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Week 253 – Unavailable Fables, A Taste Of Ointment And A Deceit Of Politicians.

The year is flying by and we are now at Week 253.

I was on holiday a few weeks back and stayed in a couple of hotels. It was weird to see that there were no bibles. Not that I wanted a bible mind, there was plenty of toilet paper but I just think that it is a bit sad for those who want to read some bibley stuff. You’ll may have noticed that I’m not the most religious person but what I did think was a sorry state of affairs was when Churches first started being padlocked at night. If you are of a notion and you want a wee pray then that option should always be open to you.

I can be very blasphemous and a right tit when it comes to my opinion on religion but weirdly enough I do have a respect for anyone who believes. I used to work in an Old Peoples Home and every Wednesday the local Ministers took their turns to give a service about a God, the boy and a spectre who had been shot a few times. I would never go into the lounge where it was held, I stood guard on the outside to deter disruptive elements like any tea seeking old dear. Well, that was my excuse. I don’t believe and my head would go on fire if I tried to say a prayer. My ears would bleed listening to the hymns, as let’s be honest, they are shite. Jesus was no John Lennon!

But the main reason that I didn’t go in was I felt that it was very disrespectful for me to do so. I might have been tempted with a Catholic Service, not because I am one but to get a mouthful of dubious wine as I hated that job. Drugs and alcohol made it a tad more sufferable.

The old folks enjoyed the services but I think they were point scoring just in case it was their last Amen.

A lot of what I write goes against some folks sensitivity and for that I really don’t apologise. I know I have mentioned this many a time but every day I find it so pathetic how sensitive kids are. The poor souls have been subjected to all the PC pish that they have started to believe it is more important than individuality and free speech. I saw something on the internet the other day that stated something that I hadn’t thought of but is so true:

How come a generation that grew up with ‘South Park’ and ‘Family Guy’ can be so fucking sensitive?

If you thought about everyone that you could upset you’d never stop thinking and you’d say nothing.

I think the best way to go is to assume that you have upset someone and not give a flying fuck about it.

Onto this week’s stories.

We had three new writers for your reading pleasure. We welcome them all, hope that they have a long association with us and most importantly, we hope to see more of their work.

The other two spaces were filled in by me and an author who was being published for the sixth time.

Our topics this week include; A fear, feedback, obsession, a loss and personal history.

As always our initial comments follow.


First up was me with ‘Skye Jim McKay

I would suggest anyone try a malt whisky from Skye but you may need to persevere as it is a very acquired taste. And watch what you are doing with it as some of them can be really quite powerful. The connoisseurs will explain that it tastes of peat. The folks who taste if for the first time normally shout, ‘It tastes of Germolene or TCP!”

They are right and I must enjoy the taste TCP or Germolene!

Thanks as always to Diane and Nik and anyone who reads my stories.


On Tuesday we had our first new writer.

Marcella Hunyadi was next up with ‘Hands‘.

‘The MC’s past will always be with her no matter how she tries to ignore or get over it.’

‘Him being hesitant works well.’

‘Due to her history even a potential opportunity is looked at negatively.’


Harrison Kim broke the back of the week with, ‘The Caiman Hide Boots‘, this was his sixth story for us. Check them out, Harrison always gives us interesting work that leaves you with plenty to think on.

‘His mental problems are never fully revealed but his fixations gave him a logic to live by.’

‘There are many good lines throughout this and at the end, we are left with a little touch of goodness.’

‘This doesn’t glorify or judge, it just tells the story of a man who is trying to deal with his complexities.’


Our next new author was published on Thursday.

Yawp‘ by Jude Atwood was our second last story of the week.

‘The mix of the revues and the ones telling the story was well done.’

‘I wondered if the structure would work all the way through, it did and was very entertaining.’

‘So well thought out and delivered beautifully.’


And we finished off on Friday with ‘Look‘ by Simon Bell.

Simon has worked hard at his story telling and we were delighted to see this published.

‘A story of hope triumphing over despair.’

‘This touched a nerve with me.’

‘Well written and a topic that will resonate.’


Another seven days bites the dust.

I apologise to the one or two of you who read this regularly as the next couple of paragraphs must get a bit boring. Skip them if you want and have a wee song to yourself.

The usual reminders guys.

Please keep the comments coming, it keeps the site alive.

And have a go at the Sunday Re-run. It was a bit different this week and fair play to Leila for thinking outside the box.

But for anyone who wants a go, all you need to do is pick an older story that you’ve enjoyed and write either a spiel or an introduction about it. Throw in a couple of questions for the writer and we will publish exactly what you send us.

Well by the time this is published, us here in Britain will have a new government. Or maybe another go for the old government. I’m so underwhelmed.

I am a floating non-voter; I float from knowing that they are all a bunch of lying, incompetent, expense whore bastards to being positive that they are all a bunch of lying, incompetent expense whore bastards.

No matter what it won’t do me any good so I will give whoever is successful on Thursday my worst wishes. And to the losers, I send them my worst wishes as well.



Image by Josep Monter Martinez from Pixabay

6 thoughts on “Week 253 – Unavailable Fables, A Taste Of Ointment And A Deceit Of Politicians.”

    1. Hi Leila,
      To us oppressed race of Scottish folks, it didn’t really matter who we voted for as the arithmetic is always in favour of the English vote.
      A percentage here or there means a lot to some folks and of course they should have an opinion. But me, well a percentage here or there means nothing. Why should I vote to give someone an income of around eighty grand? By doing so, I am empowering them not to have a fucking clue what it is like to live like those whom a percentage here or there means nothing.
      But I am happy – I will continue to moan about the twats that are in and the pricks that aren’t.
      Thanks for instigating a rant – I feel better!!


  1. Yes, I wonder what happened to “The Gideons.” They were the ones who distributed those hotel Bibles. I first lost my awe of churches when one was hit by an earthquake. “How could a powerful God allow that?” I thought. “There’s something rather odd at work here.” Looking on the bright side, the Salvation Army was always good to me, and I didn’t mind the service. One ironic thing I’ve noticed is the saying “Yes, there is free speech, but it has consequences” among those who agree with someone losing their job or being disciplined for something he or she has said. One of my favorite authors is George Orwell with his book “Animal Farm.” “1984” is excellent too, just a tad serious though for a Sunday afternoon read.


    1. Hi Harrison,
      I came across the Sally Army quite a lot and yep, they did a lot of excellent work for the homeless. What was brilliant was their food parcels as it wasn’t just the basics, they threw in the odd wee treat which made all the difference,
      To be fair there was also the CIA – Not your lot! But Churches In Action. They were a mixture of churches patrons who also could be called if someone was looking for food or a hygiene pack. Their hearts were in the right place but they were coming into an environment that they thought they understood but they didn’t have a clue about. And I respected them even more for that!!
      1984 is a very sore point – I was forced to read it at school and all that did was cause resentment!
      Thanks as always for all your involvement on the site!


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