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Week 87 – Submissions, Words And The Nazareth Fencing Team


Here we go again. Another seven days have gone as quick as Usain Bolt with a dodgy stomach! I think you can see where this post is going. I can’t ignore what is a world-wide event so I have been thinking on The Olympics this week. Due to me not wanting to upset many people I won’t comment on the big man overlooking but not helping the Nazareth team winning any medals. (Broken Down Angel anyone???)

I have mentioned inspiration so many times on this posting and I think everyone who has watched any of the Olympics couldn’t help but be inspired. Oh not to do sports, just to sit back with a cold Brahma and enjoy.

I was a bit confused as I watched in anticipation of seeing loads of Brazilians, I heard them saying the reason was due to how expensive it was…Well you live and learn!

I watched the diving pool turn green and I just knew that half of Glasgow was switching off. The other side had switched off when it was blue and they switched off again when it turned back to blue from green.

I was inspired to take up Yachting but I look like an idiot in a blazer. Well that and there is only a dried out duck pond near me with a Tesco’s Trolley in it. It might affect my Schooner sails or masts or whatever.

Dressing like a Victorian Gent on the other-hand, well that appealed as I’m sure my dad has some clothes he could loan me. He isn’t that old, he’s just always had a strange dress sense. But I also needed a Dancing Horse to finish off the look. I didn’t know where to access one. So I stuck to the beer and listened to ‘Echo And The Bunnymen.’

I couldn’t get a grip of the fencing. But to be fair, the only time I have seen anything like this was when two Salvation Army ladies had a broken bottle fight in a pub over a five pound note. Seemingly you only score if you are attacking. Now I may be wrong but even if you are not attacking but manage to stab your opponent through the throat, surely that would be more decisive than a scratch to the elbow?

All joking aside, here’s to all of those who have done their countries and themselves proud, it has been a joy to watch!

Talking about wonderful achievements. Our very own Mr Data, Nik Eveleigh – I wonder if he likes Star Trek? Anyway he informed us on Tuesday that we had just received our 1000th submission. We are very pleased. We have read over 1.7 million words, we are a bit cock-eyed!!

In all seriousness folks, we can’t thank you enough for the stories. We will continue to try and give you a site that you all enjoy, so here is to the 2 million words mark and two years up and running!! (November isn’t far away)

Everyone featured this week has already been published. A few maybe not for a while, so it is good to see them sending in again.

Another mix of topics and ideas. This week we have touched on reflections, character’s rights, functioning alcoholics, a predator and poking with a stick.

As always, our comments follow.

Mr Louis Hunter returned this week. On Monday he sent us in his short entitled ‘A Life Passed On‘. Great to see you back Louis.


‘The return of the enigma!’

‘I always enjoy his style and unusual stories.’

Tuesday brought us the wonderful, talented and lovely Leila Allison. This lady has one active imagination. ‘Meanwhile Back At The UPIFFC‘ was next up.

‘Sharp and witty.’

Full of clever witticism, sarcasm and plain out madness.’

Fred Skolnik had his second story published. ‘The Discovery Of Death‘ was published mid-week on Wednesday.

‘This is as different as I have read for a while.’

‘I enjoyed this parody.’

‘Lack of understanding and naivety are great subjects to explore.’

There is not much I can say about Thursdays effort! Well except my usual thanks for the advice and encouragement!!!

I got my pen out once again with ‘The Fourteenth Step

And on Friday, we had another returning author. Like Louis, it was great to see Charles Bigelow back on the site with ‘Brake Lights.’

‘Understated and brooding.’

‘The sleaziness of the father was put across very well.’

‘The way this is written really does suit the subject matter.’

Well it’s back to The Olympics. I will cheer and drink beer and try and access a Cachacha. I have read that it is like rum. I have swallowed a few Bacardis and Blackhearts in my time so I am sure that I will enjoy as I watch and sing…

…Bring on the dancing horses

Wherever they may roam…


…She used to be someone you could depend on

To brighten up your coldest winter day…


Banner Image: By Jorge Láscar from Australia [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


4 thoughts on “Week 87 – Submissions, Words And The Nazareth Fencing Team”

    1. To the lovely and talented Mr Doug Hawley, I can’t thank you enough for your continual support of the site!!
      All the very best my friend.


  1. Well summarized once again. Though it’s a pity that the three US swimmers couldn’t think of a better excuse; it seems that fibbing came to them as quickly as moving does to Mr. Bolt. And to our dear Mr. Hawley, we here in the ever dangerous Pacific Northwest are certain that you are as talented and lovely as anyone.
    L. Allison

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