Week 70 – Memories

typewriterOk we are on week 70! What has that number inspired in me? Well it reminds me of the 70s. Now I know that we are a worldwide community but unless I look on the web I can only say what the seventies meant to me as a very young Scottish person. I loved the music. I loved the freedom of flares although I lost my wee Yorkshire Terrier under them on so many occasions. I thought I had hit puberty early but eventually realised that it wasn’t my legs sprouting hair, just the dog hiding! I especially appreciated not having to iron my cheesecloth shirt. But polo necks (Turtle-necks) they were something quite different. They were positively evil. My mother’s sadism knew no bounds as she insisted that I wear these elbows of the devil. Even now the thought of a wet neck and one of those jumpers makes me shudder! I feel positively ill watching The Poseidon Adventure with Gene Hackmen wearing one of those things. And to cap it all, he is soaking wet all through the film!!

I can’t think about the seventies without mentioning the music! I know that it was crap but I loved and still do all the Glam Rock. Slade with ‘My Friend Stan’ T-Rex’s brilliant ‘I Love To Boogie’ and especially The Sweet’s ‘Alexander Graham Bell’ are still some of my guilty pleasures. ‘The Night Chicago Died’ by Paper Lace, ‘Soley Soley’ from Middle Of The Road and ‘Snoopy Versus The Red Baron’ from the obscure Hotshots were particular favourites. Film wise we had ‘Rocky’, ‘The Omen Trilogy’, ‘The Godfather’, ‘Dirty Harry’, ‘Jaws’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘The Exorcist’, to name but a few. Every one of these films were an instigator to what we are now watching.

We had meals that we thought were chic to the extreme. Prawn cocktail, Coq Au Van and Peach Melba was a banquet in those days. We became thoroughly cosmopolitan!

In those days we had, ‘weel kent faces’ such as Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville and Stuart Hall…But if truth be told, we all knew that there was something a little off! We were happier when we were listening to sexism, racism and bigotry. If ‘The Comedians’ didn’t give it to us, the politicians did.

Back to this week. I have been celebrating. I had a cracking night on the 21st. It was the birthday of someone special. You may not have heard. My dad was 77 on that day. We had a few haufs to celebrate. I read somewhere that there was another birthday in Britain that was supposed to mean something. It was so special in fact, that Andre Rieu wrote a waltz. For some reason I thought someone French would have been chosen to orchestrate. Anyway, I don’t think that he needed to go to that trouble as there are two songs by ‘The Prodigy’ that would have suited this occasion down to the ground. ‘Firestarter’ would have been very appropriate, simply because no-one will ever persuade me that Windsor Castle wasn’t an insurance job! There was another song that may have been relevant although I can’t quite remember the title but I think it was banned!

Now to our superb shorts this week!

Another eclectic mix of topics from Science Fiction to fables, a touch of physics to being put out to pasture and the Old West to historic tragedy. Who needs a site with only one genre?

As usual some of our first thoughts are quoted.

On Monday, we had Mark Glover. We all appreciate the work that Mark put into this, his first outing with Literally Stories. His harrowing short, ‘Swords Hanging On The Wall’ had all of us saying the same initial comment:

‘I want this published!’

‘An important piece’

‘I wanted to think on this’

There is nothing I can say about Tuesday’s author that hasn’t already been said. With The Craterville Catastrophe , the amazing Mr Tom Sheehan gave us what I think, may have been our first cowboy story,   (We have had an Indian one).

‘Quirky use of language’

‘You all know I am a fan of this author’

‘In a way it has a fable feel to it’.

Wednesday brought us a new author to the site. Doug Hawley brought us a witty Science Fiction parody with his offering of ‘The Dumb’.

‘Some really funny lines.’


‘Pace was very good.’

As the week rolled on we got to Thursday and another newbie. Keith Frady had the wonderfully gentle and clever tale, ‘Ballad Of A Ray Of Light’ published.

‘Poetic and lyrical.’

‘A bit of fun.’

‘Very happy to see this go up.’

And at the end of the week a very perceptive story from Donald Baker with ‘Shadowed Solitude’.

‘All the topics hit a mark with me.’

‘This kept me hooked’

‘The ending offered some hope and a sense of possibility which I liked.’

That’s the weeks doings done once again. It is a pleasure for us to continue to read all of your work.

So until we meet again; indulge with a prawn cocktail, listen to some Glam Rock, keep writing, keep reading and next week I’ll have to change my pitch!


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