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Literally Reruns – Talk to Me by June Griffin

Readers who have been with us from the early days will remember this author. One of our first – and we still miss her. Leila has found a piece by June, this is what she said:

Talk to Me presents a trap often present in long term marriages: passions wane, life goes on and eventually neither partner says much of anything of import to the other anymore. Ms. Griffin’s story tastefully presents this dilemma: the MC has lost her power to get herself across to her husband, thus a strange pain has set in and she doesn’t know what to do about it.

Q: Do you believe that the problem presented in your story is always fixable? Or does there come a point when it is too late?

Now for something different:

Q: Addressed to the Editors of Literally Stories: Please describe the importance of June Griffin’s importance to the site, especially in the early days. Any trip back to the LS Big Bang would be inaccurately reported on without the mention of her many contributions.

Leila Allison


Talk to Me 


For me June was part of the foundation of Literally Stories. We knew her from the old place where we all met up and she came with us as a reader and commenter and kept us going when times were lean.

She always seemed to me to be a lovely lady and I really hope that she is happy and still writing and knows that we all miss her around these parts.



A note from June.

I offer one last comment: The day that cats moo and cows meow, is the day that Literally Stories will publish a dull story with a Hallmark ending.

2 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – Talk to Me by June Griffin”

  1. Thanks Leila for picking this story from such a wonderful lady!
    June – Thanks for that comment. As with all of yours it is much appreciated!!!

    Re- Leila’s question:

    I always think that the term of ‘lady’ should be carefully used.
    And when I think of June, I wouldn’t refer to her as anything else. She is a lovely person who was generous with her time and her comments. Not only did she help us get through the lean times, she became a much loved and important part of the site.
    As Diane has said we knew June from another site and she followed us. She supported us and commented regularly with enthusiasm and encouragement to all our writers.
    June is also a very good writer. I’ve said on many occasions that ‘Unanimous’, which was her first story for Literally Stories’, is still one of my all time favourites.
    Personally, I appreciate all the comments she gave me for my stories, no matter the content. Nothing upset or repelled her and she was happy to read whatever I threw out there. Some folks haven’t been so broad minded and I will always love her for that.
    The site is a lesser place without June, she is missed. But like Diane, I hope she is enjoying life, is happy and hopefully has managed to partake on a few cruises!
    And if a few words are scribbled on a coaster, all the better.



  2. I remember June and trust she is well. I enjoyed her stories and encouraging comments towards my efforts. I stayed in touch after the demise of the previous site and I was privileged to consider her my friend. June encouraged me to write and publish my Russel Holmes short stories – and she critiqued and editing out my glaring awfulness in the writing. That was back in 2014.


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