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Week 198 – Easy Targets, Easier Targets And PC Nonsense That Should Be A Target.

Well another terrible week of plane crashes, shootings and Bieber and Kanye still subjecting us to them being them.

None of that gave me any inspiration but there were two other news stories that did. And both of them had a link to my home country and The USA.

Firstly we had a visitor to our shores. I don’t know anything about Larysa Switlyk but it is reported that she is a hunter. That was a fine profession a few hundred years back, maybe not so much now-a-days. The lady in question came across to the Scottish Island of Islay and with the utmost bravery, cunning and with no regard for her own safety hunted down and killed a goat. Yep she killed a walking cardigan. I may be wrong but I think she also killed a sheep. But to be fair to sheep, you need to be very careful as they can give you a nasty stare.

Our Pet Stores are all on alert and the Guinea Pigs are being guarded.

I don’t feel sorry for the poor dumb animal and hope the next time she is in Scotland she introduces herself as the heroine who shot two of Old MacDonald’s finest.

The other story that made me laugh was the revelation that the writers of ‘The Simpsons’ were removing Apu due to him being stereotypical. Yep he is. And we knew that. Now if you think on it, Homer is a drunk who abuses his son but at heart he is a good person, so to all you child beating parents out there, as long as your heart is in the right place, you’ll be fine.

And as a Scottish Person myself, I am outraged that Groundskeeper Willie hasn’t been axed. This is discrimination, if Apu is axed, so should Willie. Does being Scottish mean you are less likely to be axed as your stereotype is more realistic than an Indian stereotype?

I mean FUCK OFF! It is a fucking cartoon not a documentary. And there’s a question … If there was a documentary and the real people were what we perceive to be stereotypes, would that be axed?

You can’t choose your stereotype for saving when the whole premise is exactly that.

Cartoons are OTT. They are absurd. Ironic. Satirical. Grotesque. Cartoon-Like!

Frankie Boyle (Check him out if you don’t know him but be warned he is unflinching) was hung out to dry regarding a joke about disability. He stated that he made a joke about everyone so if he left out the disabled he was discriminating.

I adore ‘The Simpsons’ and what I liked was the same reasoning as Mr Boyle, there was no character there that they didn’t make fun of at some time. Flanders was slagged for being a bible-basher. We had all the guest stars who were lampooned with their National Identities. God was ridiculed. Drunks, abusers, serial killers, the educated, the uneducated, the rich, the poor, the senile … Every one of them was spotlighted and ridiculed. But even when this was done, there was maybe some iota of a saving grace about them.

I don’t think any of this is negative, discriminatory, racist or damaging. I think this cartoon in it’s own brilliant ridiculous way is more human than all the PC narrow minded Fuckwits who either decide or more probably force these ideas.

I honestly think that one day under censorship, the dictionary will have PC as the definition.

Onto this weeks stories. We had one new writers and four old friends.

Our topics include; demons, Cossacks, a cat (that could also be under demon), retribution and acceptable moaning.

As always our initial comments follow.


First up was the industrious Tom Sheehan. I’ll need to tote up his stories as he is getting closer and closer to what I believed would have been unachievable. Tom has changed my mind, it is only a matter of time for him to reach one hundred stories!

Two Fathoms Down‘ was published on Monday.

‘What a brilliant line describing early America.’

‘Tom is a marvel at immersing the reader into the world he is creating.’

‘Another one of those that takes me back.’


And to follow Tom, we have Leila. Not only does she continue to send us her exceptional work, she has embraced the Sunday Slot with her superb critiques.

On Tuesday we were delighted to publish Leila’s short, ‘Was Und Warum Bist Du.’

‘Haunting and descriptive.’

‘No matter the word count, Leila gives you plenty to consider.’

‘There will never be a rejection letter regarding quality of writing to this writer!’


Phoebe Reeves  had her second story published on Wednesday  and we hope that she has many more for us.

The Vow‘ broke the back of the week.

‘Hypnotic and surreal. (Can that be a thing??)’

‘I’m confused but happy to think on it.’

‘Different, interesting and really good writing.’


Our first timer was next up. We extend the usual welcome to Meghan Wagner and we hope that she has fun on the site.

Thursday’s story was Meghan’s ‘Lemondrop.’

‘You read the main story but it is about so much more.’


‘A different sort of ‘slice of life’ story.


And we finished off the week with another old friend. Doug Hawley has been around the site for over two and a half years. He continues to contribute and his humour is throughout not only his stories but his comments.

Vigilant‘ was published on Friday.

‘A YES for the burnt ears for talking pish on a mobile alone!’

‘This made me grin!’

‘Go for it Curmudgeon!’


So that’s us rounded up once again.

I hope you all have a happy Halloween if that is what you are into.

If I want to be scared of a night, I look in the mirror and print out my bank balance!

And I hope that God is a goat and Ms Switlyk is therefore fucked!!!!




Oh and just the usual reminder. I would love to add another name to thank for The Sunday Re-Run spot.

Come on add yours to Leila, Dave and L’Erins!

Banner Image: – the sweetmeats rise up and object to being stereotyped – beware and angry doughnut – beware.

7 thoughts on “Week 198 – Easy Targets, Easier Targets And PC Nonsense That Should Be A Target.”

    1. Thanks Dave,
      I think PC is more damaging than helpful. It is getting too close to censorship and that is a dangerous road to go down. It’s all about opinions and the sad thing is that those who have the opinions are normally not those who are involved. That speaks volumes.
      You could argue the pros and cons of this until the cows come home and sadly we will never get near the Utopia of middle ground!


  1. Apu had with add humor. Bad idea. Like Moe, not very good at offing himself. Favorite Simpsons line spoke by Moleman: “Ah, nobody’s gay for Moleman.” Half the people in this town are gay, and none of them were offended. Third party offended.


    1. Hi Leila,
      Thanks as always for interest in my ramblings.
      Best lines in The Simpsons would fill a book.
      When an advert came on the TV about being a loser and asked:
      ‘Are you on your third beer of the morning?’
      Homer answered:
      ‘Does Whisky count as beer?’
      Between Mr Homer Simpson, Mr Al Bundy and Mr Rab C Nesbitt, we have three unlikely but brilliant philosophers!
      They should be required reading / viewing before the PC Nazis completely castrate and make them ‘acceptable’!!

      Liked by 1 person

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