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Week 256 – Invading Illuminati, Imbalance And Pastimes For Pricks.

Hello there folks.

Another week bites the dust and we’ve reached posting number 256.

First off I feel that I must apologise to all our Canadian friends for the Royal Cuckoos in your beautiful country’s nest.

Please don’t be fooled guys, this isn’t a good thing. This is the equivalent of the Mafia branching out. The monarchy will state that they will give you a deal that you can’t refuse but it will cost you more protection money than a bear can catch fish. And if any of your Heads of State refuse, then they will be sleeping with those fishes.

From one load of aliens who are not in the real world to a more acceptable unreal world:

I was listening to the Oscar Nominations and I heard them harping on about diversity. It is as simple as this, there should never be any form of racism, sexism or discrimination. But we need to be careful. When you look at all this PC nonsense it makes you wonder if deserving will ever be a secondary consideration as the diverse has to be fulfilled first.

The same goes when considering careers, we hear about equal opportunity and that is a no-brainer but again you hope that ability isn’t ever going to become secondary. There is a very valid argument that could say that’s been happening for years, but turning that on its head doesn’t solve any problems, it would then be the same but only with a different sex. (Or fecking identities) I also think this is a salary based issue. If you are the lowest paid, all your workies are paid the same. There is no-one who rises from the income shite into the clarity of the pish with an extra 10p an hour. My heart bleeds for those who are only on 150 grand instead of 175 grand a year – They must totally understand what a loss that 10p is.

I’ve mentioned before that someone asked us about ‘Blind Reading’ and we stated that we didn’t care who or what a person was as long as they could write and weren’t sending us some sort of serial killing confession. (Well…) But we’re now seeing the opposite. We have a lot of writers who want to tell us what they are and how they identify themselves.

How can I put this politely guys?


I do find it ironic that we’ve went from ‘Blind Reading’ submissions not telling us who they are to submitters now telling us who they are in a bid to tell us who they are not.

Let us read your stories. And we love to converse with all of you as human beings. Your identities are your business.

I must admit I am very tempted when I get a submission in saying how they identify for me to sign it off as – Hugh Cron (Heterosexual, alcohol loving, meat eating male)

I would add in my distasteful foibles but let’s be honest, I’d be there for ever. I couldn’t even copy and paste as the list grows daily.

Okay onto this week’s stories. We had one stalwart and four new writers for your reading pleasure.

I’ll get the welcomes by with first.

To all our new writers, we hope that they have fun on the site and a long association with us. We hope that they all have more to send us very soon.

The topics this week include; A spider, spelunking, an insistence, a town and memories.

As always our initial comments follow.


First up was a new writer. Noah Lessard began the week with ‘Sewer‘.

‘When you read this, you believe in what he saw. A brilliant piece of urban legend.’

‘This touched into so many common fears but even with the familiarity, Noah made this his own.’

‘He painted a very vivid picture.’


No introductions needed just some awe to be in!

Tom Sheehan was next up with his 102nd story for us.

Send Galibicus‘ was our story on Tuesday.

‘The section in the cave is gripping, convincing and thrilling.’

‘Well this is up there with our more imaginative stories!’

‘There are a few dimensions in this that make you smile.’


On Wednesday our next débutante was showcased.

Samantha Swain’s ‘Two Live Here‘ broke the back of the week.

‘The ending with the revelation that she was locked in until she said ‘her’ name was chilling.’

‘Intense and summed up a lot of emotion.’

‘The unexplained was subtle and unsettling.’


Tracy Gaughan was next up on Thursday with, ‘Samphire Lighthouse.’

‘Lyrical and beautifully written.’

‘Lovely prose.’

‘Gorgeous word pictures.’


And on Friday we had our last new writer.

Jeremy Salo finished off the week with, ‘Hardwood‘.

‘The thoughts of those passing through being affected in their dreams by the stories of the residents was interesting.’

‘There is a really good tone to this.’

‘The writing about the town and the residents was very well done.’


That’s the round up rounded up.

Just the usual reminders.

Please keep commenting, it lifts the site.

And why not have a go at the Sunday Re-Run. Pick an older story that you have enjoyed and write either a spiel or an introduction for it. Why not throw in a few questions for the author, we will publish exactly what you send us.

Just to finish off:

At one time I wanted to try ‘Paintballing’ but when I did a bit of research I found out who partook and that you couldn’t pistol whip anyone.

I just wonder if the same thoughts apply to Paintballing as it does for any other fall into addiction.

You’ll all have heard that there isn’t a drug addict alive who hadn’t smoked weed. But if you take that as logic, then anyone who ever had a beer would become an alcoholic and anyone who had a shag would be a rapist and anyone who had been in a fight would become a murderer. So does a Paintballer want to fire a laser? (Well yes as it turns out)

But overall, that’s all nonsense, there are so many other factors to be taken into consideration and every one of those factors are different for every single individual person.

But the one thing that does worry me about Paintballing and that is its link to folks becoming wankers or office workers or both.




2 thoughts on “Week 256 – Invading Illuminati, Imbalance And Pastimes For Pricks.”

  1. No one I know would want unearned advancement.Everyone has the same rights; both sexes and all races have the same percentage of the sharp and the dull. Let’s just get on with doing the right thing and choosing the best people and shutting the hell up about it.
    Of course there seems to be a fundamental human desire to have someone to hate. I’m speaking of the increasing hostility and condescension toward the “Old People.” I guess you have equal rights until you are seventy or so. Just listen to the lame humor of drive time radio programs, sometime. Nearly every butt of every mean joke is someone who really cannot defend him or herself. I hear this and think about my grandmother. And I wonder “why we are like this?”


    1. Hi Leila,
      I totally agree with best person for job no matter who they are.
      Regarding older folks and the attitudes of the younger:
      I remember something my dad said to me on his 50th birthday when I was winding him up. I stated that he’d have to be buying his doctor flowers for his next visit. (When a male hits 50 here, he is given a prostate exam) He looked at me and said, ‘Just remember what I’ve got to go through, so have you.’
      It makes you realise that we are all in a queue for a whole lot of unpleasantness so we should have some respect for those further up the line!
      Thanks as always, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the comments.


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