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Literally Stories Week 30


It is an opinion held by many that there are no new stories in the world. There are merely endless variations on a set of themes. New ways of making them felt.

We reinvent. We deceive. We tell stories.

One of our storytellers this week is a new face to LS – Amanda McTigue.

Welcome Amanda.

Reinvention and deception played a strong role in each of the five very different tales selected this past week.

Monday saw dm gillis taking us on a journey through a world of religious and corporate deception with his usual originality and flair in Monsanto Jesus. If there really are no new stories then we are fortunate to have people like dm reinventing them for us.

On Tuesday Hugh Cron gave us a character most of us would like to believe doesn’t exist. A character who had deceived himself and those around him and in stripping away the deception and reinventing himself discovered he had a way out. Sam is a heartbreaking and brave piece of writing which provoked some strong reactions.

By Wednesday the reinvention of the past was the central theme in Nik Eveleigh’s Reinventing Amy. This story of love, loss, regret and friendship explores how we often deceive ourselves in remembering those who have departed. It also has a pie dish with an identity crisis.

Thursday brought us another piece of excellent fiction from Todd Levin. Todd writes complex stories with a seemingly effortless ease and his retelling of the sixties in The Starling Fashion stands up to the rest of his impressive body of work on the site.

The Friday story from Amanda McTigue capped the week perfectly. You Don’t Say No To Ituango is a fast paced and evocative story set in Colombia. It is laced with deceit and characters who reinvent themselves all in the name of money. Beautifully written and well worth checking out.

And so to the story of the week…

story of the week banner

I mentioned that our Thursday author Todd Levin has an impressive body of work on the site and it seems I’m not the only one who thinks so. His story The Weight romped home in first place and was the deserved story of the week.

Can he repeat his success this week or will The Weight of expectation be too much? It’s all in your hands – cast your votes and let’s find out…!

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  1. Thanks to all that voted, it is appreciated. And to all those who also wrote last week (and this week for that matter) I feel all the more honoured. The writing on here just keeps getting better and better.


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