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Week 251 – Remembering, Forgetting And Distasteful Mucus.

Well here we are at Week 251.

There was no need to think on any inspiration this week, it found me.

First off I need to thank Nik for standing in last Saturday, he did a grand job. Nik has also had some input into this weeks posting. Diane stood back and sighed. (I’d have judged her if she hadn’t) I’ve still got my knack of repelling the ladies!!

When we get an email in, we discuss the content but sometimes we go off on tangents. There may have been something in it that made a memory say hello. This happened this week. We began to discuss what we could remember from school and some of the nonsense that went with it.

We all know some of the grammatical rules, like:

‘i before e except after c’ (Is not capitalising them grammatically correct?)

Never type any form of profanity between ‘A’ and ‘Men’.

Practice and Practise – The ‘ice’ is the noun.

Subject – Verb – Object

Bastard before Fuck when Fuck is a person.

…That sort of thing.

So this started us thinking about acronyms and suchlike and what we could remember and how we remembered, here’s what we came up with:

SOHCAHTOA – Salt On Chips Are Horrible To Our Appetite. That makes more sense than any trigonometry formulas as Nik couldn’t remember which way up the triangle had to be.

1789 – A sequence and ‘sequence’ is a French word, as is, ‘revolution’.

How to spell Adidas – A Durex Is Disposable And Safe.

Another way to spell Adidas – All Day I Dream About Sex.

Y For Right – When setting up the yellow, green and brown snooker balls.

HiPPO – This is to be avoided as it is a Highly Paid Person’s Opinion

How to relieve a bee sting – It’s the opposite. You need some Baking Soda. You would think that wasps are the acidic wee fucks but they’re not.

One Minute to Six – The year Guinness was born – 1759. Rabbie Burns liked a drink and he was born then too.

From there, we went onto insults at school and for the life of me, I can’t remember why but we ended up discussing banners in marches that wouldn’t be allowed but I can’t go there because as I said, we wouldn’t be allowed! (Oh and we’re not talking about any of the mutants from either side who disgrace their towns and cities every July. They should all be banned, not for their beliefs but for them simply being bigoted tits.)

It’s actually quite funny when you contemplate who is worse, those who provoke or those who react? They would cancel each other out if nothing were acted on.

Anyhow, we got a lot of mileage out of that email from some Prince who wanted us to transfer funds from The Literally Stories Petty Cash Tin due to his loss of earnings.

I don’t know why this has come into my head but next week’s post will be about dead paedophiles and their participating lying bastard privileged friends.

OK, onto this the stories.

We had three new writers, a returning author and me.

To all our new folks, we welcome them, hope they have a long association with us and most importantly, enjoy the site.

Our topics this week include; A Blackout, longevity, a quandary, conscience and a camping trip.

As always our initial comments follow.


I was first up on Monday with ‘Impact‘.

I’ve said on many occasions that I am shite at titles. It was just when I was writing this that I realised that ‘Hair Of The Dog’ would have been a lot better.

Anyhow, I need to thank Diane and Nik for their initial reaction to this story.


On Tuesday our first new writer was showcased.

12 Nudes‘ was JWGoll’s first story for us.

‘It was almost as if the experience had made a deep impression and left the narrator slightly off than usual.’

‘There was a vivid sense of place about this.’

‘I thought the ranger character was very well done.’


On Wednesday we had our second new writer.

Will Isenberg broke the back of the week with ‘Dipper.’

‘I enjoyed how Will has totally reversed the romantic notion of starlight.’

‘The images that are conjured are good.’

‘There was a bit of dark humour in this that I enjoyed.’


Our returning author was Matthew Roy Davey.

Fast Train To Burton‘ was his offering on Thursday.

‘We were given just enough back story for us to understand the reasoning.’

‘The situation was very well portrayed.’

‘Well drawn characters.’


And we finished off on Friday with our last new writer.

Frank Beyer was next up with ‘New Zealand’s Immortal Citizen.’

‘This questioned what can be bought and how that affects others.’

‘The natural death was actually quite hopeful.’

‘Once you read this and process it, you realise how well balanced it is.’


Well that’s us for another week.

Just the usual reminders, please keep commenting and don’t get disheartened if you feel as if you’re a lone voice. You probably are one of a few but we appreciate you all!!

We still want to hear from those shy folks – Let us hear, well read your voice.

And why not have a go at the Sunday Re-Run. Find an older story that you have enjoyed, write a spiel or an introduction and throw in a few questions for the author. We’ll print exactly what you send us.

Just to finish off folks, this is the season where we get even more irritating adverts.

The one all the saps go ‘Awwww’ for here, is about a girl who befriends a dragon even though it keeps setting things on fire. She helps him be loved as she gives him the Christmas Pudding to light for the village feast.

This isn’t cute or ‘Awww’ inspiring. All it’s done is to encourage toddlers all throughout Britain to put on their dragon onesy and snotter over the family Christmas Pudding as they pretend to be that dragon.

…Not a glaze you would want on your dessert!



I think Hugh and Nik thought I was being superior not joining in with the happy reminiscences about school – truth was it’s so bloody long since I was there I’m hard pressed to even remember it happened. That isn’t helped by the fact that they knocked it down, that and the church I was married in and the house I was born in. I think the universe is trying to obliterate any record of my presence !!! Ha – good luck with that then!!! I’ve got kids!!!



Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Week 251 – Remembering, Forgetting And Distasteful Mucus.”

  1. MEN: Moderately Entertaining Nonsense.
    KIDS: Killers (of) Intellect, Dreams (and) Sobriety.
    Example of a palindrome assaulting another palindrome with a palindrome: “Hannah pop Anna.”
    Previous example may also be interpreted as something dirty if you have THAT kind of mind.


    1. Hi Leila,
      Liked the palindrome.
      I suppose ‘pop’ is the verb as is many a questionable activity!
      Thanks as always, love to read your comments!


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