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Week 197 – Critiquing, Commenting And Not Getting Wood

Hello there folks.

I just wanted to pass on that our Sunday Re-Run spot is doing very well. Leila has embraced this with her perception and wit, Dave Henson is there being thoughtful and selective and L’Erin has also thrown her pen or typing finger into the fold and we would keep asking that more of you get involved.

…Now regarding that…

Something just occurred to us this week and we won’t explain why but we need to emphasise it. Writers are insecure and a bit protective of not only their work, but its meaning. This goes with the territory. We are all insecure, paranoid and psychotic.

I really do wonder if there are any tea-total writers?

…Writers who have never dabbled with drugs?

…Writers who have never in their mind killed more than a dozen people?

…Apart from Cookery Book ‘Authors’ are there any writers who are Vegans or Virgins (Why the fuck did I capitalise those words? Maybe for an emphasis on ridiculism. We have teeth and genitalia for a reason. Hopefully not the same one.)

If there are any of those, I bet they have self-published or do CF – ‘Christian Fiction’, Is there any other type? CF could stand for Christ is Fucked if it is a story about a big dodd of wood and some nails.

So where am I going with this, it is simply to state, don’t ever worry if your are critiquing something positive about a piece of writing. If you get the writers intentions all wrong, it doesn’t matter. What you read and what it gave YOU is exactly that! It is your opinion, your thoughts and your interpretation. No matter in what way it was written, your thoughts can’t be argued with.

There is one of my stories, *’Chicken’ on this site that anyone who has read thought it was about a paedophile. Well considering my happy / utopia / uplifting stories – I can see why but the story was actually about a vampire.

This raises three points.

1 – No author should mind what you have taken out of the story as long as it gave you something.

2 – For a story to go off on a readers tangent should make a writer happy.

3 – I am shit at vampire stories!

What I am trying to say is not only about reviewing but actually regarding comments. I wonder if some folks are a bit uneasy about saying anything in-case they have got totally the wrong end of the authors stick. It doesn’t matter!!! Writing is personal and so is reading. What the writer is meaning is from them. What a reader gets out of it is from them. No-one is right, no-one is wrong. A mutual regard or enjoyment has sod all to do with meaning. That is only relative!!!

We have some very perceptive and brilliant commentators like Leila and James McEwan who delve into a story. That is their specific way of doing this. To be truthful, I am in awe of their critiquing but that is one way to do it. The other way is to give a wee bit of you and just say what it means to you. Both comments are very different, but both will please any writer. We all wish that there were more regular comments than the ones that we get from James, Leila, Dave, Doug, L’Erin and Adam. Please, if you want to say something, go for it!!

OK onto this weeks stories. Our topics include; blood, family history, time travel and two old favourites, Death and infidelity. We had three new authors and two old friends.


On Monday we began the week with the talented L’Erin Ogle.

How To Raise A Monster‘ was first up.

‘Properly grim and a piece that will stay with me.’

‘All sections were written to give content to the monster.’

‘To structure a story in this way takes a lot of skill.’


Tom has written so many words for us. When you see the title of ‘Who Knows Who Lived In My House, Built In 1742, Or Your House‘ you’ll understand why.

‘Lovely, sweet, poignant, brave, sad and all sorts of other things.’

‘Beautiful imagery.’

‘I loved the tie-in from the tobacco on the first and last paragraph.’


Our first new writer was next up.

We welcome Emily Suzanne Young and hope that she is enjoying her time on the site.

Man Of Mine‘ broke the back of the week.

‘Pretty powerful.’

‘This being told from the wife’s perspective is well done and relevant.’

‘Great writing and good construction.’


And to follow on we have our second new author. Templeton Moss had his short ‘Pair O’ Dons‘ published on Thursday.

We extend the same welcome to him and we hope that all our new writers send us more of their work.

‘The initial idea was turned on its head.’

‘I’m dizzy, befuddled and amused.’

‘This addresses all the problems when writing time travel stories and it has an added twist.’


And to finish off the week, our last new writer, Dr Soham Das, had his story ‘To Err Isn’t Human’ showcased.

As with Emily and Templeton, we hope, like L’Erin and Tom, they all have a long association with us.

‘Death making a mistake and having a biscuit – What’s not to like?’

‘We don’t get many quality stories with great funny dialogue like this one.’

‘It’s silly and won me over very quickly!’


That’s us for another week.

I don’t need to remind you about Sunday as I have already done so.

Please comment.

And I will leave you with some lyrics to a song:

Shotgun, Gimme, Gimme, Low-Down, Okay, Yeah, Showdown…


You may wonder what I am getting at

…I reckon either senility or an aneurysm.



An apology:

*A shameless plug – As shameless a plug as what a Conservative MP does with his anal-beads!

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2 thoughts on “Week 197 – Critiquing, Commenting And Not Getting Wood”

  1. First “writer” exposed to was TV’s “John Boy Walton.” He was “a sensitive youth.” Grew up with the misconception that only sensitive youths from nice families could be writers. Then perverted family member informed me that “Mary Ellen” got necked for Playboy, years ago. Then the world made sense.


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