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Blessed are the Little Things by Leila Allison

There were only four tables in the cafe, and I saw that my date was already seated at one of them. I had figured this out by the process of elimination (there was nobody else in the cafe except her and the young woman behind the counter), and the stretched possibility that my date bore a slight resemblance to the younger, fitter, and brighter-looking person in her profile gallery. A “helpful hint” on the lonely hearts’ site says that you can judge your match’s interest level by the amount of preparation she has invested in meeting you. Interestingly, the lady had gussied herself up to a point which lay between rushing to the convenience store at five in the morning for coffee filters and awakening in a dumpster. And she seemed oblivious to every atom in the universe that wasn’t displayed on her iphone.

“Hello,” I said, extending my hand, “I’m Jim, you must be Daphne.”

She glanced up from her phone and looked at my hand as though I had offered her a dead carp.

“You’re a half-hour late, Jim,” she said with a voice that had a lot of smoke and very little estrogen in it.

Actually, I was forty-three minutes late. I had left three messages in her voicemail explaining such, and since she was still gazing into her phone I could no longer support the fantasy that she didn’t know about my messages. Regardless, I’d interpreted her forgiving the other thirteen minutes as a good sign. That, however, was to be the acme of my Daphne Experience.

The young woman behind the counter made eye contact with me, glanced incredulously at Daphne, and sent a sad smile. I smiled back and held up my hand as if to say, “Please give me a minute to fix this before you bring the water,” although I later learned that this was a place-your- order-at-the-counter kind of place.

I sat down and broke out the charm. The site says never do that, never break out the charm; it also says that the only thing a person can try too hard at and still succeed in doing is to look pathetic. For reasons I cannot explain, I tend to test the soundness of good advice by giving its opposite number a spin. All I can say in my defense is that I’m human and being such I cannot resist putting my foot in it, which is precisely what I did when I told extremely distracted Daphne: “I’m sorry I’m late but one of the little ones got out of his habitat and I had to wrangle him out from behind the radiator.”

Aside from the disgusted glance at my hand, this breaking out of the charm led to the only other time milady pried her attention from her phone to acknowledge my existence. Sneaking a peek at the screen that she made no attempt to conceal from me, I saw that she was in a text string with someone named “SexMachine6969.”

“You got kids? No kids. Got too many thugs of my own in lockup,” she croaked. (This sharing ran contrary to the information in her profile. Although I will allow that she most likely had once been as childless as she most assuredly had also once been twenty-seven.)

Right here my all-consuming passion for my “little ones” rose its paw and erased all trace of the lonely heart site’s helpful hint list from my mind (i.e. “Discuss Shared Hobbies,” “Listening is the Soul of Conversation,” and “Leave the Babbling to the Brook”). To be fair, however, I couldn’t dredge up the will to feign interest in hearing the rancid thoughts of SexMachine6969 spoken by a voice whose tonal quality was similar to that of Styrofoam dragged across a dusty blackboard on an especially arid day, so I guess I took babbling like a brook as an option instead of a ban.

“Oh, not children,” I said, and I instantly found my thoughts transported out of the cafe and into my apartment, “dwarf hamsters,” I continued. “I have six, all of them Kazakhstan Roborovski’s.

They are rescue dwarf hamsters named Assault, Battery, Claudius, Hamlet, Big Tony and Bigger Big Tony. You see, Robo’s, even though they only get to be four to five centimeters long and weigh just up to twenty-five grams–a portly twenty-seven in Bigger Big Tony’s case–can be bred to be extremely fierce. At this very moment there are dwarf hamster fighting rings operating in the remote deserts of Mongolia and China. When I heard about this terrible abuse of animals I signed myself up as a Robo mentor. It’s a challenge I love. Quick little fiends, however; just as I was heading out the door Hamlet somehow got out of his habitat and made for his Uncle Claudius’ enclosure with revenge and murder in his tiny eyes. But, as always, he hesitated and then ran under the radiator to think about it for a while.” Then I caught myself hogging all the face time and said, “How thoughtless of me, Daphne,” as I pulled out my own phone and opened Gallery. “I’ve got pictures. Took them during Battery’s first birthday party. As you see I can bring them together only in a special plexiglass meeting habitat in which each one of them is clapped-up like Hannibal Lecter.”

I was relieved to see that Daphne had fled the scene during my reverie, as I had hoped. Even though blind dating disappointment usually gives me a forlorn, childlike feeling of “oh” inside, it’s probably better to accept the fact that you will most likely die alone with your latest generation of rescue dwarf hamsters than it is to spend another minute in the company of someone who has neither manners nor a perceptible desire to put any effort into creating a good first impression. Still, life holds its little surprises.

The young woman who had been behind the counter had taken Daphne’s place. When our eyes met, she smiled and said, “Please show me their pictures.”


Leila Allison

Banner Image:   white-face / husky roborovski dwarf hamster, Ichigo, on the hamster wheel

By Sy (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

8 thoughts on “Blessed are the Little Things by Leila Allison”

  1. Hi Leila,
    I would always judge someone depending on how animals react towards them.
    Except for cats, they will either do the opposite of what you want or the opposite of the truth or both, whatever is more confusing for us!
    Excellent as always and some cracking comments on the dating websites.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I was drawn to this because of the title, and once I got to the explanation of it I was not disappointed. I always say I don’t like happy endings, but when the hero is an animal-loving introvert,
    it’s the only kind of ending I could possibly accept! Thanks for the delightful read.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Leila,
    It’s always a jot to see any of your work once again.
    The image made me smile.
    Animals do that to me. I was walking by a wee burn the other day and as I was crossing the bridge, there were two ducks. I first though ‘Aww’ and then I have to admit, ‘Yum!’

    Liked by 1 person

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