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Week 246 – Hot Legs – No More, Sailing – Some More And Oct 31st – Loads More!

I read this week that Rod Stewart was removing some of his songs from his latest concert as they were sexist and not appropriate for this day and age. I really hope he keeps ‘The Killing Of Georgie’ without changing the lyrics to:

‘Georgie Boy was fluid I guess, nothing more, nothing less’!

I think this is a very depressing development. Any art conveys not only what the artist wants to say personally, it portrays the social history and commentary of the time.

I’m never really outraged by any lyrics (Except god save the queen) but there are a few that I think on.

Queen’s – ‘Is This The World We Created’, John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ Fergal Sharkey’s ‘A Good Heart’ and anyone singing, ‘The Green Fields Of France’ all have amazing lyrics and they make me contemplate.

Although I only include Mr Sharkey for the one line – ‘My expectations may be high, I blame that on my youth’.

That is an absolute belter!

All of these songs, I do listen to the lyrics. However, most songs don’t bother me in what they say as I attach a memory to them. Well most – I reckon the words to Terry Jack’s ‘Season In The Sun’ made me think about death. I’m not sure if I was a very fucked up seven year old or a very astute critic of such a terrible song.

I think most of us over forty-five could equate a song to every meaningful event in our lives. There would also be a list of other reminiscing tied to specific songs. I only need to hear a few bars of certain songs and memories come flooding back.

As usual for this day and age there is a weird imbalance of lack of tolerance and hypocrisy. If we really want to remove something that is out-dated, incestuous, sexist, bigoted and oppressive, we really should look at the bible. Big ‘Rod The Mod’ singing ‘Hot Legs’ is pale in comparison.

Oh I suppose that there are those folks who would argue that this is not a work of fiction. Of course it’s not. Medical advances have shortened life spans. A Pensioner could make a boat the size of a country. They could travel to places that hadn’t been discovered and collect all the non-deadly animals as well as the deadly. Rounding them up and bringing them back wouldn’t be a problem as it is never mentioned that it is.

I think the damage the rain would do is over exaggerated as a consistent downpour for forty days and forty nights is just over five weeks of normality in Scotland.

Mr Stewart is taking the censorship of his songs on himself. I just hope that there will never be any establishment involvement. Books should never be touched, even that fucked up one of fables. Leave it in the time that it is set or written. If idiots want to water down their content and ignore real issues today – that is up to that specific fuckwit. But to ignore addressing what shouldn’t happen doesn’t mean it won’t. It just means as a writer you are being naive and blinkered at the best and you’re being dishonest to anyone who reads your work in the future.

OK, onto this week’s stories.

We have two very active story tellers and three new folks.

The usual welcome to those first timers on the site. We hope that they have fun and a long association with us. And as always, we are looking forward to seeing more of their work.

Our topics this week include; An opportunity, hockey, parenting, a return and arms.

As always, our initial comments follow.


First up was Tom Sheehan. The writing machine that he is has now had 92 stories published on our site.

It was an honour to publish, ‘No Edge To Glory‘ on Monday.

‘The MC and the newspaper editor were interesting and well drawn characters.’

‘You just know that Tom gets lost in his writing!’

‘This flows effortlessly.’


Our first new writer was next up on Tuesday.

Take Him To A Better Place‘ was written by Chris Benjamin.

‘I thought the ending of him going to take care of his wife was an excellent parallel to his beliefs on his weakest player.’

‘This was a well observed comment on one of the more difficult things about being a parent.’

‘There was quite a bit of depth to this.’


Our second new writer was Kika Dorsey, she broke the back of the week on Wednesday with ‘My Guns‘.

‘This was constant but the flow was excellent.’

‘The MC was likeable even though some of the things that she did were unpleasant.’

‘Simply told but we still got an understanding of them.’


Next up was another old friend.

Dave Henson had his nineteenth story for us.

We published ‘Bird’s Syndrome‘ on Thursday.

‘Dave’s imagination at its best.’

‘Very well done and the rantings of the father were heart-rending.’

‘The mother plucking out the feathers was understated but quite gruesome.’


And we finished off on Friday with Michael Sherrin. His story, ‘Brought back‘ completed the week.

‘I liked the question of ‘Why them?’ when they returned as it replaced our ‘Why them?’ when someone dies.’

‘This is an unsettling premise and I like the idea that there are still unanswered questions.’

‘This is a different scenario but so familiar with a helluva lot to think on.’


Well that’s another round-up rounded up.

Same as always folks – Please keep the comments coming.

And why not send us in a spiel for the Sunday Re-run. Just pick an older story that you enjoyed, type up an introduction and throw in a few questions for the writer.

Just to finish off I see that there have been two new entries into the Collins Dictionary.


Brexit: An eternal outcome of incompetence and lying.

Democracy: Majority rule as long as the establishment doesn’t disagree.

All that is happening is our professional liars and talkers continue to lie and talk. Every fucking one of them should fall on their swords.

However, our beloved leader will achieve something in the coming week. A representative from the Guinness Book of Records is following him about as they are monitoring his attempt to beat May’s repetition on stating that we are leaving The European Union on a specific date.



Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

13 thoughts on “Week 246 – Hot Legs – No More, Sailing – Some More And Oct 31st – Loads More!”

  1. I have no more desire to listen to a neutered Rod Stewart than I had for gazing into the eyes of a permanently subdued Randall McMurphy (Thank God Chief ended that party). Anyway, really, Rock and Roll belongs to the young at heart (age doesn’t so much matter); those who still have the gall and disregard to be natural. Fuck cutting and measuring to the public taste. This is what happens when you begin decades of coasting along as a corporate blowboy nostalgia act. Ask yourself this: When was the last time that somebody like McCartney, Stewart, or the Stones released a memorable song? Certainly not this century.


    1. Hi Leila,
      I wonder what a neutered BeeGee would sound like?
      I think all the dogs within a twenty mile radius would be running for cover.
      I reckon music went downhill from 1986. Sure there have been some good songs and some good albums but nothing close to the numbers and quality from their predecessors.
      Thanks as always!!


      1. For me, music went downhill when The Bee Gees went disco. Their early songs such as NY Mining Disaster still wear it well (as RS might say). “My expectations may be high, I blame that on my youth” is a great line. Is that Mr. Sharkey as in Ringo?


  2. Thanks Diane for finding that perfect image.
    It emphasises the point that I was making.
    When you look at the size of that Ark, you would be lucky to get two Unicorns and two Griffins in it never mind a couple of Phoenixs. Those animals, as per my understanding, ran free in these times. Facts are facts folks. Seemingly if you believe it must be true.
    One wee question though, which one of the people shown was Darwin??


  3. Hi Dave,
    (Weird but the ‘reply’ function has disappeared from your comment box.) – Hope you read this.
    Anyhow, regarding The Beegees, there is no denying that they have written some amazing songs. But I really don’t like the falsetto voice.
    It’s like the songs of REM – I think they are amazing but I just don’t like Michael Stipes voice. Whereas ‘Hue And Cry’, I loved the voices but not the songs.
    The Mr Sharkey I mentioned was Fergal Sharkey. He started off with ‘The Undertones’ but did some solo work. That line comes from the song, ‘A Good Heart.’
    He sang what I now realise!!!
    Thanks as always.
    All the very best my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hmmm, that’s weird about Rod Stewart, but he’s an old man now so now maybe better he doesn’t sing “D’ya Think I’m Sexy?” Cat Stevens was another guy who self censored for years, as he did not believe people should play music at all. Ideological trends come and go, I guess, and Cat finally decided music wasn’t so bad, so he’s back singing and playing. Anyway, I continue to enjoy the varied stories on the site. Onward and Upward to week 247.


    1. Hi Harrison,
      It’s strange to think on an artist self-censoring as it is their work and they can do with what they want.
      But there is a part of me that thinks if you are going to be ashamed or uncomfortable with anything that you did, you didn’t consider it enough at the time.
      But hey-ho – Hindsight and all that would make us all less human and the world a bit more boring…Bad choices give the rest of us a wee laugh!!
      Thanks as always my friend.


  5. Thanks for the warning. I will lock my doors when I play Rod Stewart CDs.
    I read in one of the papers today that ‘trigger warnings’ are given to university students studying literature.
    They have to patronise these youngsters in case they feel offended. Examples of Little Red Riding Hood – they have to be warned about the Wolf eating a human and getting its head chopped off. In Snow White, the Queen is intent on murder. They are told that the University does not condone such behaviour
    I don’t remember being squeamish about these stories. Although the “Three Little Pig” tale did upset me – the idea of the house being filled with smoke was just too realistic.

    I wonder if this was fake news?


    1. Hi James,
      When you think on it, the ‘protection’ our kids get from ‘negative’ and ‘unacceptable’ images and situations should leave them happy and well adjusted. There is no comparison to the ridicule, brutality and negativity that we simply lived with.
      So why are some of them more insecure, confused, bullied, mentally ill, helpless, clueless, naive and selfish??
      And I’m not saying that some of our generation aren’t fucked up but that manifests itself in a totally different way.
      Between the two ways of rearing, which is the better preparation for life???
      Thanks as always my friend!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am afraid our society caters to the lowest denominator – not a bad thing, but a bit patronising. We now have gender neutral toilets with urinals. I held back and did not follow a woman into what was before only the gents. I have to laugh.


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