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Literally Reruns – One Night in Club Sexbot by David Henson

It’s nice to see a regular and loyal supporter of all aspects of the site suggesting a re-run written by another long time loyal reader, author and commentator. Leila has picked out One Night in Club Sexbot and this is what she said:

Mr. Henson has a knack of developing titles that cause you to double-take as you saunter past. “Hmmm, ‘One Night in Club Sexbot,’” I said. “Better not go in, a title like that attracts perverts. Wouldn’t want anybody to think I’m a pervert…I’ll just take a peek through the window.”

Are voyeurs higher up the food chain than perverts? Who’s to say. But I was relieved when I looked in and discovered a witty little story that has a sense of humor, an item that is too often missing from other otherworldly pieces, or comes off sour when attempted by a writer who just isn’t funny, as Mr. Henson most certainly is.

Let’s interrupt the busy author and ask him a question or two.

Leila Allison


LA: Do you believe that humankind will be able to overcome its inherent tribal disdain for outsiders and play well with alien species when we meet them in the future?

I’m not sure humankind will ever meet alien species. We may not survive that long. Or we might be alone in the universe. Supposedly there’s been enough time for the Milky Way galaxy to have been completely colonized by ancient aliens by now. So, as Enrico Fermi said, where are they? Maybe in another galaxy or universe … too far away to ever say hello. Fortunately we do know there are aliens, as well as humans, who can travel at the speed of write. Guess I didn’t answer the question yet: No.

LA: Will there come a day when an artificial intelligence, such as a sexbot, will evolve to the degree that it might be wrong to use the “device” as designed? Wait–here’s another way at it–If you build a sex machine and the sex machine eventually achieves awareness and free will, would it be morally wrong to bang it because its newfound awareness and free will have yet to override its hardwiring?

Yes. Didn’t beat around the bush answering this one. I do think AI will advance to sentience and to the point it will be immoral to take advantage of a sexbot. By that time, or soon after, humankind’s bigger worry might be abuse at the hands of AIs. And by then Arnold Schwarzenegger won’t be around to save us. Unless he’s cloned. Or he travels from the past to the future. Or he has a double in a parallel dimension. This is all a very slippery slope.


One Night in Club SexBot


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