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Initiation by Richelle Co

I stare into the fire, tendrils of heat swirling around my face.

It is the first time I will do this. I had anticipated growing inherent wisdom, like that of the elders, but here I am at a ripe age and still rendered witless by the task ahead of me. Adulthood is a farce.

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Pooboogle by Adam Kluger

The delivery guy from Arturo’s Italian Restaurant had a sixth finger. It waved about like a little pink antenna. Horace always gave him a big tip and tried not to stare at it. They would link eyes and smile at each other. There was a tacit agreement not to stare at the unusual little digit —and to tip big…and move on. Every time that Horace ordered from Arturo’s he forgot about the delivery guy. The chicken parmesan was so outstanding that the gross-out factor at the door was but a minor inconvenience.

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We Love You, Flo Haverson by Jeff Blechle

“Your face looks ugly when you’re thinking, Haverson, so knock that shit off.” Flo eyed him as she angled and exhumed a Hell Energy from the small fridge, then she and her implied neglect left the finished basement, climbing the carpeted stairs with such pomp that the two men looked away and shook their heads.

Joel Haverson leaned over Flo’s handcrafted bar and whispered to Earl, “She’s going through some things.”

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Sandra’s Christmas by Raymond Hopkins

We love Christmas, Sandra and me.  We love all its traditions, like mince pies, and getting presents, and stuff like that.  The best bit as far as I’m concerned is the swilling down the booze so I can’t remember what happened the  morning after, but Sandra says that’s not very healthy and I have to ease up a bit this year.

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