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Literally Reruns – The Elite Agency by Xavier P Xavier

Leila Allison has rootled out a story by a strange one off author – who was Xavier?  well who knows – but anyway this is what she said:

“What’s in the box?” is a question that has plagued everyone from Caligula to Brad Pitt in Se7en. Usually, the contents of the box are up to no damn good, because that’s how they like it. And it may be successfully argued that boxes and their contents in general are inclined toward evil because of all the childish snickering and edging around the topic and semi-dirty remarks that some writers make whenever they see the word “box” out in the wild. These sort of writers poke a little fun at the box. Some even bang on it. Others (both the boxes and the writers), however, know when they are licked.

Fortunately there are dignified persons like XPX around to give the subject of the box a little class. The Elite Agency is most definitely an intimate little thing, and may be the only LS tail…I mean tale, presented in the seldom used second person (possibly others, but I ain’t seen another one yet). The choice of the second person gives you a peek through the blinds and moves you along–even though you’d gawk at what’s going on in there anyway. ‘Tis a private and intimate gawk you will have. Perfect for all appreciators of the noble box; both givers and receivers and ones who are sometimes both at the same time.


The Elite Agency by Xavier P. Xavier – Adult Content


4 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – The Elite Agency by Xavier P Xavier”

  1. Hi Leila,
    I am so happy that you have found this author.
    Wherever he is, I hope that one day a story will start to niggle him into writing once again.

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  2. Confused me the first time I read it. Made me smile the second time. I wish I could write like that I thought after the third read.

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  3. This post is obviously telling of a gutter bound personality who fixates on the unwholesome. You’d think that a person who has six years of higher education in her head might consider snatching every disgusting allusion to “box” she can get unworthy of her time, but the proof shows otherwise.
    Miss Allison’s Employer


  4. XPX is an enigma. Enigmatic you might say. Hard to figure etc. etc but would no doubt, had he seen your enigmatic review been…. speechless. His next dalliance in the world of fiction – I have it on rather doubtful authority, has been commissioned by Nutflix. It’s a 12 part steamy saga entitled 49 1/2 shades of magnolia and features a retired painter and decorator and I leave the rest to vivid imaginations. Stretching incredulity is XPX forte!
    A erstwhile editor and masher of words


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