in the book, I don’t think it was. When I saw it I remember thinking that it was misjudged and missing the point. But when I got a bit older and wiser I realise exactly what they were doing and they were probably right.

I don’t know if fantasy sequences can work in stories. I think that’s why films based on the bible are so successful and the book itself is pish.

You are already asking the reader to immerse themselves into the world that you’ve created so to take them further is maybe a step too far. Now that I’ve said that I’ll probably think of a dozen examples where this works. ‘Trippy’ trips and dreams should be left only for film.


Onto this weeks stories.

We had three returning authors all with their second story for us, Mr Sheehan who has broken the abacus and me.

Our topics this week included: Families, tea-time, Never-Never, inspiration and being yourself.

As always our initial comments follow.


First up was Tom Sheehan.

Anyone who has even dropped into the site only a few times will know this writers name. He’s a constant. He is constantly here with consistently brilliant stories.

The Bannion Interlude‘ was published on Monday.

‘I’m a sucker for a gangster story.’

‘There was just enough to get a feel for the characters.’

‘This was a lot of fun to read.’


It was my turn on Tuesday with ‘Scenes From An Ayrshire Chip Shop‘.

This was inspired when I was fifteen and frequenting the snooker hall. We would go there from seven until ten then go to the chip shop then home. We then chanced our luck and realised we could get into the pub, so it then became snooker to nine, pub till ten then chip shop. Then eventually it was just the pub.

As always thanks to Diane and Nik for their enthusiasm and support of this one.


Brett Hill broke the back of the week on Wednesday.

It was a privilege to post Brett’s second story for us which was entitled, ‘Peter.’

‘A darker follow on from the original.’

‘Nice level of creepiness.’

‘Clever and subtle and only a small reference needed.’


Blueberry Fields Forever‘ was next up on Thursday.

We are happy to see Anuradha Prasad return to the site.

‘The tone of loss and anger was very well done.’

‘A bit different but it drew me in.’

‘It jumped about a bit but this suited the story and it worked well.’


And we finished off on Friday with our third returnerer. (I know that isn’t a word but it should be. It’s fun to say but difficult to stop pronouncing the ‘…ererer’s)

Wayne Yetman completed the week for us with ‘This Woman In The Mirror.’

‘Well this would piss off the PC twats – I just love that!!!’

‘This didn’t stray into trying to emotionally justify the back story. That makes it a confident piece of writing.

‘We can be a bit uncomfortable when someone is so hard on themselves but that is the beauty of this – Is she being hard on herself or is her acceptance more deeply rooted?’


And that’s us all rounded up.

The usual reminders guys, ‘Comments – Love receiving them but too shy to dish them out – Discuss!’

And why not have a go at the Sunday Re-Run. Find an older story that you’ve enjoyed and either write a spiel or an introduction. Or both if you fancy it. Throw in a couple of questions for the writer and we’ll publish exactly what you send us.

And just to finish.

I was reading some quotes from Elizabeth Taylor and I found:

‘Success is a great deodorant.’

I’m not really sure what that means but it does make a bit of sense when I realise that I’ve always been a sweaty bastard.

And I really like:

‘I don’t have a short temper I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.’




*Boak – Dry heave. Naked Vomit. Invisible chunks.

**I hated using that reference and must apologise. In my defence I recognise that I was simply making a point and didn’t mean to cause any offence even though having to use it was pish.

Image – Google images.

4 thoughts on “Week 265 – Alternative Spelling, Pretending Your Name Is Keith And Two Sex Faces You Don’t Want To Visualise.”

  1. I currently stand on the pillory like Hester Prynne and admit I have never read Trainspotting or For Whom the Bell Tolls or anything by William Faulkner. But I have added all to my stack as to remove the scarlet stamp from my library card.
    Welsh’s book looks by far the most interesting of the lot. The film is one of my all time favorites. I like it so much that I have avoided the sequel for three years. I find most sequels to outstanding stand alone works to be bad ideas.


    1. Hi Leila,
      As sequels go, Trainspotting 2 isn’t that bad. The original book is brilliant but you’ll need to get used to the word ‘likesay’ (The likes of) The Edinburgh people use it a helluva lot.
      We on the West Coast are more users of ‘ken’ (Know)
      I may have mentioned to you before but if you want a cracker of a film that Welsh did, try ‘Wedding Belles.’
      Thanks as always!!


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