Week 80 – Emotions, Pygmies And Paddling Pools


typewriterYet again, our hearts go out to those effected by events in this sick world!!


Something strange happened this week. I laughed and was filled with an ambition. I want to visit Iceland. (Sorry Diane, Adam and all my English friends!!!) I am petty, childish but grateful that this narrow-minded thought came to me as it gave me an idea for this post.

I would like to consider emotion through writing. Well more to the point, emotion within a writer. Now I am a Scottish person and we only have three emotions – Deranged, depressed or drunk. Admittedly being deranged or depressed is determined by what we have drunk. (NB – Only self deprecation is acceptable!!) So I was wondering if writers are more emotional or empathic to emotions than folks who don’t write. I posed the question to Gwen and asked her if I was more emotional whilst I was writing. Once she stopped laughing, she started again. She stated very eloquently that my emotions were as deep as a pygmies paddling pool with a hole in it, and this was at anytime. She emphasised ‘anytime’. I felt nonplussed and poked myself in the eye to feign tears.

What I must admit to is considering some very horrible things. I hate to say this but even within my life I find my mind thinking about events that would scare me to say. My reasoning is that the curiosity of the unconsidered and the actions of the frightening are tempting me to write – Well I hope that is the case. I have shuddered and tried to dismiss some thoughts but at the back of my mind, I realise that I am thinking on what I could do with those ideas and considerations. I try not to confuse this with my list of enemies and my inventive demise of them!! But I then begin to wonder if it is only me who does this? (Insular or what??) When I read the ‘nice’ stories and these authors return with more of the same, I really do doubt myself. Oh please don’t think that I am slagging off the more beige topics but have these authors ever considered the darker side of life? Has rape, murder, mutilation, paedophilia ever knocked at their minds and said ‘Consider me!!’ To be honest our world is full of these intrusive facts, so I just wonder how anyone shuts off to them. Or do they have the strength not to be defiled by those topics and therefore stick to the happier ones? On the other-hand is it the fear of the consideration and the emotions that they would invoke that deters them?

This is one thing that I love to explore and that is a writer’s thought process. It is only the person themselves who can tell you what they did and did not consider. The story is the reader’s and up to them to interpret but the writer’s specific ideas and more importantly their considered emotions are only for the author to know. But the only way that you can find this out is either by talking to them or if it is the case, being honest with yourself!!

OK crap link number 40!!! One thing that is emotionally clear is our stories for this week. (Can these tie-ins get any worse??)

We have three multiple contributors and two new folks. They have covered such emotional subjects (I can’t help myself! Relevance, that should be another topic!!! ‘Relevance and when the hell to stop harping on.’) on consideration, desperation, ambition, revelation and manipulation.

Monday and we had Mr Ed Barkin send us in ‘The Hell With Hollywood’. Ed is adding to his back catalogue which can only be good for our readers.

Usual comments follow.

‘I am sure that this will have appeal.’

‘Unusual and well thought out.’

‘Quirky and interesting.’

We had another friend and major supporter of the site on Tuesday when we published Adam Kluger’s aptly titled, ‘Beaten But Not Bowed‘.

‘I liked the thoughts in this.’

‘The dialogue was great, natural and believable.’

‘The scene setting was excellent.’

Martyn Clayton was up on Wednesday with his fourth story, ‘Victorian Anthropology‘. Martyn always writes to a very high standard.

‘Very evocative. The flow and pace are great.’

‘I enjoyed the journey of who she was.’

‘Easy to read with a consistent voice.’

Thursday followed and we had the first of our new writers. We welcome David Henson with his touching story, ‘The Bracelet‘. We hope that he sends us more in soon.

‘I enjoyed the snippets of life.’

‘The very last line made the whole story more poignant.’

‘Quite a deep piece.’

The end of the week but hopefully the start of Kirk Windus’s involvement with the site. Kirk’s first story for us was his teasing tale, ‘Guests Of Honor’ which was published on Friday.

‘Beautifully understated.’

‘I was pretty much hooked.’

‘We are left with thoughts of a smooth player influencing both of them.’

I hope that you all enjoyed our stories this week. We would like to say that the standard lately has been very good. Please keep sending them and we will keep publishing them!!

So I’ll find a paddling pool to wet my ankles and leave you good folks until next time.

Go on, get emotional…Or not and write something that makes you emotional…Or not!!!




Banner Image: -By Alan-Cottey-W-M (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) or GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

2 thoughts on “Week 80 – Emotions, Pygmies And Paddling Pools

  1. I get very emotional. I watched a video today of an African-American man getting shot by two policemen in US who held him down. He was just lying there and they executed him. Several shots in his chest. In front of a store, in front of people. I couldn’t help myself. I saw the article and had to read it. I saw the amateur shot video and had to press play. Afterwards I felt so bad. It really crushed me to see power being used that way against someone so helpless. He complied, yet still they killed him. I wouldn’t say I got angry or felt rage, but affected and emotional. I talk with Sophie about it. I read on. I walk around the apartment and play out the scenario and what I would have tried to do if I were there. What would I’ve said? Just begged them? Would it really have worked? And that can easily spiral to a negative pattern for me. I must channel it. And so I write.

    Great post as always. Get’s me thinking.
    Cheers and all the very best, my friend.


  2. Hi Tobias,
    It is a sad day when emotion goes.
    I remember 1996 and watching the events in Dunblane. I thought that if nothing changed then, nothing ever would. Nothing changed and we are seeing horror after horror on a weekly basis. The saddest thing I can state is, WHATEVER happens in this world it won’t surprise me anymore. That is a tragedy that this acceptance is a coping mechanism.
    All the very best my friend.


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