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Week 220 – Ridiculing Religion, Fanatical Religion And Burning Irritation

The sickness in this world continues.

Our thoughts are with all those involved with the atrocity in Sri Lanka.

Here we are at Week 220 and the Easter Celebrations have passed over.

This moon influenced time of the year doesn’t mean anything to me. I’ve never gone on holiday at Easter or had much time off, it is just another week.

I do wonder if Jesus gets an Easter Egg off his Da’. Ooops. Sorry. I wouldn’t want to offend anyone. So I’ll start again.

I wonder if a concept from a conception of a very sociable woman whose husband was as naive as fuck got a dod of chocolate off a bigger concept that there is absolutely no proof of other than being a fictional celestial cuckoo with his man juice.

There now! I’ve removed the ‘Easter’ reference – Insults avoided!

It makes me think though, I am totally happy to write that. In fact, if you wanted I could go into more depraved detail and I wouldn’t give it a second thought. But why couldn’t I do the same for other religions? It can’t be because that Christianity is my religion, I have no religion except for alcohol.

I am happy to write about the travesty that is absolution from the Catholic Church. I am more than delighted to point out the pure Nazism of The Wee Free. And I haven’t even started on the paedophilia that is rife within them all.

But I can’t question the madness of other religions. Are other religions not open to ridicule and if that is the case, why are some?

You can take it further, Satanism is probably up for a laugh as are The Moonies, Mormons and especially those Scientology Crazy Cats. If my understanding is correct those wacky devils squirrel bust if you say something bad about them. Now that sounds like a warped sexual practice which really does show a sense of humour.

Maybe those more serious religions should loosen up. I’m going to bite the bullet and name and shame the main religion that has no humour and is too aloof and oppressive to be ridiculed. And there is only one thing that is worse than them and that is certain societies that stops any ridicule, so shame on you, every fucking government in the world that accepts their gatherings!

The religion I’m talking about has their worshippers wearing weird robes, they are fanatical and there is a big focus on virgins.


Those Star War Bastards, like their sabres, need to lighten up. When will they realise that the only good film in the franchise was the first one which was the first one. I don’t give a fuck that it was called Episode IV – It was the fucking first!

If you listed the characters from all the films and put them into two headings of either ‘Interesting’ or ‘Fucking Annoying’ I know which one would have more names.

And someone has to say it, Yoda is a total fud.

Now that I have got that off my chest, onto this week’s stories.

I don’t need to divvy up the welcomes as they apply to everyone. All our writers were first-timers. We hope that they enjoy their time on the site and have a long association with us.

Our topics this week include; a funeral, public punishment, families, a friendship and families again.

As always our initial comments follow.


Anuradha Prasad got us up and running on Monday with ‘A Scene Of Grief.’

‘This had a wry sort of cynicism that worked very well.’

‘Well observed.’

‘There was some good writing, the scene was vivid.’


On Tuesday we had ‘Never Coming Back‘. The author was Matt Hobbs.

‘The snap-shot of the characters gave you a picture of the world that Matt has created.’

‘The horror grew as did the realisation that stuff we think can’t happen – can.’

‘I was gripped by this.’


Len Kuntz was next up. His short, ‘I Was A Roulette Wheel‘ was published on Wednesday.

‘I still have the line about them bleeding dust in my head.’

‘Very weird. But weird in a good way.’

‘This had me hooked from the beginning.’


Caster Cook Is Completely Fine‘ was written by Matt Stevenson. This was next up on Thursday.

‘I liked the tone.’

‘This had a depressed acceptance to it.’

‘His family was very interesting.’


And we finished off on Friday with Caitlin McLinden and her first story for us, ‘There In The Beginning.’

‘There were a few levels in this and you eventually realise that it is mainly about loss.’

‘This was a different look at tragedy.’

‘Very good writing.’


That’s us for another week folks.

These weeks are sure flying in. It won’t be long until I am a piece of coal.

The usual reminders.

One for comments. Please keep them coming or have a go if you haven’t already.

And secondly, the Sunday Re-Run is getting some really good viewing figures, so why not get involved! Find an old story that you love and send us a spiel about it. If you want add a couple of questions in. We will print exactly what you say.

I think I will watch Star Wars. It reminds me why being a one-off is so good. And why ruining a one-off by re-hashing the shit out of it is bad. There is also another level of shitness when you add the creative and genuine influence of Disney!

There are a list of films that should have stayed as one-offs – Highlander, Hellraiser, The Poseidon Adventure, The Magnificent Seven, Saw and The Dirty Dozen to name but a few.

But going back to Star Wars, I really do blame merchandising for not leaving it alone and with that thought in mind, I’m off to set fire to an Ewok!



Banner Image by Mario Eppinger from Pixabay

8 thoughts on “Week 220 – Ridiculing Religion, Fanatical Religion And Burning Irritation”

  1. The Jedi thing has one good use. Whenever my boss gets a Big Idea in his Little Brain and emerges from his office, catches me at my desk and makes monumentally stupid suggestions, which I immediately shove out my mental trapdoor, I warn coworkers in his path that “there’s a disturbance in the force” via a mass text so they can get the hell out of town–which works because we’re all usually on our phones anyway. Every workplace I’ve ever been in has a running gag like that one. I prefer Star Trek, and I’m considering attaching the following sign to my office door: DEAR BORG, I AM SO READY TO BE ASSIMILATED. I think it would be awfully cool to have something like a 23rd-century version of a Swiss army knife in lieu of a left hand.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Leila,
      I preferred Star Trek too, but the original.
      I just loved William Shatner’s understated and subtle acting style.
      The man is a legend
      Thanks as always!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah, Hugh: You forgot one of the biggest religions: politics. Very similar to any other religion out there. People believe in someone (a candidate) who they don’t know and never will. But they place all their faith in this person. They go door to door to bore people with their “beliefs”. They put signs in yards and flood the media with prophesies and dire warnings. “The end is coming if you don’t vote for my candidate”. They march in the streets. They CRUCIFY the other candidate. They believe in miracles. The political “religion” rakes in billions of dollars per year. And while all the believers fight each other in the streets, the political religion gets rich, delivers nothing and yet….the faithful follow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sharon,
      I totally agree and I think those who have blind faith in no matter what are worse than those who gain. At least they are being honest in their dishonesty. Politics and religion are all schemes and the old saying about ‘behind every scheme is a schemer’ applies.
      Thanks so much for your comments!


  3. To follow Sharon Frame Gay…some of the most oppressive countries are where religious and political fanaticism mix, where church and state act as one. These countries brook no dissent. Indeed, Star Wars is very optimistic, reason and compassion win out most of the time. Star Wars less so but still the good guys win most of the time. Easter is a time of hope, coinciding with spring, new life and new beginnings. So it’s more in the Star Trek vein. Pretty spacey, but where would we be without hope?


    1. Hi there,
      It is a very interesting thought on hope and faith and can we have one without the other?
      If you have no hope you have to rely on faith and if that is something that you can’t rely on, you have neither.
      Thanks so much for the comments. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them.
      All the very best.


  4. I believe that a major problem with politics (evident in the incompetent local, state and national governments) is trying to fit people to ideology, rather than fitting government to people.

    Stories on government – Dump, Spenser, War, Attack, Do Nothing and probably more.

    Stories on religion – Cat’s Religion, Court (religion salesmen), *l*rd (what if major religions were not founded on a murderous, vengeful god)


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