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Week 260 – Exposure, A Bowel Sausage And Parasite Is A Cracking Read.

Another week has came and went. We now find ourselves at posting number 260.

I long stopped doing this for any recognition, or let’s be honest, success. When you do that you realise what a love you have for reading stories and coming up with your own.

What I think is an amazing offshoot is the visits to the site of people from different countries.

When you think on it, your name may be mentioned thousands of miles away from folks of different cultures and ideals. I wonder how many languages I’ve been called a ‘prick’ in?

I find it hard to get my head around that. (Not being called a prick – That’s so common it has become boring!) I mean the exposure. This is mainly due to the fact that I don’t go near Social Media. Well that and the fact that I can sometimes be a social repellent!

I wonder if those of us who state that they are ant-social honestly like being that way? In the same hand, I remember a comedian once stating that all bald guys with beards, leather clothes, bikes, homosexuality and tattoos would give them all up for a full head of hair.

Contributing to the site is a bit like putting a message in a bottle and wondering where it’ll end up. It’s also fun to think on how many degrees of separation links you to whoever by association.

We’ve had over 360 000 hits to the site and you really do wonder where those visits take your work and comments.

We’ve had a couple of folks wanting to get back in contact with some of our writers. We send on the details to the writer and let them take it from there. This is all good and well and that gave us a buzz to do but it is the thought of a story being passed on that excites me. That’s why I harp on about commenting. It would be brilliant to know that so and so’s story ended up being read by someone from wherever.

For all you Scientologists out there, I’m not sure if the net is accessible in Jupiter so you’ll just have to rely on your previous consciousness contacting your ongoing one to tell you that they have read a story that they’ve enjoyed.

Anyone with multiple personalities can have a group discussion about whoever read the story. Just recognise each other’s opinions guys. You can still ignore you but come on, respect their / your opinions.

And for all the fluid snowflake fuckers – They can accept the stories one day, be outraged the next, see it from one POV, then agree with it from another, all the while expressing their oppression to anyone who will listen. So for them to comment, surely we would get at least a dozen or so opinions per story from the one person depending on how they were feeling that particular week. (Is ‘person’ a correct term??)

And we can have all the Climate Activists telling us how much they enjoyed the stories but that is marred due to the Carbon Footprint the site makes and us therefore forgetting to think about the children.

All joking aside – I love to imagine someone somewhere that I don’t even know exists saying to their family or friends, ‘I found this story site, and you’ve just got to read this.’

Hopefully the stories this week will have had such a reaction. (Aye I know – Shite link – But I’ve not done one for a while and I kind of miss them!!)

We had three new writers this week and two old friends.

Our topics include; Torture, loyalty, witches, assisted death and friendship.

As always our initial comments follow.

To start the week off we had our first new writer.

We welcome all our débutantes. We hope that they have fun on the site and more importantly, we want to see more of their work.

The Witch‘ was Dallas Yates story that was published on Monday.

‘Unusual, a bit mean, a bit different and I enjoyed this.’

‘Excellent tone and delivered very well.’

‘This is one of those that I continued to think about after I’d read it.’


It doesn’t matter what day of the week, what month or which year you check out this writers stories, they are all excellent. There are many to choose from. Quality wise, you are spoiled for choice.

It is a continual pleasure to have Mr Tom Sheehan on our site.

One Prisoner Too Many‘ was next up on Tuesday.

‘Powerful stuff.’

‘He was trying to understand by experiencing as much as he could.’

‘Having any sanity left in this type of situation is awe inspiring.’


Marco Etheridge broke the back of the week with ‘Ollie, Ollie.’.

This was Marco’s fifth story for us.

‘She was a cracking character and I wanted to read more about her.’

‘There was a fair bit of atmosphere throughout Marco’s story.’

‘The ending was realistic as it was painful but not overdone.’


Our second new writer was showcased on Thursday.

We extend the same welcome to Amanda Wright.

Colours‘ nearly finished off the week.

‘The ending about the flag and the real reason to survive rings more than true!’

‘So many great lines in this!’

‘The thoughts on it not mattering who shoots you or where you get shot is the whole point. – ‘You’ll still be dead as mutton.”


And we finished off on Friday with another first timer of the site.

Thomas Shea’s story ‘Spraypaint On Granite‘ concluded the week.

‘The first line totally catches your interest.’

‘Thomas painted the characters very well.’

‘I enjoyed the read and the message was just as good.’


Still no copying and pasting, just the usual Scripture Union on Wednesday:

Keep commenting comments – We love to read them!

And come on, Leila is thinking on changing her perfume as no-one seems to want to keep her company and get involved with the Sunday Re-Run.

All you need to do is write a spiel or an introduction for an older story you enjoyed, throw in a couple of questions for the author and we’ll publish exactly what you send us.

Just to finish – I saw that the best film award at the Oscars went to a foreign language film. Maybe if ‘Trainspotting’ had been in that category in 1996 it may have done just as well.

I am not sceptical at all. I totally understand how reading whilst trying to watch is a wonderful experience. I have no doubt in my mind that this decision has nothing to do with any diversity issue and the Academy has done a sterling unbiased job.

…Or have they done a terrible inverted biased job?



(Diane – If you are going to use an Oscar image please don’t make it one with Mr Hanks looking all sincere!!)


hehehe – drags out all images of Forest Gump and laughs maniacally – then remembers just what Hugh has done the last few weeks and decides to be kind. x He’s been an absolute hero and run the place almost single-handedly and me and Nik, we love him to bits for it.

Hugh, thanks.

2 thoughts on “Week 260 – Exposure, A Bowel Sausage And Parasite Is A Cracking Read.”

  1. Omnipotent God knows all about LS and He comments on stories as often as so many of His clones do. Still, it’s just nice knowing that I have offended and/or confused a stranger. It gives a little spiff to my otherwise humdrum existence.


    1. Hi Leila,
      Thanks as always.
      I wonder if I would believe a comment from what’s-his-face?
      I wonder how he’d sign it? G. O. Dee (That would be pish.)
      If the comment was for me, I think the PS would always be – ‘You’re for the bad fire!’
      Ach what the hell, if Darwin’s theory didn’t give me my attitude then it must have been created some other way!!
      Cheers Leila, you make me smile of a morning!


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