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Week 238 – Writing From The Nasty, Writing With My Buddies And ‘You’re Going To Put That Where?’

Here we are at Week 238.

Yet again, the number is as interesting as listening to a conversation about moisturising. And before anyone thinks I’m being sexist, I’m not. Not being gender specific is an even sadder state of affairs.

My inspiration for this weeks posting fell back into the world of words.

I was reading an article about writers and their traits. There is a common theme and that is many are introverted. They need to be comfortable with their own company. It is obvious as the discipline is a very solitary activity.

There is nothing worse when you are trying to get a point across than someone yapping at you. That little bit of irritation should be embraced, if you can’t tolerate it, there are only so many times your beloved will put up with, ‘Shut the fuck up!!!!’ before they hit you with something sore.

I think those who have many, many, many social problems should take up writing, it would give them a hobby and an excuse for their behaviour. For example:


– No-one cares about my Fish Odour Syndrome, I am alone because I write.

– Writing is why I stopped taking a shower. I don’t know if that was before or after there was no-one there to notice.

– I am 54 and still live with my mother. But I am a writer and she is the only one who understands that I need to be alone. Except at bath-time.

– I arrange all my friends around the typewriter and insist on silence. They comply. They’re dead.

– My main character is a virgin who has no friends. That is the only reason that I am a virgin with no friends.

– I don’t care what anyone says, I’m not a cunt, I choose to be alone with my writing.

– I will not share my laptop with anyone – I call her Genevieve. We are getting married. We have to.

– I’ve eaten all my friends.


If anyone recognises themselves in the above list – Please don’t tell us! You’ll either need to write a best-seller as the successful are classed as eccentric or seek out some sort of medication and professional help because you have serious problems and honestly, none of them are quirky.

I am an exception, I’m never alone when I write, I have Ron, Jack and Johnnie to keep me company. Sometimes they are all in the same glass.

They inspire and make me sleepy at the same time.

OK, onto the stories.

We had our most prolific writer, a returning author and three new folks showcased this week.

Our topics included; Day-dreams, watching, leaving it to others, abuse and conversing owls.

As always our initial comments follow.


First up was the legend himself. Mr Tom Sheehan started us off on Monday with, ‘A Secret Study Of Jack Wilkens, Drunk.’

‘I do believe that Tom can enchant.’

‘Tom’s style is unusual for today but it is worth every ounce of effort.’

‘There is almost some sort of mystery to this.’


Ed Kratz had his second story published on Tuesday.

Hopefully he will be adding to his back catalogue very soon.

Olivia’s Escape‘ was next up.

‘It’s hard not to be moved.’

‘It was a clever take on this, to have all the perceptions from the MC.’

‘The panic, confusion and desperation were particularly well done.’


Our next three writers are all new to the site.

We welcome them, hope they have fun and we ask them to continue to send us their work.

The first newster was Melissa Prideaux, she broke the back of the week with, ‘The Hanging Mum’.

‘You could feel the despair. In fact, you could feel the bravery to carry on.’

‘Melissa really did delve into some darkness.’

‘The MC had a way of coping but the struggle was always there.’


Fara Ling was next up with ‘Daily Bread‘ which was published on Thursday.

‘Very sparse and matter-of-fact which really does add to the point being made.’

‘A poignant piece that tugs at our own guilt.’

‘The guys from the burger van were the only ones who came out with any saving grace – But even they didn’t really check on the boy.’


And we finished off on Friday with Yamna Khan’s, ‘The Amaryllis.’

‘I enjoyed the tone and the imagery.’

‘The owls spoke but we didn’t get any dialogue!’

‘There is a bit of mystique to Yamna’s story. I enjoyed it very much.’


Well that’s the round up, well and truly rounded up.

The usual reminders folks.

Please keep the comments coming. It does our hearts proud to see the life you all put into the site.

And why not have a go at the Sunday Re-Run feature. Just pick an older story that you have enjoyed, write a spiel or introduction and throw in a couple of questions for the author. We will print exactly what you send us.

Well, I will leave you all to your laptops and type writers. It’s a lonely life but all of us have to do it.

One last thing though folks…No matter how lonely you get, don’t join a dating agency for writers. Your match will be judging you, competing with you and using you as inspiration for one of their character’s in their new story.

If you think all has went well and you are feeling a bit amorous, ask them what happens in their book before you go any further. I can assure you, they won’t be simply looking to get their jollies, they will probably be looking for a reaction to a specific deviance.

‘Death By Marrow’ will have nothing to do with over-eating!



6 thoughts on “Week 238 – Writing From The Nasty, Writing With My Buddies And ‘You’re Going To Put That Where?’”

  1. This is the sort of life experiences I have:
    At four AM both of my nine-year-old cats simultaneously entered their second kittenhoods. My room is a Stonehenge of books. One cat chased the other on to one stack of fifty, which toppled it into a second stack of fifty and sent that into the next stack of fifty and so on and so on until about six hundred volumes lay strewn all over the place. None of the three of us even blinked at the event. So far not one of the three of us have bothered to reassemble Stonehenge.
    All writers live lives of disquieting disrepair. That’s why we know that even the rottenmost cat or dog or parakeet or lemur is probably better than the best person.


    1. Hi Leila,
      If you accept cats you must accept the carnage!
      Only idiots are surprised about the wreckage that used to be their homes.
      Thanks as always for all your input!


  2. Indeed, I am an introvert. I love my friends – for short periods of time. Then I want to rush home to my “thoughts”. Not sure why I need to “think” so much, but I do. About everything. To my detriment. Things like “are dogs really alien beings sent to earth to save us?” or ” are my physical symptoms dangerous” or even “is my whole world situated inside of a single cell in another being” and “if I face forward, is everything behind me a blank canvas, a vacuum, that comes together when I turn around?” If I was raised to believe blue is blue and you think blue is blue and we agree that blue is blue……BUT – what if what I see is not blue? What if I was just TAUGHT to believe it’s blue? Maybe it’s not the blue that you see but I do? And what a hoot it would be to teach children that blue is yellow and purple is brown? Do we see the colors differently through the particular, unique cells in our own eyes? Is Oz really green? Are my teeth?……okay, I need to get out today for a while.


    1. Hi Sharon,
      We do accept a lot from teaching. And if we go out to prove the teachings, the evidence that we need is what we have been told through more teaching.
      I was taught that we need to breathe to live, I’m not so sure but everytime I get close to proving this wrong, I black out – Not die I might add – Just black out…Makes you think!
      Thanks so much for your comments!
      It’s a delight to see you around the site.


    1. Hi Dave,
      Thanks as always.
      Writing can be addictive. Even when you are not doing it, the mind keeps ticking over. It is a total work-out for frustration!
      Thanks as always my fine friend.


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