Week 83 – Rejection, Rejection, Rejection…

At time of going to print I was hoping to have done some performance writing but alas, I don’t know whether or not I have!!

I was sending out some rejection emails this week and it occurred to me that this would make a relevant topic. I do believe that I am over-qualified in this subject as, throughout life, I have been snuffed out more times than an ugly candle. You name it, I’ve been rejected from or by it. Women, employers, The Tufty Club, establishments, cinemas, clubs, pubs, church groups, volunteer groups, and The Samaritans to name but a few. But I have never been rejected more than in my pursuit of seeing my name in print. Publishers and agents have rejected me hundreds of times. In fact I can’t even begin to imagine the number so let’s put it into context. I have been rejected regularly throughout the last twenty seven years. Now I am sure that not all of them are wrong but surely one could have given me a chance? But no. I am rejected as quick as rhubarb through a colon. I am rather blasé about it now but as I said, I wanted to consider this with our writers in mind.

What any new writer has to realise is that nothing is personal. It is an opinion. Normally one opinion when sending to agents or publishers so make sure that your genre fits who you are sending it to. Don’t send your MS of ‘Satan’s Bloodlust For Defiling Priests’ to any churchy publications. Don’t send ‘Fifty Shades Of  Grey’ or anything by ‘Katy Price’ to anyone! (See – Opinions!!) Do your homework. We have had on occasions some very nice twee writing or some Young Adult but when you look at what we publish, it doesn’t usually fit.

Going back to opinions, I am proud to be part of a selection process that takes into consideration multiple views from folks from different backgrounds, stages in life and more importantly varying tastes. Diane for example is really into slasher porn work. The more deranged the better. Tobias enjoys stories about space exploring Trolls, Adam loves stories which only have a punch line, Nik adores a work related love in and I am the appreciator of Romance.

…I have had to pause there due to cramp, as my tongue was firmly stuck in my cheek. Going back to our selection process I hope that we get it right more times than wrong. We have occasionally changed our minds when listening to each other’s pleas and points of view. I think that together we represent a fair old cross section of readers so the stories that we pick or reject is a fair reflection. (Quality of writing has to be there no matter what though!)

When we reject anything we do so politely, with reason and after much consideration. We give every writer and every story that consideration. If you think the email is a bit curt then you are being too sensitive. Remember, we have read your work, debated, considered and decided. As a writer you need to develop a thick skin very quickly. Please don’t become disheartened, no matter who rejects you or how many times. Agents, publishers, magazines or sites like ours unfortunately have to say NO more times than YES. We don’t take any pleasure in it but for our integrity, we do need to reject.

Just remember it isn’t the end of the world. I’m quite sure that you have never been told to sod off and die, unlike me who has heard this from my minister, my mother and a lady of the night even after I had paid her. I couldn’t print what the publishers have said!!

So onto the stories that we haven’t rejected! Man!! I’m doing it again. Rubbish links!!! I really do feel like a seventies DJ, and in the seventies they probably felt like me!!!

We had two newsters and a vast array of topics. Everything from prejudice, Bogles, Superheroes, addictions, water friends and returning characters are in the mix this week.

(As usual our initial comments follow)

On Monday we had a fourth time, returning author. Mr Chris Dehon sent us in the very harrowing ‘Liquid Memory

‘Powerful stuff.’

‘Sad, shocking and brutal.’

‘I was completely engrossed.’

Daniel Tobin is a new writer, who we welcome. He was up on Tuesday with a story that could inspire many more. ‘Origin Story‘ was his first and we hope not his last.

‘I’ve never read this type of story before, I enjoyed it.’

‘I was hooked.’

‘Really well done.’

Wednesday gave us ‘The Bard Of Oracle Park‘ from the lovely, eccentric Leila Allison.

‘Another new, wonderful, interesting character.’

‘A beautiful piece of writing.’

‘I was mesmerized and enthralled.’

Another first time contributor, Jeffrey Lehberg is a welcome addition to the site. He had his story ‘G-PTSD ‘published on Thursday.

‘The crash was very well handled.’

‘An old fashioned monster story done with some style.’

‘I enjoyed the story intermingled with the explanation of legends.’

And so onto Friday. We were very pleased to publish David Henson’s second story ‘My Powdered Friend’

‘Some important comments about prejudice.’

‘Very clever.’

‘Brilliantly done.’

Well folks, that’s us for another week.

Please keep sending stories. Keep looking for publishers and agents. And hopefully you won’t beat my record of twenty-seven years!!!


10 thoughts on “Week 83 – Rejection, Rejection, Rejection…

    • Cheers Fran,
      I wonder what it is like for those folks who have never been rejected in their lives? (Personally, I hate them!!)
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow! That is a lot, but thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I plan to submit my book for publishing next year. I’m sure it’s going to be rejected, but I still want to try for submission.


  2. Rodney Dangerfield had the best line about rejection. Being a family site I’ll only infer that it involved a time honored method of self gratification and a bored right hand. I collect my rejection notices and keep a list. Just why I do this is obscure even to me.
    L. Allison


    • Being rejected by your own hobby, man that’s harsh!!!!
      I used to keep my rejections in the days when you sent out work but got bored after I had to move into a bigger house!
      Thanks Leila, you always make me smile!!!


    • Cheers James,
      I am the most alive person in the world. They won’t even take blood from me!
      Thanks for taking the time to read and reply my friend.
      I hope all is well with you and yours!


  3. Great advice. As a relative novice I forgot that I am going to meet rejection and need to develop a thick skin. Although not writing professionally I am interested in learning all I can about writing.


    • Hello!
      A cracking way to learn…Is by putting yourself out there.
      So why not have a look at our submission guidelines and have a go!!
      Oh and please look at Post 110 for some facts and figures about the submissions we receive.
      And have a look throughout our stories to see the kind of thing that we are looking for.
      Wishing you every success. (Fun and frustration is a given!)

      Liked by 1 person

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