Week 71 – A Bit Sad.

typewriterWhy do we feel a loss when it isn’t connected to us? And I don’t meant those mutants that are in tears and can’t eat just because some boy band member has decided to leave his talentless mates. It is strange when a celebrity dies. It can also give us a good laugh. There was a Conservative MP who died years ago while indulging in a solo sex game and he was dressed in a rather memorable outfit with some attachments attached and inserted. There was a bit of a hoo-hah as the details were released a bit too quickly. I have my own theory. I think whoever found him, called all and sundry and stated, ‘You’ve just got to see this!!’

But it is strange when you feel loss for someone you have never known. I know that we can say that they touched us with their books / films / music but I think it is simpler than that. I read somewhere that the brain cannot distinguish when emotion is relevant. It can’t separate grief, the difference between personal and social loss. This is why some of us cry at sad films. We can’t differentiate between what is real and related and what is fictional. I myself have never cried at a film. I have a few films that I don’t watch. No ‘Lassie’ or ‘King Kong’ for me. I also don’t watch any films where Tom Hanks doesn’t get killed and I especially don’t watch any films of 1966 when England won the world cup. If I want a really good cry I simply look at an empty bottle of whisky or read my bank statement.

So to the sadness and the confusion of me feeling genuine sorrow…It was so sad to hear of the death of Prince this week. He was a big part of my early adult years. I can remember listening to a radio in a forklift while I was doing my first ever stint at that long past tradition of overtime. ‘I was happily sorting out some Red Pine singing along to ‘When Doves Cry’. I myself cried when I saw my wage slip…Fifteen hours overtime for thirteen measly quid!! When I was out of a Saturday, the pubs and clubs were always playing ‘Little Red Corvette’ and ‘1999’. I danced a few dances with Gwen to ‘Purple Rain’. And I loved the lyrics to ‘The Ladder’ from the album ‘Around The World In A Day’. So I reckon I feel sad, not so much because I can’t differentiate between Prince and my Granny but more due to the fact that his music was with me over the few years that I genuinely did enjoy. Rest In Peace.

OK folks, to our offerings this week. It was a dark week with some comedy thrown in. We had topics such as Gothic and Fantasy. We touched on cancer, death and ashes. Although not all together in the same story. These topics were all superbly handled by some old friends and a few newbies.

There are the usual examples of our comments.

On Monday we had another story from Ashlie Allen with her beautiful atmospheric short, ‘Orchid Thirst’. This wasn’t even the Gothic example I have already mentioned!


‘Madness and depression so well demonstrated’

Larry Lefkowitz is new to the site and he sent us the wonderfully observed, fun poking at the expense of the Gothic and fantasy genre with his excellent ‘Overdue Appearance’.

‘It was clever to incorporate examples of his plots as part of this story.

‘Very clever and there are a lot of funny moments’.

There is not much more that we can say about the multi-talented Mr Adam Kluger. On Wednesday we published his slice of life story, ‘What Happened To Milton?’

‘Very clever. Much deeper than it seems at the outset.’

‘Great story – One of Adam’s best.’

Thursday came along and next up was Leila Allison with ‘Saint Frances Everlasting’. This was a follow up to her ‘The Crossed Star Of Bethlehem’. I’ll let the last comment speak for itself.

‘The characters are brilliant’

‘We have all seen a lady of a certain age who has a beehive you can see through when the light hits it!’

‘Leila is as constantly good as anyone who submits to LS’.

We had another new person on Friday. Claudine Cain gave us a wonderful take on a sad familiarity with her short story, ‘Standard Delivery’.

‘Wonderful tone and atmosphere.’

‘A super bit of writing.’

There is a lot of sadness within these stories. I am back to doing terrible links!! (My fellow editors will agree. That is all I ever do!!) but they are explored in each writers unique manner.

That’s us for another week. So even though Prince probably invented the abomination that is text speak, I will go and listen to ‘The Ladder’, drink something purple and be a bit sad.


Banner Image: By inabstracting (Purple Rain) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

3 thoughts on “Week 71 – A Bit Sad.

  1. Prince, David Bowie, Lemmy, Merle Haggard. The good news here is that none of them pulled the 27 Club routine, nor were any stupid enough to get into an airplane with a pilot who has maybe an hours’ air experience. But the cliche is true; art lives forever. John Lennon, Marvin Gaye and Amy Winehouse are, in way, as around as ever. Since we are all mortal, the memories we leave behind are all that matter.
    L. Allison


  2. Thanks ladies, I really appreciate your comments.
    It is difficult for me to write anything without having some sort of musical reference. Oh, I can’t play or sing a note but music has went hand in hand with every major event in my life.
    Thanks for your continual interest in my madness.


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