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Week 84 – Routines, Rainbow And Dave Allen

typewriterAnother week when we despair of certain ‘people’ amongst us. Why can’t we simply respect life instead of killing over ‘beliefs’?

I nearly wrote something about the number 84, well 83-84 to be specific. (Or not depending if you think two numbers aren’t specific) Those years were when I started working and I had hope. I was young, fresh faced and filled with ambition and joy. Then 85 came and everything went downhill from there! A 33 year downhill slide. Fortunately I am at the bottom of that hill and it will take me another 33 years to get back to where I was when I started. I don’t think my hips, heart or sanity will make it though. So as not to depress myself too much I decided on another topic.

I was reading back my notes regarding my posting on emotion. From there I wondered about how we conduct ourselves within our written words. Are we as debonair or as articulate in real life as our words suggest or do we conduct ourselves better within the pages of our writing?

I know that I have got myself into more trouble over the written word than anything that I have said. If anyone asked me to be factual, I was. If anyone stated that I must be accurate on what was said, I wrote down every word, insult, profanity and profane insult. I have on occasion been so interested in getting the points and facts across I have never considered whether I should or not.

The medium of writing takes away your ability to judge and monitor. You have no face to look at as you write down the words. You don’t see the scowl or embarrassment that would steer you away from a subject if you were actually talking to a person, and in turn you can come across as a bit of a twat. On the other-hand, you do not have these effecting you so maybe your writing becomes more pure and truthful. Any hang-ups or insecurities will have your own specific edge to them.

When it comes to story telling the best tip I ever got was to write as I would speak. That sounds easy but your conscience leads you to see your readers faces and that can deter from certain topics and phrasing. Worrying about what anyone will think is fine up to a point but sometimes you just need to go with it for the sheer hell of it. If you have thought about a certain topic and saying something that may be distasteful, you can be certain that someone else will have either done it or at the very least, considered it.

That is why I love certain comics who are fearless. Some of the routines that Richard Pryor, Joan Rivers, Bill Hicks, Frankie Boyle and Billy Connolly have done would make you think on their motive. But it could be as simple as this, all they are doing is putting out there what they have considered. And that doesn’t mean that any thoughts will manifest into beliefs from exploring these topics!

On to our stories for this week folks. Another good week for us adding to our writing family as we have three new authors, one old friend and a returning author.

Our topics this week include two historic pieces, another wonderful character, an unsuccessful attempt at rekindling love and some mysterious rooms. That all sounds like a few pubs I’ve been in!

On Monday, the talented Adam Kluger couldn’t have titled his story any better. We were privileged to read ‘A Weird Duck‘.

‘This character is too mad, interesting and anal for me to pass up on.’

‘Readable, daft and I really liked it.’

‘He has a vast array of characters does Mr Kluger.’

Our first new author of the week was Tony Conaway who had his story, ‘The 3 AM Littérateur‘ published on Tuesday. We welcome him and hope he adds to his reading list very soon.

‘He has written about inspiration from a lost love very well.’

‘Enjoyable and well written.’

‘An ending that many will relate to!’

On Wednesday we had another new author with our first Historical Story of the week.

Same message to Nancy Robinette, we welcome her and wish her a long involvement with us. Her début story was ‘Johnny And Frankie

‘A lot of story within a short word count.’

‘The story jigging backward and forward is always a risk but Nancy handled it very well.’

‘The end questions were poignant and relevant.’

On Thursday, we were very pleased to publish Paul Thompson’s second story, ‘The Girl In The Attic.’

‘Very clever. I have been thinking on the rooms he never mentioned!’

‘I was hooked from the start.’

The reader is left to think on indiscretion and consequence.’

And Friday (night-time) came around too soon. (I love Rainbow!). Another welcome, another hope for more stories! Julie Howard had her Historical Fiction, ‘The Palm Reader‘ published.


‘Legend, religion and superstition done so well.’

‘Very well presented.’

Right folks, that is me for another week and before I go and listen to ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’, I think I will steal a line from the late great Dave Allen. (He was a whisky drinking Irishman with half a finger missing – He was a superb and sincere story teller. The whisky that he said was whisky was ginger ale and he continually changed his version on how he lost part of his digit. He referred to himself as the ‘comic with nine and a half fingers, not the comic with half a finger.’)

He would mercilessly poke fun at all forms of religion but at the end of the night, he would always show respect to his audience by saying something that we should all live by:

‘Goodnight, thank you, and may your God go with you.’


3 thoughts on “Week 84 – Routines, Rainbow And Dave Allen”

  1. Hi Hugh, I’ll believe anything. I always believed Dave Allen lost part of his finger due to frost bite – because he used it to stir the ice in his drink. More likely he bit it off in a cringe after reading one of my stories. All the best.


    1. Hi James,
      You are showing your age…
      I love comics. The sharpness and intelligence isn’t always completely understood. Dave Allen was one of the first that made me listen and think. (I saw him before Billy Connolly!)…I’m showing my age too!!!
      So many of them are tortured souls but I am envious of their craft.
      Thanks for the read and comments my friend!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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