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Editor Picks by Vic Smith


We invited Literally Stories author and friend, Vic Smith, to be Editor for a day and choose three great short stories from the site. Here is what Vic had to say about the three stories he chose and why he felt they were special.

This list of my three favourite stories from Literally Stories only crystallised as I set out to write it. These are the stories that meant most to me at that moment. At another time, when I’m in a different mood or when the weather has changed, it would be a different list. The depth of talent here is too great to be summed up in such a small number.

The first story is Three Weeks by Todd Levin. It is a tale of city living, hope and disillusionment.

Simple everyday events are built into a thoughtful, well-observed story with emotional depth. I find it unsettling to read, and that is a good thing. If writing doesn’t shake my comfortable view of the world, I feel disappointed.

The comings and goings in an apartment block reveal something of the lives of the people who live there. The interactions between the characters have the distance and impersonality of the big city, yet they are still people, and people take an interest in each other.

Todd has more stories here, and they all have the same depth and intelligence.

Next is Snow on the Ground by Des Kelly. This is a portrait of a relationship, drawn in deft and subtle strokes. I am envious of the style of this story. It is spare and sure. Every word deserves to be included. There is space to fill with your own imaginings. This is typical of Des’s work.

We are shown the final days of a journey that has been shared by two people, though it has not meant the same to both of them. Much is hinted at, rather than described at length. This is not a shortcoming, but a strength. We are given enough detail to appreciate their arrival at their current understanding.

There is sadness in this story. There is also acceptance and hope.

My final choice is Wireless by dm gillis, who has only just begun to submit work here. I hope that there will me much more to come. This is a funny and fast-moving story with disturbing undertones. It is witty enough to make you laugh, and the imagery is clear and real. The plot seems outlandish at first, but a suspicion will soon creep in that it might not be impossible after all. Wonderful writing like this comes from a mercurial mind.

The story starts innocently enough with a discussion on supermarket etiquette, meanders via the difficulties of incompatible home office equipment to reach a much more sinister place. It is a journey worth taking. You will be in safe hands.


Vic Smith


Banner photograph: By Xpolj42 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

17 thoughts on “Editor Picks by Vic Smith”

  1. Great choices and it’s fascinating to read just what you got from these three particular pieces. good job Vic and thanks very much for sharing your thoughts on these stories.


  2. Hi Vic

    Thank you for choosing one of my stories as one of your three. I came honestly intrigued to see which you had chosen not expecting my name to be amongst them…as you say, there is such variety and talent here. I’ve been made to feel very welcome here so I’ll always keep coming back but thank you. It means a lot to me.


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  3. Vic, thanks for selecting one of my stories for your choices. I have become disillusioned with writing recently, and it’s pleasing to know my efforts are appreciated. All the best. Des


    1. I’m sorry to hear that, Des. I know what you mean, though. Sometimes it’s not only ‘Can I do this?’ but ‘Is it worth doing at all?’. I hope that you can come through it and get some more of your work out into public view, where it fully deserves to be. Best wishes. Vic


    2. Des

      In case you don’t know this, I offer my hand and say that you’re not alone in that. I’m sure others here would back me up on this. I feel the same a few weeks after each short story I put out and the only thing that makes me believe in this again, ironically, is to sit back down and do it all over again. If it doesn’t come out the first or second time or the third time, I keep trying. I know we all say that we do this for ourselves but sometimes that can be a lonely feeling when all you want to do is put something out that others will want to read and might just be able to feel.

      If you want to drop me a line on Twitter (if you have it), go ahead and I’ll drop you my email address so if you get that feeling and want to hear from someone from this amazing world we work in who often gets the same way, please do.

      Someone who’d been following my blog for a while emailed me a few weeks ago to tell me that reading my stories made them feel less alone. She’s that one person I at least always wanted to get through to.

      We write alone and feel what we put down and sometimes it might feel like it’s not heard. Keep writing. Sometimes you might not realise the impact you’re making.


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  4. Hi Vic, I can only echo what everyone has said regarding your choices and your take on them. I know that it is difficult to do but I hope that you got a bit of fun out of choosing. I always look forward to reading your comments as they are always done with a level headed kindness. You give the stories and authors the respect that they all deserve.
    All the very best my friend.

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