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Literally Stories – Week 42


The last week has thrown up all manner of political oddities from around the world – and I’m not just referring to Donald Trump’s combover which must be standing on end at the news that Arnold Schwarzenegger (an immigrant no less) has stolen his old job on The Apprentice. The Labour Party in the UK has a new leader several light years left of centre. Australia is going through Prime Ministers faster than a stuttering sports team changes managers, and just this afternoon in Burkina Faso a very large chap in an army uniform locked up the President.

At Literally Stories we try and steer clear of politics. No military coups for us. No bloc voting. Just an oasis of calm, storytelling quality in a world of turmoil.

Week 42 sees its usual mix of friends old and new along with the full spectrum of emotions.

Except on one day, Monday to be exact, where we looked through Dallas Gorbett’s Morose Colored Glasses to find out what it’s like to be entirely devoid of emotion. Finding a cure for alexithymia proves to be not quite all it promised to be. Dallas’ story on the other hand was all it promised to be and more. Welcome Dallas.

Tuesday is the kind of we’re-into-the-week-already kind of a day that needs some magic and Tom Sheehan provided it by the sled-load with his beautifully crafted piece, Fahrenheit, Electricity and a Flexible FlyerIf you can’t find some hope in this tale of the possibilities of youth then there’s…errm…no hope for you.

Louis Hunter is fast getting a reputation on our site for original and unusual stories and his ghostly oddity, Your Scheduled Recording, provided an unsettling and satisfying read on Wednesday. I won’t be painting my door red any time soon.

Our very own Tobias Haglund loves tackling difficult characters and tough situations and in Retinitis Pigmentosa he used a rare medical condition to elevate an everyday love story into something extraordinary. Powerful and tragic, this is a story to make you smile while it breaks your heart.

We ended the week as we began, by welcoming a new writer to Literally Stories. The Lunch by Jennifer MacKenzie-Hutchison is a story of family life told through the eyes of a forty-something woman. The real beauty of this piece is that it reflects the simple reality that family life is anything but simple and it leaves you with a sense of change, and the hope that dysfunction can begin to function. Welcome Jennifer.


Ricky Gervais commented earlier in the year that he loved being nominated for comedy awards so he could turn up and watch Louis CK win. It’s starting to feel a bit like that around here with that Haglund chap dancing his way to another story of the week title.

Congratulations Tobias. What’s that? You want a reward? Fine. We’ll let you post your Literally Stories In Conversation With Literally Stories piece tomorrow, how d’ya like them cloudberries?

story of the week banner

Can Tobbe LS make it three from three? Will he be overturned by a wily veteran? A young upstart perhaps? Best you get voting folks…

2 thoughts on “Literally Stories – Week 42”

  1. Hi Nik, I see that you are keeping up the excellent standard of the weekend round-up in the absence of Mr West. (The Last Round-Up was in the best episode of Bilko ever!!! -‘ Bilko Goes South’)
    Sorry off on my usual tangents!

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