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Week 92 – Age, Health And Hardening Toenails

typewriterAnother week over and another one begins. Welcome to our round-up of Week 92.

As I sat down to write this I had no idea what I was going to say. I decided to have a look back at some of the Saturday Postings to see if I had an opening that I hadn’t explored. As I tried to get myself comfy I realised that there is more of me hurts than doesn’t. Between that and looking back to something, that not long ago, I would have remembered, made me think on getting older.

With age comes experience and a different attitude. So for your writing, that is a good thing. You have a grasp on emotions, skepticism, cynicism and dwindling ambition. That is why you can out depress a teenager! We can’t get too smug though towards our younger writers as our notes and prompts escalate to a word count of thousands.

The effects of age on your body, oh dear! One of my favourite lines from a song is Depeche Mode’s:

‘I don’t want to start a blasphemous rumour, but I think that god has a sick sense of humour and when I die, I’ll find him laughing.’

The sick sense of humour rings so true. So much goes wrong. As we get older we sweat more, it isn’t attractive. Now I have always been able to sweat spectacularly. But as I have got older I am now a puddle with ears. I don’t digest I use osmosis. My new deodorant is concrete.

With age, your whole body changes. If it doesn’t fall out, it falls off or simply doesn’t work. For both sexes things become less firm. Surely it is a design fault when toenails get harder as other parts go softer. And if you ever try and write with a pen, at what age do you get to when your fingernails begin to cramp?

It’s not just the body that is the problem, life also becomes boring, I can’t remember the last time I can’t remember. But even though we moan about not going out or doing anything, to be truthful stamina is a thing of the past unless it is measured with the enthusiasm you have for doing sod all. And lets be honest, the only time anyone thinks about continuing sex for a second time is just before they have finished sex the first time.

OK enough of this nonsense. Onwards with this weeks stories. (My notes are over three pages by the way!) Two new writers for you to read as well as a couple of old friends and a returning author.

We may have had some well covered themes this week but our authors never fail to put their own slant on the stories. We touched on marriage, boxing, science fiction, a piece of flash, flash fiction and a human talisman.

As always our comments follow.

Mitchell Towes was first up on Monday. This is a quick and welcome return to the site for Mitchell with his new story ‘The Fifty Dollar Sewing Machine.’

‘I really liked this old couple!’

‘No matter what the genre, revenge and comeuppance always makes us feel good.’

‘I was smiling as I finished the story.’

On Tuesday we had our first new writer. We welcome Gary Beck and hope he continues to send in work of this quality. His short ‘Extended Meeting‘ was next up.

‘The fears, observations, the logic and the questions all about marriage and expectations made this all too real.’

‘I was particularly moved by the reference to the ‘Beautiful boy with the patois of a doomed angel.’

‘Circumstance made their decisions and then they were left with a beginning of nothingness.’

We also have to say hello to Rabbi Steven Lebow as he had his first story published on Wednesday. Hope he has more for us soon. Glad to have him on site with ‘The ASKii Of Aikido On The Planet Sellinger-Shapiro‘.

‘The coding and computer references were clever.’

‘This read like a fable.’

‘I’d like to let this loose on our readers.’

Now you will all have noticed a wee bit of a difference on Thursday. One thing about Mr Adam Kluger is his inventiveness. We couldn’t ignore it!!

Even though this flash fiction is shorter than our normal word count we were delighted to publish, ‘Are We Both Broken?



‘Could also be used as a poem or for song lyrics.’

And here we have a fitting ending to the week. The continual quality from the pen of Tom Sheehan is a joy to read. Friday gave us, ‘Meeting Max Cargo.

‘Beautifully written of course!’

‘The story made me keep hoping ‘No!”

‘I’ve said it many times but Tom can sure transport you into a story!’

That’s another week over guys.

I am thinking that I really should begin to look after myself so I am now going to eat a lettuce, suck some plankton and sip some tepid water.


Beer, kebab and whisky. And the same for pudding!

As the legend that is Billy Connolly once said, ‘If I’m going to die, I’d rather be unhealthy at the time.’


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2 thoughts on “Week 92 – Age, Health And Hardening Toenails”

  1. Shameful self promotion – on the subject about bodies failing see my “Intelligent Design” in Potluck (see my website). LS is one of the few journals that does a weekly wrap up and it is a good thing.


  2. Thanks for that Doug.
    We have thought a few times whether or not it is worth it, but as long as someone reads, it is worthwhile.
    I probably use it more as self therapy for my many, many, many issues!!
    As always, it is a pleasure to hear from you.


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