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The World From This High by Andrew Jason Jacono

The World From This High

The stars are out chittering over the water and the bridge is cold on the backs of my thighs and for the last three years He The One has been jabbering in my head telling me to jump. I haven’t listened to Him until now, I’ve been strong and I’ve resisted, but there comes a point when you just can’t take it anymore and you give in and so here I am. I’m not happy about it but at least when I jump They’ll stop beaming all those messages into my head and They won’t be able to torture me anymore.

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My Investigation into the Disappearance of Kyle Amito by Harrison Kim

I try not to attract attention.  I breathe better incognito.  On a particular hot Sunday in July I parked about four blocks from Dollarton Beach.  I slung my two pairs of binoculars across my neck, and carefully wandered down a wide asphalt path.  My mission: to lay low behind some logs and scan across the shoreline, make a few notes.  I’d be perceived as a bird watcher.  I sat on the sand observing through each one of the binoculars and sucking on a pure cane sugar Kombucha drink.  I was rudely interrupted when a lanky, curly haired lifeguard with “Ben Acker” marked on a large name tag on his pants asked me “Where did you get that T shirt?”

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One Dick, Two Sheryls by Bruce Costello


“This is Dick trying out his new tablet.” Dick keyed in the words and touched TTS. Key in your words, the salesman had explained, touch TTS, and the tablet will speak back what you’ve written.

“This is Dick trying out his new tablet,” a female voice repeated.

Dick’s eyes lit up. He keyed in another sentence and hit TTS again.

“My name is Sheryl and I love you,” the woman said.

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