The Hobby By Hugh Cron – Adult Content


Open letter to who can access:

We need to refrain from the hobby. It is with regret that I will implement this. To all involved within my branch, I ask that you cease immediately. I know that may be difficult, especially for the more enthusiastic and extreme members but it must stop.

We have suffered many losses. Some members are now out of circulation and there is going to be a storm regarding others. The protection that this branch guaranteed, unfortunately has to be considered compromised. There will be no more payments taken until our present difficulties are eradicated. I wish to ensure you that we will continue to monitor as much as we can, any future involvements for any potential return to our participation. I would say that the expectation may actually be more exquisite than the involvement.

I refer you all to the terms and conditions of our membership. The instructions of this letter must be strictly adhered to. If there is any non-compliance, then the wrath of the organisation will come down on the person responsible. There will be no excuses. The focus of their downfall will be irrelevant. Failure to comply will mean permanent removal.

If there are any ongoing hobbyists who have apparatus at their disposal, please let us know through the usual channels so said apparatus can be removed. Details are for the branch only as per the agreement. If there is a close connection to the apparatus, the same protocol will ensue. For this we insist on complete silence to any involvement. If this condition is broken, I refer you back to the previous cases and the removal of all their connections.

I can only apologise that this has happened. However, the organisation can only do so much. We fulfil the hobbyist but can’t be fully responsible for any of their own shortfalls. You all know when you join that there are certain levels. If the people in question had taken out our Platinum Plan, they would not be having the problems that they are. This in turn has compromised us. (We have only ever had one Platinum member have a problem and we still managed to intervene to their advantage) We are considering there only being a Platinum Level to enter this organisation when we are able to re-start. I am sorry to have to advise you of this as I know that the difference in cost is substantial. Unfortunately, if we wish to continue, we have learnt, that only this organisation can guarantee the anonymity required. I do hope that you will all consider this. The costings will have changed due to recent events and we are hoping to post them in the usual manner within the next twenty-eight days.

Please be patient. We can set up everything except for participation. We are continually working towards a return date. As I am sure that you realise, this is out-with this branches hands. I would like to say that it will be solved in May but it is a more complicated than that. We will have a better idea then and will hopefully be able to post our participation worksheets with all relevant hobbies and dates.

Until the usual notification is seen, do not try to access any further information. This medium will close until then.

I end this notice with our motto:

I thank you all for your patience and participation.

Hugh Cron

10 thoughts on “The Hobby By Hugh Cron – Adult Content

    • Thanks Diane, this may not be everybody’s cup of tea but comments like yours makes me think it was worth putting it out there.
      Thanks as always for your support and help!!


  1. A very, very interesting experiment with the format. Placing the unsettling feeling of discomfort in the head of the reader. Something unsaid or intangible is often scarier. Well done, Hugh.
    ATVB my friend


    • Cheers Tobias. You are right, having an institution who know, understand, hide and police is worrying for us all. Unfortunately this is all to evident these days.


    • Thank you so much June. We did discuss whether or not this was a little too vague. Hence a lot of thought going into the image!
      I am always happy to see you visiting us.
      All the very best.


  2. As others said, it’s what’s not said that really grips here. What does this organisation do? Who are they? Macguffins abound, and that’s a good thing. Shadowy, shadowy. Loved this!


    • Thank you so much for your understanding of this piece. As you stated, the undercurrent of this story is what it was all about!


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