Literally Stories Week 14



Another week of  words where verbs very welcome were. Verbosity? No. Not us. Never. We would never use a very unnecessary word. Why do I begin the news piece this way? An important lesson, of course. An edited piece stands a stronger chance. Remove unwanted verbosity. Look up the word verbosity, then add back those words you removed and cut the fat. Now, to some lighter news.

Light bulbs are on sale.

Yes! Can you believe I’m still allowed to write these news pieces?

The Monday story was Aunt Miranda by Diane M Dickson. James McEwan said: “this is a wonderful story, it is tragic and sad but reverberates with so much truth.”

The Tuesday story was Beffroi by Tobias Haglund. June Griffin said: “A fascinating story! You described the burning rose of a sun brilliantly as it set on an unhappy couple who seemed to shrink to the size of an unwatched human exhibit, sooner or later to sink into the dreaded darkness themselves.”

The Wednesday story was Horses Riding in upon the Waves by Des Kelly. Tobias Haglund wrote: “Beautiful descriptions. I feel like I’m repeating myself but you are very apt at writing these fully developed and complicated characters.”

The Thursday story was 2:45 AM by Todd Levin. Vic Smith said: “This is top quality, Todd. It is powerful and true, and lasts long after the reading has ended.”

The Friday story was Up to the Stars by Ossie Durans (no longer available on LS) June Griffin wrote: “Ossie, it’s always great to start the day with a laugh, and your fine little story certainly did it for me! Hope to see more of your work!”

FAmDmBbC – those are not the initials to a syndrome I might suffer from, but the chords of the chorus in We Are The Champions by Queen, which brings us to the winner of the Story of the Week. The fine winner is: Waiting For Francis by Todd Levin.

The story tackles life and loss in a deep and meaningful way. A worthy winner!

Congratulations to Todd!

story of the week banner

Vote for your favourites to win the next week’s Story of the Week. You find the poll here or at the page pedagogically named the Poll Page.


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