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AI Week – Literally Rerun – Ronda 12 by Dave Henson

Welcome to the kick off of AI Week here at Literally Stories! And what better way to look into the future than by taking one look back at the past. Since the subject is Artificial Intelligence, we are happy to present a rerun of a tale written by long time site stalwart, David Henson. It’s called Ronda 12. As usual, David’s sense of humour and wit enhance the piece. And although she is a machine, attractive Ronda (think a “Seven of Nine” type of individual) is actually the most human person in this story.

Since it is AI Week, I will eschew the usual Q and A and give Dave room to explain what he wanted to explore in this piece as well as his other interesting AI story (which has already appeared as a rerun) One Night At Club Sexbot.

As a prompt (since just dragging Dave onstage without some sort of starting point is impolite) I ask David if he believes that the human race will ever be mature or moral enough to treat the AI’s we have coming in the future properly. Or will they have to start a social media pushback site of their own? (#Me Robot2).

I now leave you to Mr. Henson.


Ronda 12

6 thoughts on “AI Week – Literally Rerun – Ronda 12 by Dave Henson”

  1. Leila – What can I say – Cracking choice!!
    Dave – This is one of those stories that when I see the title I remember.
    I adore and am very jealous of your imagination my fine friend.
    …And when I see that phrase, I call on anyone reading this to seek out ‘My Powdered Friend’ by the great man. With these two examples of his work, I’m sure you will want to read through his entire back catalogue!!!


  2. Thanks so much for choosing this as a rerun to kick off AI week, Leila. I hadn’t read it myself in years and almost had forgotten about it. I wasn’t trying to explore anything deep with the story other than speculate about how things might turn out when AI becomes sentient and human-like. My pessimistic nature seems to have taken over as I wrote the story. I don’t think we’ll treat sentient AI beings properly in the future. But they’ll have the last laugh. On Night in Club Sexbot was mainly for fun, co-mingling sci-fi with a couple spicing up their sex life. Again, I appreciate you’re giving this piece a reboot!

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