Literally Stories Week 29


Everything in life is said to be separated by so many degrees, six, or is it seven? Something or someone is in some way connected to someone or something else such that you discover Genghis Khan is inextricably linked to your Aunt Mabel.

Uncanny, isn’t it?

No it is not uncanny.

No doubt with little effort and a less than sparky imagination, you or I, could, if we could see the point of it, track down those threads, those filaments however tenuous, which tie one story to another to another in Week 29’s literary litany that began with The Unholy Trinity, moved onto It Happens Every Other SundayToffee-Head Tom, and A Geronimo Moon and ended with The Weight.

Never fear Aunt Mabel, your name will not be mentioned in the same breath as Toffee-Head Tom or Geronimo.

Who will get mentioned are LS newcomers, Irene Allison and Catfish McDaris.

Welcome Irene and Catfish.

So the week started with a dose of cyber-punk in the guise of The Unholy Trinity. A wee poke at all things symbolic by a chap better known for wearing grey Lycra, black leather gloves and a bat-eared mask. Wait a second: I just got word someone checked Adam’s birth certificate and it would appear – HOLY MACKEREL! – it is in fact NOT that Adam West.

Tuesday, Irene Allison landed us on the Pacific North-West coast in It Happens Every Other Sunday. A well observed comment on modern life overlaid with bitterness and loss.

Toffee-Head Tom is a whimsical character created by a man better known far better for his ‘dirty realism’ than his Esther Rantzen jokes. Hugh Cron tells a sad tale with a big heart. Wry humour at its best.

A Geronimo Moon shines dimly over the scrub lands of the Arizona New Mexico border in this stark, yet richly observed story of workers on the move in search of casual labouring jobs. This is No Country for McArthy or Steinbeck, but all the same, there is quite a surprise in store for the reader, courtesy of writer, Catfish McDaris.

Todd Levin is no stranger to this neck of the mulitiverse and anyone familiar with both hospital corridors and Todd’s unique storytelling style will have gladly taken the strain of his latest story The Weight.

Good to see you back Todd. It’s never a burden.

In the contest that began life as a standing long jump and progressed through a dash to a middle distance slog and concluded with a muscle shattering Marathon, Tobias Haglund (no relation to Tobais Haglund) edged out his four very worthy opponents to crawl upon the podium and claim first prize in the competition that has Story of the Week emblazoned all over it.

His uncompromising take on the complexities of sexual identity, Carla, is well worth a read.

Don’t forget to give this week’s contestants a cheer over the winning line but remember, all of our published authors are winners in their own right.


story of the week banner

Tomorrow sees the second in our Editor Picks series. LS author and stalwart supporter, Vic Smith, shares with us his three favourite stories from the site.

And finally, a quick mention for our In Conversation slot. Look up the guidelines via this link. If nothing else having a go at this is a good try-out of your dialogue writing abilities and it might, who knows, provide the inspiration you are looking for in your latest literary project?

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