Week 102 – St Andrew, Wine And Witch Free Chimnies

Just another Saturday! (Please look up that reference and watch!) Yep I said it last week, the number 102 is rubbish! I looked up some interesting facts and came up with this doozy:

102 is an even composite number composed of three prime numbers multiplied together. As in 2x3x17. Well there is a fact that you will never be able to gouge from your brain!!

I was somewhat glad to realise I was writing this post on the 30th and that was St Andrews day, he is of course, Scotland’s patron saint so that was an easy inspiration. (My personal patron saint is St Jude!)

But confession time folks, I know sod all about Saint Andrew, I had to look up those very accurate information sites, so here goes.

As is my understanding, Andrew was the first apostle. That makes sense as if there is a chance of some red wine anywhere, we are not last at being first.

He was at the last supper and again us Scottish people normally have a last supper of a Friday night before we go home with the carry-out (Fish and chips and booze from an off-licence.)

Saint Andrew was crucified and again there is a link as most of us have holes through our hands due to our spouses insisting that we are getting ‘Nae mair drink!!!’ and nailing us to the door.

Seemingly some relics belonging to Saint Andrew were taken to St Andrews in Scotland, I’m not sure if that was a coincidence. I wonder what they were. Maybe a Season Ticket for Parkhead. (That will piss off one side of Glasgow!) or maybe Ibrox (There goes the other side!) But I don’t think so, it must have been his golf clubs and maybe a few back issues of ‘PlayChristian’. I think Mary Magdalene was the cover girl up until 5 AD. Her first pictures five years previous were very tasteful drawings of her being ‘comforted’ by a few huge Romans.

Anyhow, any man who shares his golf clubs and Skud Mags (Pornographic magazines) is a saint in this country, hence him becoming our patron!

Oh and one last thing, seemingly flying the St Andrews flag above the fire-place in Scotland stops witches coming down your chimney. I can’t comment on that as I have lived with a witch for quite a while now. But maybe it does work as she has never attempted to climb up the chimney.

Enough of this very accurate historical section and onto what matters, the past week’s stories!

All sorts were covered. We had losing capacity, the new president, a relationship, a veteran and a rather weird dude!

Our initial comments are included as per usual.

First up was a new author to the site. The usual welcome and plea for more work applies! Jeffrey L. Higgs had his short story ‘So Where Are You Now‘ published on Monday.

‘This will have a lot of appeal.’

‘Metaphors and description can annoy me, but not here. The land and her waning mind was so clear it hit you rather hard.’

‘The writing is pretty strong.’

What can be said about Tuesday’s author? We have the privilege and honour to continually work with the multi-talented Mr Adam Kluger. He was next up with ‘Trump’s Bathroom.’

‘Very subtle – All about using and manipulation.’

‘It is so good that the first ‘Trump’ story isn’t a rant either way.’

‘The main character is really well drawn in a short space of time, this takes a lot of skill.’

We had another old friend who needs no introduction on Wednesday. The sublime and brilliant Fred Foote gave us ‘The Veteran

‘Good God yes!!!’

‘This is so powerful – 100% yes!!’

‘Passionate. Tragic. Worrying.

Those words may not be correct but everyone will get them as the story portrays.’

Hello Tom‘ was published on Thursday. We hope that Joe Kruft continues to add to his back catalogue. He is already a part of our growing family. (I sounded a bit cultish there!! Cults fascinate me. I was wanting to start the ‘Give Hugh A Bottle Of Booze’ cult! No discrimination, no communes, no work, no killing…Just give me a bottle of booze and you are in!!)

‘Hello Joe’, sorry for my tangent and keep the stories coming!!

‘Poignant, believable, with great characters and a very well drawn setting.’

‘This flows so very well.’

‘Some very sad and understated moments.’

And Friday came and yet again it is the end of the week. Sorry if you are getting bored with me pointing this out, it happens every week. I reckon Friday should do something about it.

In my opinion, I reckon this was as good a debute as I have read. Amiel Rossin is our last new author of the week with their story ‘Jakantha.’

‘Oh my goodness, this was clever!!’

‘This is disturbed…I loved it!!’

‘What a last line!!’

That’s it guys, another week over, and a new one just begun. (I love Lennon but hate Christmas.)

Talking about Christmas, we will be taking a break sometime but haven’t decided yet. We will advise as soon as we know how much wine Diane needs to get through, as that, in turn decides whether it is a day or more likely, a two week break. (140 bottles is a tad too much to drink in a day!)

A toast I reckon is in order, it has to be whisky, I suggest Talisker. So here is to St Andrew – Whoever the feck he really was and witches not being able to access your chimneys!!



Banner Image: Pixabay – please note – no witches.

One thought on “Week 102 – St Andrew, Wine And Witch Free Chimnies

  1. Will hanging St. Andrew over my desk prevent the witch two cells over from stealing my Sharpies?
    I know she does it. Seriously. No, I’m not being paranoid. Why do you think that? Say, where did you get that Sharpie?
    Excellent week as always. Even for someone who’s holding her breath as an experiment in witchery.


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