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Literally Re-Runs – Before We Started Worrying by Martyn Clayton

Leila has dug out another super piece from the dungeons. This time it’s from way back in 2015 and it’s a dark and disturbing little story. This is what she said:

There are plenty of less than friendly characters skulking about the underbelly of the LS archives. I do not, however,  include non-human monsters or other bump-in-the-night types in this assessment because an It is what an It is, and it hardly seems fair to criticize, say, a vampire, for obeying his or her dark nature.

Only human beings can become true monsters. The way I see it a monster is someone who departs from light and hope and creates pain and darkness for no apparent reason. These sort of monsters necessitated hell, for they cannot be punished enough. In Before We Started Worrying, Martyn Clayton has found a jellyfish hucking monster on the beach, whom he lenses through the eyes of the narrator.

It takes nerve and skill to center a piece around such an odious character and make it all worthwhile. Mr. Clayton has more than ably satisfied the conditions, thus Before We Started Worrying easily qualifies for a second look.

Leila Allison


Before We Started Worrying 

9 thoughts on “Literally Re-Runs – Before We Started Worrying by Martyn Clayton”

      1. thanks – I hadn’t found a problem on two computers but I’ve re-instated the link so I hope it’s working now. Please let me know if it’s not and I’ll have to call in the big guns – Nik!

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  1. Thank you, David. The entertaining entertains link is working beautifully. Have no idea what I am trying to say. Tis a common trouble of mine on Sunday. Hope many people visit Mr. Clayton. Hope Diane doesn’t need to go under the hood anymore.


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