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Week 78 – Polls, Slim Whitman And Sloths.

typewriterI only hope that we can go a few months without looking at the weeks events with sadness. More tragedy in Orlando with two horrific incidents. Our thoughts are with all involved.

This week I can’t read a paper without being bombarded by the referendum. Polls more polls and drivel. Next week the British people will have to decide whether or not to stay in the E.U. Now I nearly did an EEEUUU joke but I won’t. All this nonsense is exactly the same as the vote on Independence a few years back for Scotland. Folks stuck with the status quo (‘Long Legged Linda’, ‘Everything’, ‘Stones In My Head’ and ‘Dirty Water’ are worth a visit to YouTube.) simply because there were no guaranteed answers. I think the same will happen next week. And if you want my thoughts on whether or not this is right or wrong, I don’t have any. I will never believe what politicians say as they are either thieves, liars or paedophiles. If they deny all of these they will have at the very least proven themselves to be liars. No politician can say with their tentacles on their hearts that they have never told a lie. I mean, just look at all their expense accounts for a start!  Now I myself am up for a bit of lethargy. I can’t be arsed listening. I can’t be arsed believing and I sure as hell wont be voting. People are entitled to do what they want and vote how they want. If a change, or not, is going to benefit you, I can totally understand you voting. It is all nonsense to me. Not being arsed can be mistaken for wanting to moan at who gets the vote and be a champion for the loser. I would never say we would be better off. The alternative is simply a different load of charlatans working to a different point of view. I believe that there are liars to the left of me and liars to the right, so I choose to sit back and enjoy the sloth’s envy.

What has brought this to my mind apart from the boring relentless journalism and the countless politicians insisting that their point of view is the correct one, is The European Football Championship. I just look at the people who have not conducted themselves very well and think, this week we are fighting with our brothers. Next week we may be fighting with others but no matter what the vote, we will always be fighting. Business, politics or football, it makes no odds. Everyone is there for their own agenda. I have even read reports that the vote is a class divide. But to be truthful, Britain can say what it wants but there is still a huge class system with more issues than a vote on bloody Europe!

So next week instead of attending the polling station, I’ll be watching ‘Mars Attacks’ and listening to Jack Nicholson say ‘Why can’t we all just get along?’ It shouldn’t matter who we are affiliated to. The sad thing is it does to those who have the power and means to campaign and manipulate. We will never be allowed to hear a fair and balanced debate and I simply can’t be arsed trying to work it out or worry about any consequences!

What I do have an opinion on is another week of wonderful stories! (Sorry for the naff link!!) We have done well with the new writers, I think four out of the five this week were first timers!

I love writing these sentences describing what we have read this week. Some of the topics, you would never expect to be mentioned together – We have everything from hippies to a spouse killing, bed ridden friendships to the loss of a parent…Oh and the adventures of François-Marie Arouet. (Don’t be impressed, I looked him up.)…And not a poll in sight!!!!

On Monday we had a very valued friend and contributor in Tom Sheehan. We are always amazed at the standard that he achieves time after time. As usual our comments on his story, ‘Reflections Aft‘ follow.

‘Tom is as poetic a writer as you will read.’

‘I loved the way he built this.’

‘He’s a lovely writer.’

We welcomed Fred Russel on Tuesday. He sent us in his very entertaining and unusual tale, ‘Voltaire In England.’ We hope to receive more from Fred.

‘What a strange little story!’

‘I would love to unleash this on our audience and see what they make of it.’

‘It all kind of works.’

Wednesday came and we published another new author. G A Shepard sent us in his tragic tale of family loss, ‘Crawfish Prayer‘.

‘There was just enough revelation about the family’s life after the accident.’

‘A poignant and believable story.’

‘The characters engaged me.’

Not a surprise at Thursday being next. We must welcome Steve Carr aboard and were happy to become acquainted with, ‘Eleanor‘.

‘The ending gives us more mystery to think on.’


‘This held my attention to the end.’

I wanted to wear some flowers in my hair for Craig Terlson’s debut story, ‘Nowheresville’. A nod to some psychedelia was a fitting end to the week

‘This touched on many topics and issues.’

‘Very authentic.’

‘There are several layers to this.’

Well folks, that’s all for us this week.

I plan to watch some football, laugh at Slim Whitman’s song killing Martians, ignore the results of the referendum and have a doze with a sloth.


2 thoughts on “Week 78 – Polls, Slim Whitman And Sloths.”

  1. Thanks, Hugh, for a nice Saturday morning uplift, two stories underway here, both under scrutiny since 5:00 AM, and two more books due next month, The Cowboys from Pocol Press in Virginia and Jehrico from Danse Macabre’s Hammer & Anvil Books in Las Vegas. Other parts of the morning go well: nice thoughts and thanks to all those who have made comments an integral part of your issue, one son painting the house, a 13-year old grandson off to play a double-header in Arlington, MA with his mother, another son due here on Monday from NC at the same time I’ll be at a doc’s appointment for follow-up check, all making my 89th year here a distinct pleasure, and you folks there a great part of it. Thanks, Tom Sheehan

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