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Literally Reruns – The Saturday Recap By Literally Stories Editors Past and Present Every Seventh Day

Oh Oh – Can open – worms everywhere:

Rerun/Special Feature – The Saturday Recap

By Literally Stories Editors Past and Present Every Seventh Day

I know what you’re thinking: “So, this schmuck has finally run out of rerun ideas.” To which I must reply that I have as many rerun ideas as I have haters and rejections. For example, the “declined” section in my Submittable account is twice as long as the signature book in Hell. Although there remains hundreds of worthy LS stories just itching to get back in the spotlight, once in a while it is a good thing to air a “Special Episode,” if only for the sake of taking a swipe at my haters and rejectors.

The Saturday recap has been with the site since its inception. Early recaps were mostly a summary of the week’s tales, which all got a pat on the head as they marched single file into the vault. Since then, or, at least, for the past couple of years, Ed. Hugh Cron has done nearly all the recaps. Although each one still contains the summary of the week’s tales, the sweet pat on the head, and the single file march into the vault, the weekly post has evolved into monologue which has sometimes attracted the attention of the haters and the rejectors. Let’s have Mr. Cron (and anyone else in the Tower) answer a few queries.


Q: Once in a while you catch, well, shit, for your Saturday posts. Which post caused you the most grief–also, which post brought you the most satisfaction?”

Q: Please explain the process you follow to have the Saturday recap ready on time, since it is the only bit of business in the site which has a deadline.

Q: To Diane: Has there ever been a heading pic you oh so wanted to use but figured that it probably wouldn’t be worth the resulting hell you’d catch from the haters and rejectors?

Leila Allison


Question 3 (Diane)

So many times I have lost count. I think that sometimes Hugh writes the post and then sits at his computer with a glass of single malt, smirking – wondering – nay chuckling at the conundrum he has set me.

Mind you one of the worst things is when – on a Wednesday or Thursday we get the little message ‘that’s it there guys’ and that welcome little missive is followed by ‘sorry Diane’ – They are the times I want to run and hide!!!

Question 1 (Hugh)

Surprisingly we haven’t had much fanging when it comes to the Saturday Post. If it was  solely directed at me, I would be more than happy to reply.

The posting with the most grief is not one that I have written, it’s one that I want to. It would be a Royal Family / Royal supporter match up with a bit of MP / Church depravity thrown in. I’ve touched on these subjects before but held back on thoughts of death wishes, mental competence, graphic incestuous imagery and balloons.

We do publish almost every comment but on occasions if there is some personal comment regarding any of our writers we will notify them and ask what they want us to do. If it is directed at us, well we can all put across a valid argument. (Nik and Diane can, I find a ‘Fuck off and get over yerself’ is as good a retort as any!!)

I have two filters that I rely on. One is Gwen, the other is Diane. They both know me well enough to be able to say if something is a bit too OTT. It has happened on only a couple of occasions and I am glad that they question and point out. If this was only about consequence to me, I wouldn’t ask or listen but because there are so many folks to consider, they are two very level headed and intelligent ladies to give me the odd voice of reason when needed.

My favourite posts are any that I get an initial reaction off of my fellow editors.  If they mention that I have made a good point about something I am pleased. If they state that I made them laugh, I am pleaseder.

Question 2 (Hugh)

I normally try and get the post in by a Thursday as this gives Diane some time to find an image, edit my mistakes and set it up. (Setting anything up and being in the innards of the site causes me furious rage as fuck all works for me. It also causes Nik and Diane to reach for the Prozac due to my idiot-man type abilities whilst in the innards of the site!) I have to be honest, apart from the re-cap of the stories, I don’t really know what I am going to write until I start to type. But I seem to have a knack for talking pish for a thousand words. I reckon in a past life I was a DJ. (Oh – Not the pervy kiddie fiddler type I might add. I hate kids and would never want to be close enough to give them a kiss. (Too far Diane?????) (Triple brackets – Who knew they could work?))

Question 3 (Hugh)

I just wanted to add:

Diane can take the crux of any story and find a suitable image – She does this brilliantly!

She can also avoid, deflect and sometimes simply ignore the most obvious nasty image that is begging to be used due to my pure arseholeness – She  does this even more brilliantly!!!!

I try every sodding week to think on a posting that will give her no choice.

Leila – Thank you so much for the questions. It has been a helluva lot of fun answering them!



And there you have it – this – this is what we are faced with!!! We love it actually and never know what he’s going to do next and how far he’s going to try and go before we lasso him and bring him back. – 🙂 dd

6 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – The Saturday Recap By Literally Stories Editors Past and Present Every Seventh Day”

    1. Hi Leila,
      I was catching up on the comments and just wanted to thank you again for this. You’re thinking out of the box is very entertaining!!


    1. Hi Harrison,
      Thanks so much for the comments.
      Offending can be fun but watching those take offence is hysterical.
      I can argue about most topics just for the hell of it and no-one can push my buttons to get a reaction. The older I get the more I realise that there isn’t that much worth giving a shit about!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I just want you to know that in the near future and likely more than once thereafter, I intend to hand off first drafts and quarrelsome stories (or chapters) to editors, beta readers and trusted others with the instruction: “Please… The enclosed is something that needs a good fanging.” I expect they will take my full and precise meaning and respond with honesty, wit, valour, and skill.

    Thank you, dear LS for equipping me thus, with a word nonpareil. I like all words that make Grammarly squirm uncomfortably in its haughty little digital seat.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Mitch,
      No matter what you give them carte blanche to do, it all comes down to opinion.
      When the writing is smooth and the story is understood it is simply about what one person thinks.
      In life you need to get those jeans that fit you well, that beer you love and if you’re lucky, that publisher that gets your stories.
      Great to see you around the site!
      All the very best my friend.


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