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Week 242 – Russ Abbott, An Extreme Kapelophile And United Kingdom Is A Contradiction Of Terms

And following on from Week 241, here we are at Week 242.

That number is a palindrome.

That’s not very interesting but it makes you wonder why palindrome is spelt that way.

Thinking on a palindrome makes you consider plagiarism and whether you should borrow or rob?

That’s as high brow as I’m going to get, I’ve a section coming up where a guy wants to shag his hat and he hasn’t even had the decency to kiss it first – So normal service resumed.

We mention a lot about tone / atmosphere when reviewing and I began to wonder how you actually set out to do this.

A few of my stories, I reckon I’ve got a bit of atmosphere into them but I haven’t a Scooby how I did it. I will admit that it is a happy coincidence or more than likely, completely accidental.

I’m not very good at writing description and it can bore me so I’m not sure if that is the main ingredient.

I’ve no imagination either and I can only write what I know, that’s why I’m terrible at porn and even worse at romance.

Maybe it’s word choice?

But my vocabulary isn’t vast, it’s limited to around seventeen words and fifteen of them are profanities. (I actually had to think on the words for a sound knowledge of words – Maybe like atmosphere, irony just happens!!)

I reckon that if you make the situation realistic in whatever way that the story needs – Then maybe the atmosphere follows organically.

Christ – No wonder I never think about what I write, I would get nowhere fast.

I’ll need to set myself a challenge on atmosphere.

A riverbank with a purple hue, with rolling fog and electricity in the air. Maybe a mysterious foreign guy with a suit (We’ve been getting a lot of suit references lately) who has an air of mystery about him and there is some sexual tension between him and his fedora.

Sod the atmosphere thing – It’s too much work!!

I was just wondering:

Do any of you who write ever think about atmosphere first?

Does it just find its way into your stories naturally?

Or do you go out your way to add it when the main component of the story is written down?

Just a few questions if anyone wants to answer.

OK, onto the stories.

We had two new authors. A writer with his 5th outing for us and Mr Sheehan who is now on story number 88!

Topics this week include; A closure, accommodating, fashion and a scam.

As always our initial comments follow.

Just the usual welcomes to those who are new to the site. We hope that they have fun, a long association with us and more importantly – That they send us more of their work.

Our story on Monday has been removed at the author’s request.

On Tuesday we had Tom. He is quite the ever-present at the moment. He was next up with ‘R&R In The Poconos‘.

‘No soppiness, just real affection and mutual respect.’

‘A story with a mix of reminiscing and present events written beautifully.’

‘Old comrades make for interesting stories.’


Vartika Sharma broke the back of the week with, ‘The Girl With Sealed Vagina‘.

‘I was almost moved to tears – What a brave piece of writing.’

The irony is beautiful. Man’s domination being taken away due to the choice of women closing up their genitalia.’

‘This would piss off a lot of people from certain countries – I like that!!’


On Thursday we had returning author Fernando Meisenhater. He was next up with ‘The End Of Time.’

‘Her repetition on them being good people was an emphasis on the questionable.’

‘It’s weird to accept that she only ‘cheated’ for the successful students.’

‘It was a life loop that was only ever going to change to something worse.’


And we finished off on Friday with our last new writer.

Mark Benedict completed our stories this week with ‘ The Womb Is A Careless Weaver.’

‘She was a bit of two things but a part of none.’

‘This had a charm to it. It was very easy to enjoy.’

‘She had a love for things that no-one would allow her access to. That’s a bit sad.’


Well that’s the round up done and dusted for another week folks.

Just the usual reminders.

Please keep the comments coming. I’m hoping one day to get everyone who has commented commenting on the same day.

And remember about the Sunday Re-Run. Pick an older story that you have enjoyed, write a spiel or an introduction and throw in a couple of questions for the author. We’ll print exactly what you send us.

As I am writing this I am listening to the news.

I would like to pass onto all our American friends that no matter what they think about their politics or leader, they must never take any criticism from anyone from Britain.

The mess we are in is hysterical. Oh and I don’t blame one side, the same problems would be there no matter who was in office.

Don’t you just love the arrogance of those in charge? We have had a judgement from the highest court in the land that uses the word unlawful but no fucker is accountable. And I’d have ‘her in the big house’ as an accessory. In the life of the lowlife we are dictated to that ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law but as always in Britain, privilege has a habit of dictating ‘Don’t do as I do, do as I say.’

It is getting that bad that the Government are looking to Thomas Cook for advice.

A spokesman for Thomas Cook stated, ‘Even we couldn’t fuck it up any worse.’



Image by Felix Mittermeier from Pixabay


1 thought on “Week 242 – Russ Abbott, An Extreme Kapelophile And United Kingdom Is A Contradiction Of Terms”

  1. I see atmosphere as setting “place” immediately and quickly and never mentioning it again.
    “A five-by-twenty whorehouse mirror ran the length of the bar. On the shelves lay large jars of pigs’ feet and deviled eggs, which on hot afternoons seemed to swell to a point just below detonation.” That’s enough. On to what happens.

    Liked by 2 people

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